The Morning Report 3/8/22

Good morning, kids. Tuesday and it looks as if at least part of what friend and colleague CBD predicted on the latest edition of our award-winning™️ Cut Jib Newsletter Speaks! podcast might be coming to pass.

In an interview with Reuters, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Russia would be willing to halt military operations if, in addition to stopping its own military action, the government of Ukraine agrees to its terms:

— change its constitution to enshrine neutrality between Russia and the West into law
— acknowledge Crimea as belonging to Russia
— recognize the separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent states.

Peskov said that Russia’s terms had been laid out and handed over to the Ukrainian delegation during the first two rounds of negotiations between the two countries last week.

Notice there is no mention of Zelensky stepping down nor the resignation of his government and the call for Jimmy Carter-monitored elections to install Putin puppets. That, plus the more salient fact of the announcement itself as confirmation of what we all suspected, in that Putin bit off way more than he could chew in trying to conquer all of the Ukraine in one fell swoop. Of course there are no promises of Russia acknowledging the territorial integrity and statehood of the remainder of Ukraine, not that they’d be worth the paper they’re written on, and no guarantees that Putin would not gobble up Donetsk and Luhansk or rig a Dao-Min Yen plebiscite calling for anschluss with Russia some time in the future. 

But all that said, the combination of Ukrainian resolve and apparent top down Russian military incompetence was not an outcome he entertained when he threw what he thought were rigged dice. And now his neck is on the line along with the oligarchs who have lost billions already and stand to lose billions more the longer this thing drags on. I don’t think Zelensky at this point has any choice but to accept these terms as, while Putin may not nuke Kyev in a fit of pique, he would have no qualms about massive artillery barrages pulverizing the already battered capital city, and other cities. But a) does Putin have the guns and ammo to do it and b) will the continued squeeze on the oligarchs and the Russian economy be too much to bear and result in his ouster? 

And what if Zelensky is thinking that as well? Yes, the world is hot and horny to portray this guy as a hero but would he actually allow even more bloodshed and destruction of his own people and nation in order to see Putin removed because he’s an existential threat or worse, out of a personal vendetta? Forget the media image; Zelensky’s a man, not a saint. 

Let us assume (ass-you-&-me) that Zelensky does in fact accept this offer he can’t refuse. That leads us to CBD’s assertion that Joey Soft-Serve will have a fresh pair of Depends slapped on him, thrust in front of the cameras, duly doped up on antipsychotics, cholinesterase inhibitors and Lomotil-laced Ensure, and declare a foreign policy victory, regardless of the fact that he and his team of imbeciles and incompetents would have had nothing to do with it. While, no doubt, they will attempt to do this, I don’t think it’s going to fly with the American people. In fact, with gasoline through the roof, Team Biden is scrambling like mad to square the circle of trying to bring the price down by begging for imports from Venezuela, the Saudis and no doubt even Russia itself – even as they belch out the bullshit that they’re in favor of a Russian oil embargo – while at the same time not wanting to alienate the enviro-Communists and going whole hog to destroy petrochemicals.

My problem, as CBD pointed out, is that I think too much like a sane, rational human being. I have to start thinking like the insane leftists in order to figure out what their next moves might be. Well, to paraphrase the immortal Johnny Nash, “I can see clearly now, my brain is gone . . .”

An unpopular [junta] has been gifted a crisis by Putin and is seeing to it that it doesn’t go to waste. Biden had been unable to evade the blame for rising gas and food prices, but going forward the skyrocketing price of gas and food, in particular anything with wheat, will be blamed on the Russian invasion. While the invasion will certainly impact energy and food prices, the fundamental force driving the price hikes is still inflation caused by government spending.

Putin’s invasion provides a perfect pretext for allowing the Biden [junta] and its congressional allies to go on printing money and shutting down the economy with regulatory impositions while blaming the resulting economic crisis on the situation in Ukraine.

That is why Biden doesn’t want to stop Putin. Our intelligence people had all the necessary information on the invasion plans. We knew everything that was going to happen. Had Biden really wanted to deter the invasion, there were multiple options for heading off the war. Instead Biden made it clear that there would be no intervention, just sanctions he knew would not work. . . 

. . . Only if Putin invaded Ukraine would they have the leverage to maintain a crisis, ransack the economy, consolidate corporate economic responses, and transform our foreign policy. . . 

. . . Does the Biden [junta] actually want oil from Iran and Venezuela? No, it does not.

The green energy agenda means that the Biden [junta] is thrilled with high oil prices and an international pretext for keeping them high. At the same time it can build relations with Islamist and leftist enemies under the guise of trying to fix the high oil prices even though it has no intention of doing so except during election years when it can claim credit for lowering prices. . . 

. . . The Biden [junta] has managed to actually have war fever without a war. There are Ukrainian flags flying and vodka being poured down the drain without a single American soldier being on the battlefield. And, despite what some on both sides think, it’s going to stay that way. . . 

. . . After running through the farce of looking for oil in Iran and Venezuela, and any other terror state that has any for sale, the Biden [junta] will double down on green energy. We will be told that the Ukraine crisis is more evidence that we need to invest all our money into windmills and solar panels. Even though the entire crisis only happened because the Europeans decided to invest in wind and solar which made them dependent on Russia and Ukraine.

In the name of stopping Russia, America will also become increasingly dependent on Russia.

