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Good morning kids. Or, should I say my fellow “semi-fascists” as we’ve been branded by Brandon. Yet, despite that and today being September 1st, I curiously find myself not waking up with a burning desire to invade Poland. I guess they don’t make semi-fascists these days like they used to. Real fascists on the other hand . . . 

In any case, I’m saddened this morning to note the passing of actor William Reynolds at the age of 90. I spotted the obit this morning; like my mother of blessed memory, I have a morbid curiosity in reading them if for no other reason then, like her, to make sure mine hasn’t been printed yet. In any case, like me, you’re probably wondering who William Reynolds is, or was:

In 1966, Reynolds got his big break and landed the role of Agent Colby on ABC’s “The F.B.I.” which became his most famous role to date. His stint on the show lasted two seasons before he was made a series regular and asked to stay on for six seasons.

I’m sure you can see the bitter irony in this story. The FBI version of the FBI was, is, and always will be an illusion. A myth. A storybook agency of bright, moral, ethical crime fighters protecting the life, limb and property of the citizenry from criminals, thugs and terrorists in the service of preserving the civil society, law and order, and the American way.

My ass.

The FBI has devolved from, at best, a vast governmental repository of idlers, hacks and apple-robbers with JDs interested only in preserving, protecting and defending their jobs and pensions to what can only be described as a political hit squad and Praetorian guard of Democrats and their remora in the GOPe. Their mission is to crush anyone who poses a threat to their power by engineering process crimes and entrapment scams, while ignoring the real threat from real terrorists foreign and domestic, so they can come in on their white horse, or horse-of-color, to save the day as defenders of “our precious democracy” (*vomits*). 

Anyone who still is under the illusion that the FBI is still a Quinn-Martin Production is either delusional or willfully ignorant. Or, of course, they’re Andrew McCarthy:

How the DOJ has built a case against Trump for obstruction By Andrew C. McCarthy

I’ve been a naysayer on the notion that the Justice Department is trying to make a criminal case against former President Donald Trump based on the Mar-a-Lago raid, at least with respect to the offenses most often touted: mishandling classified documents and illegally retaining government records.

But that has come with a significant caveat: If the evidence of obstruction of justice proved to be convincing, there’s a very good chance the government would indict.

The court filing made by the Justice Department on Tuesday night, in response to Trump’s lawsuit seeking a special master to review materials seized by the FBI, indicates that prosecutors have amassed formidable evidence of obstruction. That’s a game-changer. . . 

. . . Contrary to Trump’s claims that he was completely cooperative, the subpoena was occasioned by his obdurate refusal to return the government’s property. The government’s court filing details that Trump’s representatives provided a false statement under oath, claiming that the package of 38 documents they surrendered that day was the entirety of the classified material stored at the estate. But, again contrary to Trump’s claims of cooperation, his representatives rebuffed the FBI’s request to be permitted to inspect boxes of government records contained in a storage room. . . 

. . . This is a serious obstruction case that appears as if it would not be difficult to prove. The Justice Department is under immense pressure from the Democratic base to indict Trump, and the jury pool in Washington, DC, where the government would file any indictment, is intensely anti-Trump. It is thus hard to imagine that Attorney General Merrick Garland will decide against filing charges.

Emphasis mine there because to my knowledge that is an assumption or merely parroting of the Junta’s line. By every indication, Donald Trump and his staff were legally in possession of those documents up until and even past noon on January 20, 2021, and had been fully cooperating with the DOJ/FBI before and after that time. Like the Whitmer “plot,” Scooter Libby, George Papadopolus, Mike Flynn and scores if not hundreds of less famous though no less appalling cases going back decades, this is yet another Munchausen’s-by-process-crime atrocity.

All of what we are witnessing is a vast fishing expedition and propaganda campaign to smear Donald Trump as a traitor, criminal and enemy agent so as to prevent him from running again, as a personal vendetta to wipe him out financially and physically as well as to send a message to anyone who dares attempt to do what he did in 2016: attempt to stem the seemingly inexorable tide towards a socialist tyranny that wipes out whatever is left of the former United States of America.

