The Morning Rant

Existential threats are wonderful for focusing the mind, and Iran’s nuclear ambitions are exactly that for Israel. They are not foolish enough to believe the arrant nonsense coming out of the Biden Junta’s feckless efforts to rein in Iran’s missile and weapons programs. They are taking matters into their own hands, and at a seemingly accelerating pace.

Unfortunately, the sponge-brained figurehead living in the White House is being handled by a shadowy group of fools who seem to think that their silly efforts to drag Iran out of their 7th century mindset will be successful.

I’ll skip to the end of this sordid story, so you don’t have to…

It won’t work. Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them with all of the resources at their disposal. Their obfuscation is reflexive and pro forma, and meant to delay the West’s response until it is too late. The day the Mullahs get a bomb and the means to deliver it is the day they launch against Israel, and if they have the means, against America.

Sadly, while Israel understands this, simply by listening to what the Mullahs say, America is being governed by a cadre of committed socialists whose only understanding of geopolitics is that if a country is against America, they are predisposed to support that country.

Israel Further Escalates Covert War Against Iran as Nuclear Talks Resume

Under Barnea, Mossad has recently stepped up its activities against Iran, especially within the borders of the Islamic Republic, and infiltrated the IRGC, a disgruntled top member of the organization admitted this week.

The New York Times reported on Wednesday that Hossein Ta’ab the head of the IRGC’s intelligence division, who was removed from his position last week, had told the paper that Israel’s actions inside Iran had “undermined our most powerful intelligence organization.”

Ta’ab’s admission finally confirmed that the Israeli intelligence organizations are aware of most of Iran’s terrorist plots against targets within and outside the Jewish state.

Ta’ab’s removal from one of Iran’s top jobs came after the secret arrest of another IRGC general, Ali Nasari, who also served in the IRGC’s intelligence service and was reportedly spying for Mossad.

Luckily Israel is in a very tough neighborhood and is comfortable with this sort of brawling. And even luckier for Israel and the world, it has a highly educated, highly skilled, and highly motivated private industry and military that is quite successful with all sorts of high tech stuff that degrades Iran’s ability to do anything with their weapons programs.

Will it be enough? No. But it buys Israel and the world some time. What the world will do with that time is becoming increasingly clear: nothing, or even worse than nothing! They will sign a new nuclear deal with Iran that will all but guarantee a Mullah-controlled nuclear weapon.

Kalorama thinks that’s a good thing…defanging Israel and giving unimaginable power to the apocalyptic lunatics in Tehran, and they love the bonus of knocking American prestige, influence and power in the Middle East down several pegs.

Of course it will have the possibly intended consequence of starting a nasty war in the region…one that may very well go nuclear. Ah yes…the neo-con wet dream! The only question is: which side will the Biden administration support?