The Useful Idiots Are Always…ALWAYS…Expendable

Three Killed, Including Safe Streets Worker, In East Baltimore Quadruple Shooting

The sad thing about the current insanity of “Defund The Police” sweeping America is that there are actually people who believe that it is a good idea, that humanity is inherently good and perfectable, and that a kind word and six hours of de-escalation training is sufficient to create the socialist utopia that we all so desperately want and need.

Well, one of them is dead, thanks to a careful, well-planned program to destroy the rule of law in Baltimore. It was hanging on by a thread, so it didn’t need much to collapse entirely!

The city’s Safe Streets program aims to reduce gun violence and homicides using “violence interrupters.” Members are trained in conflict mediation, counseling and mentorship.

Didn’t work so well, did it. It’s almost as if there are bad people in the world who are intent upon taking what they want and doing what they want, and the only way to stop them is with force.

Who knew!

“Safe Street workers mediate the very types of conflicts we saw tonight,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said. “All the Safe Streets workers are to be applauded for their work in reducing gun violence and promoting a message of redemption and peace to the many young people of our city.”

I’ll bet he knows exactly what will ease crime in Charm City, and his blather is simply cover for this latest experiment in failure theater. The real purpose of defunding the police and replacing them with the useful idiots of the soft left is to destabilize society, create an untenable situation in the inner cities so that SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!

Yeah…it’s a dead horse but let’s beat it anyway…this is pure Antonio Gramsci, perhaps the greatest communist thinker in history. His analysis of “capitalist” society showed the committed socialists of the world how to destabilize it…break down civil society; create class and race distinctions as a result, and presto…

BLM, Antifa, “Defund The Police,” Soros puppets in many powerful legal positions across American cities yields the breakdown of the rule of law and a widening schism between suburban/exurban/rural America and the increasingly feral inner cities.

But to what end? You name it, they will try it. Federalizing police to remove the last vestiges of Federalism. National Guard troops in the worst cities to increase the disconnect between them and a civil society and of course increase the tension even more.

Destroy society and then rebuild it any way you want. Unfortunately that includes and a comprehensive police state to ensure that we comply, and gulags for those of us who don’t.