Yet, like parasitic anal warts and shingles of the eye, Andrew C. McCarthy and his ilk persist. Funny how I don’t seem to recall any similar breathless reportage about, say, the wiped servers of Hillary Clinton, the documents Sandy Berger stole from the National Archives and shoved down his urine-stained BVDs, the hard drives of the Waffen IRS erased at the behest of Lois Lerner and John Koskinen in the wake of the Tea Party persecutions, and on and on and on. McCarthy can take his ham and egger and shove it up his fat ass, sideways. 

“Number one is that I think a lot of the attacks on the FBI are over the top because a decision like this is not made by the FBI,” former Attorney General William Barr told the Bari Weiss podcast on August 25.

“In fact, I don’t think the FBI would push a decision that it’s best to go in and search and obtain those documents after being jerked around for a year and a half. The decision would be made at the Department of Justice, by subordinates of the AG, and ultimately signed off on by the AG. The FBI would be told to go and execute it. I think the idea that the FBI is the problem here is misplaced.”

The former AG was more disturbed by “the constant pandering to outrage” on the right, without discussion of whether the outrage had any merit. The FBI seized Trump’s passports, leaving the impression that the former president had committed a crime and was now a flight risk. FBI agents also rummaged through the closets of Melania Trump, an act of pure intimidation. With Trump attorneys forced outside, the FBI could easily have planted or destroyed information. If that is not cause for outrage, it’s hard to imagine what might qualify.

Weiss brought up the “Russiagate” episode, as the host explained, “the idea that Donald Trump was a compromised agent of Moscow. That there were deep connections between Trump’s people and Russian intelligence. That the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians, including by hacking Democratic National Committee emails.” Barr was all over it. . . 

. . . “Trump is his own worst enemy,” Barr told Weiss. “He’s incorrigible. He doesn’t take advice from people. I said to him when I first started that I thought he was going to lose the election unless he adjusted a little bit. And if he did adjust, he could go down in history as a great president. He continued to be self-indulgent and petty and turned off key constituencies that ultimately made the difference in the election.”

For the former AG, voter fraud had nothing to do with it. Embattled Americans can thank Barr for providing a moment of clarity.

Donald Trump is not his own worst enemy. Donald Trump’s worst enemies include his own attorney general, members of his own party, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has now crossed the line.

Whatever special tasks the FBI has planned, former attorney general William Barr will be there to back them up, just as he did with FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi. The defender of the deep state can be no friend of the people.

And so will hacks like Andrew C. McCarthy. Even if the FBI ever was even a scintilla as honest and integrity-bound as it was portrayed on television and as it has been mythologized since the early days of Hoover, there is no denying that, just like virtually the entire governmental bureaucracy in DC as well as their lesser counterparts in blue states and to a lesser extent too many red states as well, the FBI is corrupted beyond redemption. I’d say it must be abolished, but like impeaching Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants Biden, what good will that do when you see who is next in line and who is the one behind her and all the way down the line to the dog catcher in Brattleboro, VT in order of succession? 

Now you can see the pickle we’re in.



  • Miranda Devine: “. . . wildly dishonest rhetoric that is as frightening as it is absurd. It would be easy to laugh it off as the blathering of a spiteful, increasingly incoherent, angry old man. But what Biden and the pup­peteers who guide him are doing is very sinister. They appear to be preparing the ground for an even harsher crackdown on his political opponents by the security state, which has become, to all appearances, his secret police.” Tyrannical Old Joe’s Secret Police State
  • “It’s not just Republican leadership.” Press Secretary Appears to Admit “Extremist Threat” is the People
  • “They call conservatives, who have taken up the mantle of free speech, liberty, equality in education, parental rights, and individual freedom, fascists. For Biden and his Democrats, there is no right of Americans to live by their own design. Not going along with the Democrats pro-abortion, pro-groomer, pro-corporate, pro-authoritarian, pro-censorship approach is called fascist.” Joe Biden Is the Fascist in the White House
  • “Donald Trump is being made into a scapegoat. This sort of thing can get ugly fast.” Tweets and Stones
  • “Targeting tens of millions of Americans who support opposing but mainstream policies while mainstreaming the views of dangerous street revolutionaries is only going to dangerously fragment our politic.” Joe Biden’s Antifa Politics

