The Morning Report 7/4/23

Good morning, kids. And so, it’s July the 4th. While there are things happening that give me a little bit of hope, there is no denying that the situation is still very much in doubt. Or perhaps I should change the sentence to “While there is no denying that the situation is still very much in doubt, there are things happening that give me a little bit of hope.”

Of all places, it comes from France, whose cities are going up in flames as the result of the death of a swarthy individual at the hands of the police. Ça te dit quelque chose, n’est-ce pas?

The existence of a masked gang of young men tying up rioters in one town is discussed in French language publications, but the mayor insists no such thing exists and tells locals to call the police if they witness unrest.

Witness accounts of a so-called “brigade anticasseur” (anti-thug brigade) in the port town of Lorlent, Brittany are reported by local newspaper Le Télégramme. In addition to what is reported by members of the public to the paper, a journalist for the publication claims to have seen a group of between 20 and 30 “young, hooded men” wearing balaclavas and gloves performing unofficial arrests.

Using zip-ties to restrain alleged rioters, the men are said to have then handed their captures onto the regular police on Friday night as well as having been seen putting out fires. Described as strongly physically built, fast-moving, and proceeding in a tightly-packed group, a report in Ouest France says one member of the group told a journalist that he couldn’t reveal their identities but that “we are on the good side” and that the group was a spontaneous meeting of friends to protect the city-centre. . . 

. . . When asked by the interviewer if the group had any “far-right” connections, a woman replied that: “no, we are just people who want to save France, because France is going to ruin”. She further added that it was their belief the killing of an Algerian-heritage teen by a police officer last week is just being used as an excuse for rioting and looting by youths.

A man added “we are patriots who love France” and that if rioters only had trouble with the police, they could understand that, but the attacks on private businesses for looting underlined the true cause of the violence. He said it was unacceptable to see a small business owner, who may have invested his whole life of savings, and all his energy, see his hard work “go up in smoke” because of looters.

The scum who these French citizens are zip tying and handing over to the police should be grateful that their necks weren’t zip-tied, followed by a Mussolini lamp posting. Of course, my figurative orgasmic glee over this should in no way be interpreted as wanting something like this to happen over on this side of the Atlantic. Heaven forfend.

I’m no expert on French politics nor the internal workings of their bureaucracy; that is if they have a Deep State similar to the criminal junta and their minions of technocrats and apparatchiks that have effectively undermined our governing principles, hijacked the government and using its instrumentalities against the citizenry. I will say that while France may be socialist, its deeply ingrained sense of national identity (sadly, something that reared its ugly head in the eager collaboration with the Nazis to deport the nations Jewish citizens to the ovens in Birkenau), is finally coming to the fore as the wolf of cultural suicide via mass immigration of non-assimilating Muslims and Africans is at their throats.

Is it too late for France? Probably. But they brought this on themselves. Funny people. They pass things like AOC laws (no, not Titty-Caca Cortez) protecting indigenous food and wine as well as others literally outlawing “franglais,” words like “le weekend” and “le hamburger” to guard the purity of language. But, as a sense of guilt about their imperialism and colonialism flung their borders wide open for a mass wave of foreigners, the French did virtually nothing to try and assimilate these people. Worse, those who came in had no desire to assimilate in the first place. I ain’t no Margaret Mead but for sure, this is not a recipe for a growing, flourishing, prosperous and peaceful society. 

That’s why in France, and elsewhere in Europe, you have these massive slums or “banlieues.” Literal “no-go” zones where even police dare not set foot; de facto foreign countries within their own borders, and they’re hostile almost to being in a near state of war. And as we see in France today, an actual state of war.

I bring this up because what is happening in France is for sure heading our way, if the summer of 2020 wasn’t the first wave of this to begin with. And correct me if I’m wrong but a big difference between France and here is that the government over there is prepared (to a greater or lesser extent) to deal with this while over here, the rioting is being egged on and supported by the government as a tool of political repression: i.e. “anarcho-terrorism.” 

Like everything, it all starts with the repression of freedom of expression:

Bill HB 4474 – passed in the Michigan House on June 20 – could make it a felony to intentionally “intimidate” someone for, among other things, using the wrong pronouns. The bill also extends to a number of “protected classes,” including race or color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or national origin.” 

By “intimidate,” the House means “a willful course of conduct involving repeated or continuing harassment of another individual that would cause a reasonable individual to feel terrorized, frightened, or threatened, and that actually causes the victim to feel terrorized, frightened, or threatened.” 

