The Morning Rant

“Their Violence Is Speech…Our Speech Is Violence”

In a normal baseball world, Curt Schilling would be a Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, but because of his outspoken political opinions…otherwise known as free speech, he has been shunned by the scummy, leftist, weasel baseball writers who vote players into the Hall of Fame. The pitcher elected closest to Schilling’s eligibility year was Bert Blyleven, and any baseball fan on the planet would rather have Schilling! There is no comparison statistically, and Schilling’s success in the postseason is truly impressive…he was 11-2!

Curt Schilling Under Fire After Saying It’s Time To “Pull The Trigger” During Fox News Appearance

The host asked Schilling if he would walk his statement back a bit, and perhaps re-phrase it to mean ‘symbolically’. However, the three-time World Series Champion didn’t waver much. He did lend a brief aside, before taking aim at the Democratic politicians like Rep. Maxine Waters of California.

“I’m going to assume you mean ‘pull’ the trigger metaphorically?” Jesse Watters asked.

“Absolutely, well, no,” Schilling replied. “I mean, it doesn’t matter if I say metaphorically because they’re going to run with that quote no matter how I put it. I could have phrased it in any possible way saying, Stand up and fight and blah blah blah and I would be inciting a riot while Maxine Waters says, Get in their face and beat the hell out of them, publicly.”

The examples of metaphorical AND REAL violence from the left are too numerous to list. It seems that every day a leftist politician or one of the left’s proxies spouts something vile about the conservative movement, wishing death upon us in the form of violence or disease. Yeah…remember those calls for denying medical care for the non-vaxxed among us? And the riots across America fomented by the left are hilariously described as mostly peaceful as leftist mobs beat and kill the truly mostly-peaceful on the right.

But any expression of resistance against encroaching fascism is met with howls of protest and obscene claims of rampant violence perpetrated against the “peaceful” leftists who just want to dictate exactly what we can say and do. And if we don’t accept their control, well, the media mob will be unleashed.

Curt Schilling said nothing wrong. His reference to the seminal events in the founding of The United States is reasonable in light of current events…the mobilization of government to chill free speech, the weaponization of the security apparatus for political ends, the destruction of any sense that we are represented by our political masters. These are things that the founders of our nation rebelled against, and it is a fine template for what needs to happen to return us to a country based on those founding principles. “Pulling the trigger” is a metaphor for direct action, not violence, and it is far past the time when we need to act!