The Future For All Western Countries With Lax Immigration Policies: Murder, Rape, Arson Of Churches, Child Molestation, Women As Chattel. You Know…The 7th Century!

Young Children in Critical Condition After Mass Stabbing in France Syrian Asylum Seeker Arrested

At least six people including four very children were injured in an apparent knife attack in Annecy, a picturesque mountainside town popular with tourists for its proximity to Alpine ski resorts, on Thursday morning.

Reports state the suspect is 32-year-old a Syrian man named Abdalmasih who has an asylum application lodged in France in 2022, and refugee status in Sweden as well. He is not said to be known to police.

This is the latest in an unending litany of violence and societal destruction brought to the West by unfettered immigration from backward and savage parts of the world, countries that provide nothing to their citizens except misery and death. So they leave for the West…bringing those exact conditions with them.

Why? Because they hate us for our weakness, and take advantage of the insanity that is internationalism…which is nothing more than the conscious rejection of nationalism. The one little problem with that post-modern view of the world is that not all cultures are equal. Sure, it’s considered racist and bigoted and white supremacist to say it, but any view of the world that doesn’t recognize that there are indeed third-world sh*tholes is a profoundly biased one whose intent is to subvert pride in nation, to demean the concept of Western Culture as an exemplar of humanity, and to dilute the intellectual, entrepreneurial, cultural titan that is the West.

Show me the universal values in a man stabbing three-year old children in a park. Show me that blowing up a subway train is the pinnacle of human achievement. Show me that burning down a church is the height of humanity. Show me how beheading a young woman for baring her hair is immensely respectful of women. And show me how throwing homosexuals from the tops of buildings — during Pride month! — is inclusive.

The melting pot is no more. The expectation that immigrants will embrace their adopted country’s culture and language and work ethic is an anachronism in a world that embraces every savage bit of foreign culture while carefully rejecting the glory of Western, Judeo-Christian culture that is responsible for the vast majority of modernity: technology, literature, art, political philosophy, etc.

The most ridiculous thing about the sordid mess that the West has gotten itself into is that the seeds of the West’s destruction have been brought to our shores by the softening of our respect for the glory of Western Civilization. When we lose sight of why we have created so much, and instead denigrate it as an affront to universalist attitudes that all people are equal, and equally deserving of the West’s bounty, then we are doomed.

The average country, which is what these universalists want all countries to be, is a place incapable of building modern infrastructure, training modern physicians, maintaining power grids, building globetrotting airplanes, producing enough food for the world to eat.

So we will be dragged down into the muck…regressing to the mean, and rejecting 2,500 years of cultural development, all in service to…what?