* * * * * 


  • “All eyes are on the Justice Department right now, and Republicans are vowing multiple investigations to get to the bottom of the politicization and weaponization of the nation’s top law enforcement agency. But unfortunately, the Justice Department is hard at work, too, desperately trying to cover up its corruption.” Garland Doubles Down on Cover-up of FBI Misconduct in Mar-a-Lago Raid
  • Lloyd Billingsley: “William Barr remains the defender of the deep state at its worst.” Barr-a-Lago
  • Kash Patel: “And all I see is this raid continuing to backfire because it’s not being run by law Enforcement, it’s being run by government gangsters, like [FBI Director] Chris Wray, and [Attorney General] Merrick Garland.” FBI Blasted for ‘Staged’ Photo of Documents Seized in Mar-a-Lago Raid



* * * * * 




  • “The defeat of Marylin Mosby was a huge victory. But with a left-wing mayor still undermining the rule of law in Baltimore, the fight isn’t over yet.” When The Lawless Stand Up






  • “This tribal rhetoric of black Americans being incapable of obtaining a photo ID is not only condescending but riddled with racist tropes: You’d have to believe we are too dumb, incapable or lazy to truly accept that this singular requirement would keep millions of black people from participating in the voting process . . . The Democratic establishment has manufactured this perverted tribal rhetoric about black people for political power. Nothing more.” John Fetterman’s Reasons for Opposing Voter ID Are an Insult to Black Americans


DEMOCRAT/LEFTIST AND RINO SCANDALS, MESHUGAS, CHUTZPOCRISY “Fetterman has held just two public appearances since suffering a stroke in 



  • “The vote would likely be similar to the 2014 referendum in Crimea, where returning to the control of Kyiv was not an option on the ballot.” Russia Orchestrates Referendum to Annex Occupied Portions of Ukraine
  • “All in all, the situation remains exactly as it was in June, a brutal stale-mate, with Russia so far showing the only real gains, though all those gains have been small, difficult, and costly. In fact, those gains have been so slow and difficult that Russia certainly won’t be able to conquer the Ukraine any time soon, if at all.” The Ukrainian War: After Six Months


  • “Biden making ‘grave mistake’ by ignoring Iranian nuclear infractions.” (it’s not a mistake; it’s malice aforethought – jjs) Lawmakers Push Back Against Biden Effort to Close Probe Into Iranian Nuclear Sites
  • “Cold War II must be fought and won in the same way as Cold War I.” (what if it goes hot, as it is projected to do? – jjs) Taiwan: Peace, Stability, and the Status Quo
  • “Whoever wins the premiership then, however, will have to face a general election within about 28 months. Given the severity of Britain’s problems, the Tories will undoubtedly face an uphill battle. That means Sir Keir Starmer, Leader of the Opposition, must now be taken seriously as a potential prime minister.” In Britain, the Time Bell Rings
  • Forsyth also noted that a significant faction in parliament may be yearning for a Johnson return, stating that “polling suggests that there are a large number of conservative members who kind of wish he was still there.” Is Boris Johnson Planning a Political Comeback?









FINALLY . . . 

  • “Silbert’s harrowing testimony is the latest development in the trial of Irmgard Furchner, who worked as a secretary at Stutthof from June 1943 through April 1945. Now 97, Furchner is accused of assisting in the murder of more than 11,000 people during her tenure at the camp. She is being tried as a juvenile because she was under 21 at the time of the alleged crimes.” (lest we forget, which I fear we have – jjs) Cannibalism at Camp Stutthof: Holocaust Survivor Testifies to Life of “Hell”

NOTE: The opinions expressed in the links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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