The Morning Rant

So 50 years after the Stonewall riots, this is what Homosexual Incorporated has devolved to? I find it increasingly difficult to feel any sympathy for the poor downtrodden homosexual communities of America that are represented by maniacs who want nothing less than total and complete obeisance to whatever they conjure in their bigoted heads as the next gay rights insanity.

Where is the typical gay couple I hear so much about? I thought all they wanted was to be left alone and treated just like everyone else? What happened to respecting other people’s freedoms? Why aren’t they writing letters to the editor and protesting and withholding their donations? The silence is deafening!

LGBT Activists Have Been Using Courts To Harass This Christian Baker For Ten Years

In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court found Phillips was essentially the victim of government entities prejudiced against Christians and other traditional religions, noting the personal hostility expressed against him by commission members. “Colorado officials compared Jack’s plea for religious freedom to some of the worst things in American history, such as the Holocaust and slavery,” noted Phillips’s current lawyer, Jacob Warner, in a phone interview. Warner works for the Alliance Defending Freedom, which has defended Phillips pro bono in court. “The Supreme Court didn’t need to reach the free speech issue because of that animosity and that left the door open for other litigation.”

According to court documents, Scardina has sought for many years to harm Phillips due to his religious beliefs and public stand on their behalf. During trial, for example, Scardina said the goal of this suit was to “correct” the “errors of [Phillips’s] thinking.” Also during the current case, “Scardina promised Phillips that, were this suit dismissed, Scardina would call Phillips the next day, to request another cake and start another lawsuit,” notes Phillips’s most recent court filing (emphasis original). Court document say Scardina has also harassed Phillips by email, calling him a “bigot” and “hypocrite.”

This is the leftist playbook, as anyone who has been paying attention will appreciate. Break down traditional norms…blur the bright lines that constrain a moral society’s behavior…destroy objective measures of behavior. Oh, and on the way increase the power of the state to demand specific behaviors that are contrary to established law and antithetical to a free society.

The useful idiots that Lenin identified are in this case the homosexual rights movement. And they are doing fine work! Although I wonder whether they have sufficient historical perspective to understand that homosexual rights are not high up on the list of important things among the hard left that will take advantage of all of their work.

How are gay rights in China? Cuba? Venezuela?

Until that typical gay couple takes the freedoms of others seriously and disavows the overtly political behavior of many of their national organizations, why should I pay any attention to their freedoms?

Am I holding them accountable for the behavior of those who claim to represent them? Damned straight! Just as I hold my relatives accountable for the arrant stupidity of many national Jewish organizations that seemingly work for the destruction of the West, Israel and Judaism.

Is that fair? No, and I don’t care. We are long past the time when rational men can have rational political and social disagreements and then simply move on to other things. Forcing a baker to work against his religion and political philosophy is evil. Those who support that coercion — whether it is active or passive support — support evil.

This is the fight. There is no other hill. There is no other fight for which we should conserve our ammunition. The West is under siege. Freedom is under siege. American Exceptionalism is under siege.

Can anyone look to the future and see a free America if we do not fight now?

Because I can’t.