The Morning Report 3/8/23

Good morning, kids. Two quotes are quite cromulent this morning:

“You take the most flak when you’re directly over the target.”

“The way you solve things is by making it politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right thing.”

Of course I am referring to Kevin McCarthy’s release of something like 40,000 hours of videotape from the Capitol recorded on Day of Infamy 2: Democrat-Staged Reichstag Fire Boogaloo, also known as January 6th, 2021. The second quote was from the late great Milton Friedman and it sure seems to apply in this instance to Kevin McCarthy. We have given him a lot of shit over the years for fecklessness and uselessness as a part of the GOP-e, but in releasing the footage not to a house organ propaganda mill that would spin and even actually edit them, as was done with Senator Josh Hawley a la the George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin 911 call, but to Tucker Carlson, he has done the nation (whatever the hell this nation is in the wake of that day and Election Season 2020) and the cause of liberty a tremendous service. 

There is of course a huge difference in “political” profitability, insofar as earning the support of the electorate, and profitability in the sense of your cronies and party bosses as well as K-Street. McCarthy for sure may be on the outs with them, at least in the short term. Maybe the long term since this puts a giant torpedo in the meme/Big Lie they have been swamping the airwaves with for over two years.

That leads us directly to the first quote, where everyone in power is calling for Tucker Carlson to be taken off the air. Loudest, and most execrable in that regard is Chuck “Cuck Schemer” Schumer. Carlson laid into him:

“Chuck Schumer went on the Senate floor today to explode and to say that showing that video, evidence of wrongdoing by the federal government, including the security forces, the police department that Nancy Pelosi personally controlled, letting the public see any of that is a threat to democracy . . . “

“You don’t often see the Senate majority leader openly call for censorship on the floor of the Senate as if that was totally normal and didn’t contradict the spirit and the letter of the First Amendment,” Carlson said, before calling out Republican Sens. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Mitt Romney of Utah for siding with Schumer.

McConnell criticized Carlson for releasing the footage Tuesday, citing a letter from Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger, who criticized Carlson’s use of footage showing Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick walking during Jan. 6. Sicknick died after suffering two strokes, the D.C. medical examiner ruled.

“From this, we learn two things: One, you’re getting close to what they really care about. And you have to ask yourself why? Why is it so important that they would degrade themselves by telling such obvious lies and calling for censorship? Why? What are they trying to protect?” Carlson asked. “That might be worth exploring and we plan to. And the second thing we learned from this is that they’re on the same side. The Senate majority leader joins the Senate minority leader. Thom Tillis, Mitt Romney. They’re all on the same side!”

Put that in Hunter Biden’s crack pipe and smoke it! In any case, Schemer has absolutely zero leg to stand on. If the Big Lie they have pushed about 1/6 is so self-evidently true as they claim, wouldn’t the release of the footage merely underscore the premise and prove it to be an historical fact? The reaction only serves to prove the exact opposite – that what happened on 1/6 was at worst a government-sponsored panty raid which only got out of hand and violent because of the agitation of agents provocateur of the FBI and Antifa that led to the deaths at their hands of Ashli Babbitt and Roseanne Boyland. As far as injured police, the Kapitol Kops mostly did that to themselves via friendly fire from teargas and flash-bangs. 

There is no reason to go further into this. The Dems/RINOS stole the 2020 election and when decent people came to peacefully protest, the former created the pretext and the myth of an “insurrection” as a means to cement their legitimacy and to persecute all opposition to the Junta going forward. So far, they’ve stopped at mere incarceration without due process of scores of innocent people. Make no mistake, they will go further than that if they feel they can get away with it. 

If Schemer had any balls and was not completely disingenuous, he’d actually appear on TuCa’s show and debate him. Of course, that is a non-starter for obvious reasons. No, the reaction to any challenge to their authority is to silence all voices of protest and contradiction.

And that leads me to a bit of good news that is not entirely unrelated to Schemer’s hatred of the First Amendment.

[So-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden’s FCC pick, Gigi Sohn, withdrew her nomination Tuesday after she faced criticism for her anti-police rhetoric and other controversial views.

Sohn withdrew her nomination after facing severe criticism from both Republicans and Democrats over her controversial views. This ends the 16-month battle over her nomination.

The Democrat nominee said she decided to withdraw after facing “unrelenting, dishonest, and cruel attacks” from the cable and media lobbyists. Democrat commissioners at the FCC have been stalled from carrying out their agenda because they have been unable to secure a majority at the agency. . . 

. . . Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), the ranking member of the Senate Commerce Committee, said in a written statement:

The withdrawal of Ms. Sohn’s nomination is a major victory and represents a strong bipartisan agreement that we need a fair and impartial candidate who can receive the support needed for confirmation. The FCC is not a place for partisan activists; free speech is too important. Now, it’s time for the Biden administration to put forth a nominee who can be confirmed by the full Senate and is committed to serving as an even-handed and truly independent regulator.

Sohn has called Fox News “state-sponsored propaganda” that is “dangerous to democracy” and called on the FCC to investigate if Sinclair Broadcast Group, a conservative-run network of local TV stations, should have a broadcast license.

Sohn was the cofounder and CEO of the leftist advocacy group Public Knowledge, which called on cable and satellite providers to cancel One America News Network.

