The Morning Rant


Good! Make the clown show that is American academia even more ridiculous and out of touch with reality and American values. From safe spaces and time off for the existential agony of the wrong candidate being elected to absolutely nonsensical and convoluted language, the typical university is so far removed from its purpose as to be unrecognizable as an institution of higher learning.

The trend away from a college education is clear. College enrollment is down at the same time tuition is skyrocketing. The return on investment at all but the most prestigious universities is tenuous at best, and judging by the number of Low Country Lesbian Poetry of the 17th Century majors making crappy overpriced coffee drinks in hipster coffee houses just to pay the rent, if you aren’t getting a STEM degree or something useful like accounting, you are going to be in for a rude awakening.

Harvard students could be punished for not using preferred pronouns

A Title IX training at Harvard University reportedly told students that failing to use a person’s preferred pronoun could be a violation of university policy.

The mandatory training contained multiple fictional scenarios explaining possible violations of the university’s Title IX policies, including one in which a student repeatedly uses the “wrong pronouns” to address someone while making comments about gender identity, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Even assuming that the Biden junta eventually forgives all student loans, the problem with having no real education will continue. All total forgiveness of student debt will do for the typical idiot with a “Studies” degree is allow him to spend more of his minimum wage on things like tats and piercings and ironic hair cuts. But without real skills like the ability to read and write and do simple math and understand basic accounting principles and get along with people who don’t share your insane Trotskyite tendencies, you are going to be a minimum wage drone for a long, long time. And as the Biden/Kalorama economy really gets going, those no-skill minimum wage jobs will become more and more difficult to find. But rest assured that if you keep your service industry position, you’ll be able to see your high school classmates drive by in their new trucks…at least the ones who didn’t bother with college and iits insanity, and went to a trade school to become plumbers or electricians or heavy equipment operators. You know…people who actually know how to do something other than screech inarticulately when they see a MAGA hat, or even worse, are misgendered!