The Left Has Lost Its Mind…Are They Really So Out Of Touch That Eric Adams Thinks He Has A Shot?

The unforced errors coming from the current occupiers of the White House are a marvel of political obtuseness and ignorance of reality. The progressive left has been in its coastal/academic bubble for so long that they simply have no idea that America exists outside of the Upper West Side, Santa Monica, Madison, Hyde Park and every suburban liquor store that carries Karen’s favorite chardonnay.

The cascade of stupidity is a marvel of flawed political analysis, arrogance, and flat-out stupidity. I have been beating this drum on the CJN podcast and on these pages; the mistakes of the Democrat party and its partners on the hard left may be the one thing that saves America, and this may be the highest (in both senses of the word) and purest expression of how out of touch these maniacs are!

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is considering a 2024 presidential run

A person close to Adams said, “Eric has told me repeatedly that he thinks that he has a platform to run for national office, for president in 2024. He has said that repeatedly. He thinks New York is a national platform. He thinks the national party has gotten too far to the left, and he thinks he has a platform to win.”

So the policies of NYC are the perfect balance to the maniac, senile fool in the White House? Okay, let’s start with Adams’ most recent comment about an important national issue…

“I think women should have the right to choose their bodies,” Adams said when pressed again about abortions up until the day of birth. “Men should not have that right to choose how a woman should treat their body.”

“…up until the day of birth.” That sounds suspiciously like murder to me. A child the day before birth is perfectly healthy (in 99% of cases) and is a fully capable of survival. While there may be an argument for very early abortion (not from me), the idea that abortion should be legal for the entire pregnancy is brutality that we rarely see in democracies. That sort of behavior belongs in communist China.

And what about the 2nd Amendment?
Eric Adams ‘very concerned’ about SCOTUS ruling that could lift NY open carry ban

“This is a significant issue for our city: it is the right to carry. After what we saw what the Supreme Court did on abortions, we should be very afraid,” said Adams during an unrelated press conference in Harlem Thursday morning, referring to a pending gun rights case before the US Supreme Court that could have serious impacts on New York law.

“The right to carry.” This corporate fascist wants to eviscerate the Constitution and in particular the 2nd Amendment. There is nothing confusing about what he said. Carrying in NYC is prohibited unless one is a political figure, has political clout, or is willing to pay some hefty bribes. And he likes that!

And let us not forget Gaia!
Mayor Adams Announces Appointments of Climate Leadership Team, Streamlines Multiple City Environmental Agencies Into One

“It is evident to anyone who opens their eyes that we are in the midst of a climate crisis in this city and around the world, so it’s time to think outside the box and determine how we can handle the crisis before it’s too late,” said Mayor Adams. “This past year alone, we have experienced extreme weather anomalies and rising sea levels, which have endangered New Yorkers’ lives, their homes, and their livelihoods. The remnants of these different calamities are still being repaired to this day, but my administration is committed to transforming the city’s quality of life and fighting for environmental justice for all New Yorkers, and this team is exactly who will get the job done for New Yorkers.”

I love that phrase: “Environmental Justice.” Of course what it really means is transferring public funds to Adams’ favorite NGOs and pretending that the money is to improve the environment.

This guy is de Blasio in better tailored suits. He makes pretty-sounding noises about being tough on crime and being a good manager, but everything he represents is the traditional hard left and its march through our institutions to the ultimate goal of a socialist paradise. Except it isn’t a paradise…it is hell on earth, as the example of every single socialist country will prove to anyone with two neurons to rub together.