In October 2020, Sohn claimed that Facebook and Twitter “don’t have a censorship problem, they have a transparency, consistency & standards & practices problem. Their decisions 2 remove or not remove content are opaque, ad hoc & arbitrary. Which upsets people on both sides. #section230.”

During one confirmation hearing in February 2022, Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) lambasted Sohn for calling Republicans “white supremacists”:

I don’t see how you can be unbiased. “Fox News is state-sponsored media… propaganda… Republicans know the only way they can win is to suppress the vote.” These are yours. Here’s a retweet: “your raggedy white supremacist president and his cowardly enablers would rather kill everybody than stop killing black people.” Damn. That’s way out. I mean, do you think most Republicans are racists and white supremacists?

Here’s this filthy tyrant’s full and lengthy rap sheet at Discover the Networks. She’s a Soros stooge, supports BLM terrorism, hates conservatives, is in favor of so-called “net neutrality,” and in general is a raging Maoist with toxoplasmosis coursing through her veins along with toxic hatred for the First Amendment.

So, yes, the good news is that she has been deep-sixed thanks mostly to Manchin’s and Sinema’s vocal opposition to her confirmation. The bad news is, the Junta’s bench is deeper than the Mariana’s Trench. Which brings me to this action that’s flying under the radar and poses an existential threat to our economic and perhaps concomitant physical survival:

. . . California’s bad ideas rarely stay inside its borders.

In 2021, House Democrats under San Francisco’s Pelosi passed the PRO Act which would crush freelance workers nationwide. In his state of the union, Biden urged passing, “the PRO Act because workers have a right to form a union.” Workers already have a right to form a union. The PRO Act eliminates the right of workers to be able to work independently of employers and unions.

To many Democrats who depend heavily on union cash and seek to control the economy by herding workers into serving the large businesses they regulate and receive donations from, freelance workers are a problem. And regulating them out of existence by reclassifying them as employees through the ‘ABC Test’, which is at the heart of AB5 and the PRO Act, is the answer.

Now, Biden has nominated Julie Su, an architect of AB5’s war on freelance workers, as Secretary of Labor. When Biden pushed Su, California’s Labor Secretary, as Deputy Labor Secretary, Republicans challenged her on the $31 billion in pandemic fraud, the worst in the nation, and her ruthless war on freelance workers that devastated workers and businesses. . . 

. . . As the Labor Secretary, Su will be in a position to help Biden kill millions of jobs. Eliminating freelance workers was one of Biden’s campaign promises to unions. And he’s delivering.

“States like California have already paved the way by adopting a clearer, simpler, and stronger three-prong ‘ABC test’ to distinguish employees from independent contractors,” his campaign had promised. “As president, Biden will work with Congress to establish a federal standard modeled on the ABC test for all labor, employment, and tax laws.”

. . . “If this legislation passes as-is, it will instead destroy my livelihood by making all my work contracts illegal,” Bonnie Kristian, a national journalist, wrote.

While the PRO Act would face congressional challenges, the Biden [junta] has been trying to use the Labor Department to create a backdoor assault on freelance workers by reclassifying the status of independent contractors under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

That’s where Julie Su will come in.

In California, Julie Su abused her power to terrorize small businesses and drive freelancers out of work, warning that she would be “doing investigations and audits. That will be on both wages and tax because AB 5 expands the ABC test that way. So we will be doing investigations and audits so that those who want to comply with the need to reclassify can do so and those who don’t will understand that’s not the kind of economy we want in California. So we can issue citations and demand both wages and taxes and other kinds of penalties.”

. . . Su’s message was the familiar one of mobsters arriving on the doorsteps of small businesses and warning them that unless they hire their approved workers, bad things will happen.

“When we talk about creating a voice for workers, that it’s really a voice premised on union — like a genuine right to a union on the job. If we can accomplish something, it will set a model for the country,” she emphasized. That’s why she’s been chosen to head the Labor Department.

Under Su, the Labor Department will move forward with forcibly reclassifying freelance workers while auditing and fining anyone who resists. This campaign of terror that began in California will go nationwide. Independent truckers will go out of business leading to further grocery shortages and a collapsing supply chain. Countless other professions will also fall apart.

Julie Su has used California’s Labor Department to oversee both unprecedented corruption and abuses, with billions in pandemic payments made to criminals and scammers while people starved, and she has destroyed the economic security and livelihoods of the state’s workers.

The estimable Lloyd Billingsley adds to Daniel Greenfield’s piece with this blast from the past:

Joe Biden’s nominee for Comptroller of the Currency in the U.S. Treasury Department was Saule Omarova. A native of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, Omarova attended Moscow State University on a Lenin Scholarship. In the best Leninist-Stalinist style, Omarova wanted to end independent banks as a class and put the Federal Reserve in charge of every American’s money. 

Such centralization essentially replicates banking in the Soviet Union, a regime Omarova still praises. Based on her record, Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) could think of nobody “more poorly suited to be the Comptroller of the Currency” than the Moscow State alum.  

Biden now wants “tested and experienced leader” Julie Su for U.S. labor secretary. The confirmation hearing might take testimony from Californians harmed by AB5, which stripped workers of their independence and inflicted harm on people with the fewest resources and alternatives. 

Like I said, their bench is ugly, dark and deep. If we have to rely on Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema to constantly veto these fiends, we’re already toast.


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