Political Agitation is EXACTLY The Goal: It Is Training For What is Coming

No less an authority on revolution than Vladimir Lenin points out in one of his newspaper articles in “Iskra,” the official journal of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party that political strife is an important part of building the framework for communist revolution.

From the jobless protests of the 1930s fomented by the communist party, to the student protests and violence of the 1960s to the bombings of the 1970s, the environmental protests (supported by the USSR), all the way to Antifa and BLM currently; agitation weakens the social and political structures that must be destroyed before communism can take hold.

Political Agitation and “The Class Point of View”

In enslaved Russia, however, we Social-Democrats must work hard to obtain this “material” for the working class, i.e., we must ourselves undertake the task of conducting general political agitation, of carrying on a public exposure campaign against the autocracy. This task is particularly imperative in periods of political ferment. We must bear in mind that in one year of intensified political life the proletariat can obtain more revolutionary training than in several years of political calm. For this reason the tendency of the above-mentioned socialists consciously or unconsciously to restrict the scope and content of political’ agitation is particularly harmful. [bolding mine]

So who is the newest soldier in this war against Western culture and freedom? Alvin Bragg! The New York County District Attorney who apparently is planning on arresting and charging a former president for what is essentially a nondisclosure agreement entered into privately. The coming charges are ridiculous, clearly political, are at odds with established law, and will function only as part of the ongoing war against Donald Trump conducted by the Democrat party and its henchmen in the Deep StateTM.

But what it will also do is further erode the rule of law in America. Attacking a former president in the courts for political ends does nothing for America, but it shows the people that the Law is a weapon, and not an impartial tool to support and defend our society.

But there is also another reason for these attacks…a Trump arrest will galvanize his support and re-energize his struggling campaign for president. And why would the Democrat-Socialist apparatus want this? Maybe because they WANT to run against Trump in 2024. They see Donald Trump’s electoral college success with a hard ceiling of about 235 votes, but fear DeSantis or some other new, young and nimble Republican candidate as a much stronger opponent who can savage the Democrat candidate (Biden or some other malleable vegetable) without having to deal with the baggage of the fake January 6th issues and personal peccadilloes that can overwhelm more substantive advantages.

So this is a twofer for the Democrat-Socialist machine. They continue their long march through our institutions, destroying everything in their path, and they solidify their political hold on the country by manipulating a flawed candidate into contention for the Republican nomination.