However, the bill does not offer an objective definition against which intimidation or harassment can be held. Therefore, it is up to the interpretation of the listener as well as the local prosecutor to determine whether what was said was indeed intimidation.

Bill HB 4474 is “part of a [continued] effort by Democrats in the state [of Michigan] to advance a pro-LGBTQ+ agenda in their first months in power,” reports The Daily Mail. 

“Make no mistake about it. Those advocating for this legislation will wield these policies as a weapon capable of destroying conservative expression or viewpoints grounded in the sacred,” adds Professor Emeritus William Wagner.

Is addressing some freak in drag with “Hey, mister” as bad as wishing someone “Un bon weekend” in Paris? If I remember correctly, the fight against “Franglais” sort of petered out years ago. But it is indeed all about the language and who gets to wield it. 

I am glad that the recent case involving the creative designer in Colorado was decided correctly, as the justices of the Supreme Court determined that a private person operating a business cannot be compelled to lend creative or material support to messages and to deeds he or she believes are odious, in particular, those that violate the person’s religious commitments.

And yet, it is like winning an appeal before an occupying army accustomed to enacting tyrannical laws, often inconsistently and incoherently enacted and enforced at that. Nor is it just a matter of making an appeal directly to the chief judges of the occupiers. It has required a tremendous outlay of money, time, talent, and effort, not to mention the wrangling. Even the victory is bitter, and I fear that the main aim of the conquering army continues to be confirmed, to bend a formerly free people to its will by threatening them with destitution and public shame.

Machiavelli says that a prince who occupies a country accustomed to old and traditional ways should not attempt to alter them when they pose no threat to his power. For the people, says the shrewd Florentine, want mainly to be left to their own devices, and will be grateful to find that the new prince does not do what they feared he might. . .

. . . the ongoing revolution aims at nothing less than that there shall be no peoples. Globalism is, like modernism, not a commitment to anything that enlists the heart and inspires it to works of courage, beauty, and social union, but a negative. Modernism, as an ideology or an aesthetics, is a kind of patricide, whereby you pride yourself on your degree of separation from, and contempt for, the father, for the religious and cultural soil wherein you should have taken root. It explains what in human history is otherwise new and bizarre: that people should take pride in the ferocity with which they reject their patrimony.

But there is nothing to replace that patrimony. So the committed modernist, rather than permitting his empty soul to move him to come to his senses, rather than saying, “I shall arise and go to my father’s house,” gives himself over to the Nothing. Since it is unnatural and untenable for man to lack something to believe in, Nothing comes to take the place of God. A good temperament and some residual, incoherent, and unacknowledged faith in God prevents him from falling, always, into the most murderous and appalling forms of Nothing-worship, but that is the drain he is swirling into.

The globalist is in the same position. Nobody can be committed to the globe, as no one can love “the masses,” because it is characteristic of each that there are no characteristics, nothing to hold on to. Thus globalism demands that there shall be no genuine nations anymore. Locales may retain a couple of pseudo-traditions, so long as they mean nothing; such may be useful for fooling or distracting the masses. But otherwise, real local independence and culture must be obliterated.

In this light, consider again the people who brought suit against the Colorado designer. They are, as so often in our time, practitioners of sexual behavior detached from the natural structure of the human body and from the natural foundations of human societies. They could, of course, easily find someone happy to help them celebrate their dysfunction. That is not the point. The point is to humiliate any last person who believes in the reality of good and evil apart from what the mechanisms of mass behavior and mass control determine.

Ironic how the Leftist mantra “The Constitution isn’t a suicide pact,” actually rings true. Except like everything else they spout, it’s always a case of Orwellian phraseology and projection. I agree. It’s why if there is to be a land of the free and a home of the brave, then the Constitution as it stands cannot be the foundational document in the formation of the government of a reborn American nation. That is, unless every citizen in that nation swears absolute fealty to the principles of that document. That means of course anyone of the Left cannot be a citizen of that nation. QED.

For nearly 60 years and most especially the last two and a half, we have flung the border wide open and millions of third world peasants, not just from Latin America but from all over the world, (including terrorists and enemy agents actively plotting violence for political and religious reasons). They also have zero desire to assimilate yet were invited in by a government that actually sees their “diversity” (puke) as politically desirable for them to maintain and exert power over the rest of us who know better. 

While seemingly the French police and military have common cause with their citizenry, despite whatever is going through the mind of the Macron government, our law enforcement and military are openly lined up against the citizenry of this nation. We already know what will happen to people like Kyle Rittenhouse and Daniel Penny when – not if – the shit hits the fan as it is doing so now in France.

Happy Fourth of July.


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JULY 4th, 2023 


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