The Morning Rant

Any time I see an article that isn’t gnashing its teeth over the evils of guns I am pleased. And apparently lots of people are buying guns, which also pleases me. The problem is that while those numbers look impressive, there are no comparisons other than the supposed increase in the number of Black Americans who bought guns last year.

And how do they know that all of these folks are first-time buyers? There is no question on the 4471 4473 (oops!) form asking that, so they are just assuming from the number of first-time background checks…I guess. Some of these people might have inherited guns, some might have guns of unknown provenance, etc. The data apparently come from the National Shooting Sports Federation, based on surveys.

Oh. Okay. I am sure those are accurate.

5.4M first-time gun buyers, 33% women, blacks up 44%

First-time gun buyers continued to flood into firearms stores last year, broadening the once male and white market with women, blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. Retailers reported that concerns about safety helped to drive 5.4 million first-timers into gun stores where many bought more than one gun, and a sizable number also signed up for gun handling classes.

I think any rational person with passing familiarity of the difficulty of buying guns over the last couple of years will make the reasonable assumption that there are more buyers. Sure, the Wuhan flu nonsense could have shrunk manufacturing capacity so that there is a shortage but no increased sales, although that seems unlikely.

But extrapolating from a survey done by a trade group is filled with uncertainty, just like some other important information like Covid deaths and vaccine safety and so on.

An anecdotal report in support of what many of us believe to be true is just that…a report. It isn’t fact, and in many cases it can’t even be used in support of a data-driven analysis.

It’s so tempting to dismiss anti-gun or pro-vaccine-mandate data and embrace pro-gun and pro-freedom studies. But the best plan is to look at all of it with a jaundiced eye. Suspect everything, check the underlying data, assume there has been manipulation, and then make an informed decision.

Let the progressives play fast and loose with reality. Just listen to their blue-state nonsense that it is the red state’s fault? Huh? That makes no sense! The vaccine is almost worthless against the current variants! And don’t get me started about how breakthrough infections are supposedly different than infections in the unvaccinated or in people who have recovered from Covid…if that even happens.

But downplaying the reality that Covid can be a serious illness is just as silly. And claiming that the vaccines are killing millions is as bad.

Reality-based discourse for the win!