The Morning Rant

And a special guest monkey!

Good. That’s where she belongs. On her ass as a loser. A traitorous loser.

Schadenfreude…karma…justice…whatever you call it. We need more of this, and we need to rejoice in it and fight for it and make it the goal of our political organizations.

Or…how about vengeance. It is exactly what the estimable Sefton pointed out just a few hours ago is not what we should seek; we should seek justice. And here I must disagree. Justice is the evenhanded behavior of a civilized society, treating all with respect because all of its citizens are deserving of that respect…and return it.

And it is a laughable description of America during the Biden Junta and its antecedent in the Obama reign of lazy terror.

But vengeance…Vengeance! That is most appropriate. Punish those who would destroy our country, and exact a terrible toll out of all proportion to their crimes, although there isn’t much worse than the destruction of the greatest country in human history.

Why? To teach them a lesson. To show them that our God-given, natural rights are the bedrock of our society and cavalierly to abridge those rights on the alter of some imagined utopia that has been shown by history to be a dystopian wasteland is a profound crime against us.

But even more, those who reject American Exceptionalism and run to the supposed rewards of the globalists and their equally dystopian vision for the future should be vilified and marginalized and crushed under the wheels of a proud and free economic engine whose purpose is the enrichment of America; first and foremost.

Perhaps the most contemptible are those who come to this country as immigrants; into her welcoming and generous arms, but with no understanding of that most wonderful gift, and with a plan to take, to plunder, to undermine. And worst of all to maintain allegiance to their former countries, which in the skater’s case has worked out rather badly. Of course her father seems to be an academic thief at best, and traitorous spy at worst, and she is a disloyal brat, so…

In my perfect America she would be made unwelcome. She relinquished her American citizenship, so hold her to her word. She wants the benefits of being Chinese; perhaps she should also suffer the downside of being a citizen of a vile country.

And we should extrapolate that to others who reject America; make them suffer for their hatred of this great country and their work to destabilize it. But we should reserve the worst for those who would make us slaves in our own country.
Sic Semper Tyrannis

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  1. I see where you’re coming from, CBD but my concept of justice does not preclude swift and severe punishment up to and including death penalties. And not just for a few at the top but there are possibly scores if not hundreds who in the cold light of day would deserve that punishment.

    That is as you speculate IF we still were in a society where actual justice was possible. We’re not. And so it goes.

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