Tethering America’s energy market to unstable players like Russia and Ukraine, or Iran and Venezuela, or Saudi Arabia and the Muslim world, forces us into bad binary choices like war or appeasement. Instead of breaking the cycle of dependency by embracing the potential of our own oil, gas, nuclear, and future energy capabilities, we’re trapped in the same dead end maze.

The green energy investors who fund the Democrats win and so do America’s enemies.

Biden isn’t trying to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he is trying to stop America’s economy while deftly avoiding the blame for the economic misery resulting from his domestic policies.

I always admonish people to stop thinking of the GOP as “the stupid party” when in fact their actions are collusion with the Democrats/Leftists and totally intentional. Same goes for me in describing the Democrats/Leftists as insane. Well, they are insane, but nevertheless everything they are doing is absolutely intentional. You can mock Mayor Peter Puffer and VP Kamala (also a peter-puffer) for the abject tone deafness in advising people to buy electric cars as the solution to high gasoline prices.

But another Leftist stooge, Jeff Merkley lets the cat out of the bag:

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) argued that in order to undermine Russia’s power, we have to “end our dependence on oil and have the world transition to renewable energy.” Because Russia will be able to sell oil as long as there’s demand for oil, and called for a “climate emergency. . . “

. . . He continued that decades ago, we didn’t know about two things: “One was [the] tremendous climate impacts of burning fossil fuels. And the second is, renewable energy was very expensive at that time, as compared to fossil fuels. Now, it’s cheaper. So, we have every reason to pivot quickly. We should be having a national American solar program. We should have a climate emergency. We should be transitioning to offshore wind, and we should be doing it in partnership and leading the world in this effort to end this addiction to oil, this damage to the climate, and the enrichment of people like Putin.”

This putrid, lying cocksucker has it absolutely backwards, but his lies – and there are some real titanic whoppers in there – are quite revelatory. The fact is no one believes the bullshit about anthropogenic global warming or climate change. It is near the bottom of every poll regardless of the pollster when it comes to top voter concerns. So now, we have to destroy our petrochemical industry in order to choke off tyrants. Get it? 

Insane, ideological or insanely ideological, these fucking mutts must be stopped. Let me state this as clearly and concisely as I can. 


Everything we eat, wear, use or otherwise consume is made from or requires oil, coal, natural gas or some other form of carbon to create. Kill that industry and you kill off humanity. 

You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d think they don’t even care if they get wiped out next November and two years from now. Assuming of course, America and the world survives to see those two days. I mean, why should they care? The real power that now lord over us rests in essentially two places: the unelected, unaccountable, and massive bureaucracy that issues edicts that carry the force of law and a growing percentage of the once private sector that is in bed with this tyranny and imposes it through a shrinking and formerly free market. Yes elections, and more importantly, stolen elections have consequences. But the inability to check and reverse the Deep State is the problem. Donald Trump miraculously won because he wanted to drain the swamp. What he did not bargain for was a swamp the size of the Pacific Ocean. He thought he had the 1945-era US Pacific fleet when in the event he was left clinging onto a pallet, and paddling for dear life. 

That said, he accomplished more by himself than any president in history, and his accomplishments were the most significant in a positive way than almost any other. Yet his greatest was what his mere presence exposed – the sham of the two-party system and illusion of America’s destiny driven by the will of the people. Despite everything over the past several years, his coming perhaps is a harbinger for better days. At the very least, it was a wake up call that was long overdue.

The catastrophe in Ukraine was the outcome of the combined miscalculations of Vladimir Putin and Western politicians. The Russian leader embarked on a quest to restore his country’s historical greatness, while the West endeavored to preserve the Global World as it was. Both sides were firmly committed to the past, one to the re-establishment of the Soviet Union, the other to the pursuit of an environmentalist fantasy that effectively made Western Europe energy dependent on the Kremlin. The outbreak of war in Europe showed that living in the past was no longer possible. . . 

. . . For the West, the disaster precipitated by the feckless pursuit of the Woke agenda is resulting in a partial ideological retreat in environmental and defense policy. Germany took steps to revive its nuclear power industry by extending the life-span of its remaining nuclear power plants. Even coal was back on the table, so great was the need for anything that could fuel power. “All options must be on the table,” said the German economic affairs and energy minister. Similarly, guns are respectable again in pacifist Europe. A worried Russian foreign ministry called on European Union and NATO countries on Saturday to “stop pumping weapons” to Ukraine to fight the invasion. But in the current political climate Europe not only might continue arming Ukraine, but also re-arm themselves as fast as they can. . . 

. . . In the end, the war in Ukraine will become a crisis in Russia and probably spell the end of the old Global World with its dream of the universal jurisdiction of soft power. For the immediate future the world is likely to be poorer, sicker, hungrier and more restricted than anyone would have predicted in 2019, which now seems like a long time ago. The confident ability to plan way into the future, to forecast the climate two decades hence, to remake society wholesale — is gone. In its place are more practical concerns.“The highest priority of American national security is strategic independence in manufacturing and energy production.”

This is quite reasonable. Why didn’t everyone think of it before? Maybe because crises are times when we recall that we’ve forgotten the obvious.

Reasonable? Yes. Obvious? Yes. Of course the Kalorama Klown Komintern and the globalists will not want to do this. The question is, to paraphrase an anthem of the 60s “Shall We Overcome?” The world wonders . . .

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.


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