The Morning Report 12/8/23

Good morning, kids. So, Hunter Biden got slapped with some tax evasion charges that supposedly could get him upwards of 17 years in the federal slammer. Okay, you can stop laughing. But still. . . 

“They could have brought these charges much earlier,” Tolman added. “They didn’t because they wanted to try to slip one past the American public.”

Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges and a felony gun charge during a July 26 hearing after a plea bargain announced June 20 collapsed after United States District Judge Maryellen Noreika questioned the initial plea deal.

“This is an effort to also protect Joe Biden,” Tollman said. “The heat is increasing. The scope of his involvement is increasing. The evidence is coming forward that he had more participation and contact with Hunter Biden’s funders.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the appointment of Weiss as special counsel on Aug. 11 to investigate allegations of tax law and gun law violations surrounding Hunter Biden.

Indeed. Weiss was a stooge who was put there by Garland to sweep this crap under the rug. When the sweetheart plea deal and Weiss’ general malfeasance and intentional foot dragging were exposed and then ultimately nixed, it opened the Pandora’s box of indictments. Now, all that said, what does all this mean in terms of politics and not the illusion of an impartial criminal justice system? It means Joe Biden is such a huge drag on the Democrats and Deep State that they perhaps feel they cannot rig the 2024 elections effectively/believably enough to shove his corpse over the finish line. Between the border, the economy, the war on children and even not being enough of an open Jew-hater to satisfy the Muslims and Maoists, the base is just not going to show up in numbers strong enough to bolster the cheat.

The writing has been on the wall for some time; Joe Biden is a distinct liability not only to the Left’s electoral prospects, but his record of destruction has opened too many formerly blinkered eyes to the fact that that destruction was intentional and done at the behest of the party. And THAT is the mortal threat that cannot be allowed to fester. In the end, though, given the stranglehold on us by a now entrenched Leftist Leviathan of a Bureaucracy, joke-shop Congress, a court system that is at best 50/50 rigged to oppress any and all opposition to the latter and the media, academia and far too much of a now crony/fascist private sector, do elections (rigged or not) even matter anymore?

No Trump or Trumpian outsider will have a snowball’s chance in hell to overcome the rank insubordination, if not mass mutiny or God-forbid worse should he or she overcome the cheat and win a national election. And yet, as we can see, the fear is palpable, what with all this orchestrated and predigested blather that Trump will become a dictatorial tyrant if he wins in 2024. Well, of course, that is projection writ large. But still. The optimist senses perhaps the ground shifting beneath our feet. Naturally, so does the pessimist because the forces of evil that control the instrumentalities of power are not going to just shrug their shoulders and surrender, are they?

The question is, will the handful of operating brain cells in Biden’s skull believe the hype of “82 million votes!” and all the rest of his lifetime of lies and bullshit, and insist that he fight the good fight and refuse to step down? We shall see. If he does dig in his heels, the Left will be forced to reveal more of his and his family’s criminality or pull a 25th Amendment on him. Either way, it’s not a good look for the Democrats and an impossible task for the propaganda machine to make chicken salad out of a mountain of chicken shit. * * * * *

On to other things Quick Hits style, I suppose. A couple of podcasts back, CBD and I discussed the issue of the First Amendment vis a vis the banning of the app TikTok. Aside from the fact that its content is as much of a moral cancer on the minds and souls of America’s youth as are their schools, TikTok is in fact owned by the People’s Republic of China. Our enemy who for all intents and purposes is at war with us and attempting to take us down from within. That alone is reason enough to ban the damned thing. And yet, someone who I thought knew better writes this:

Every election cycle, Republicans dutifully recite platitudes about winning “the youth vote” and bringing younger voters into the GOP fold.  And in every election, Republicans fail to deliver on that. . . 

. . . It’s an age-old problem, but that doesn’t mean Republicans shouldn’t try. Unfortunately, the plan they’ve come up with involves banning Gen Z’s favorite social-media app, TikTok. Yes, TikTok is dangerous, and it helps the Chi-coms spy on us via data mining and security breaches. Tech expert Kim Komando wrote:

TikTok is a national security threat. The Chinese-owned social media platform’s parent company ByteDance is based in Beijing and is required by Chinese law to give the government access to collected data. TikTok collects data that includes search and browsing history, facial ID, voice prints, texts, location, and photos. 

So just ban the thing already, right? Yeah, if you want to anger the 80 million active users in the U.S. — two-thirds of whom are of voting age. The vast majority of TikTok users are under 29 (Gen Z), and most spend more than an hour and a half a day on the addictive platform, opening it 19 times. Yet somehow, GOP candidates think this is a winning issue for their party. . . 

Again, there are dangers to TikTok, but an outright ban right now, when it’s at the height of its popularity, would send Gen-Z voters into the streets, rending their garments and protesting the loss of their favorite mind-numbing entertainment platform. Is that really a winning message? I share others’ concerns about the dangers of TikTok — just not as a campaign issue. If and when Republicans ever get control of Congress and the White House again (and that’s a big if), then there will be time to come up with some creative solutions for mitigating the risk — solutions that are, hopefully, not inherently anti-freedom. 

So let’s stop talking about TikTok and focus on the price of bread and eggs and the exorbitant cost of a college education and a home— kitchen-table issues that Gen-Zers and every other generation care about. We’ve got enough trouble with government censorship in this country. We don’t need to be a party to it.

It’s amazing how someone I consider quite smart like Paula Bolyard can be so dumb. Ban or no ban, does she really think that the Gen-Z demographic is going to show up at the polls en masse and vote Republican? The other thing that gets me crazy is admitting something is worse than radioactive ass cancer “but we have to ignore it because it’s not a winning issue.” Or that, “it’s the economy, stupid.” Can we not walk and chew gum at the same time? TikTok is a mortal danger. It’s a threat to our national security and has been shown on more than one occasion to be potentially lethal. Hell, it’s now a major platform for all the Jew-hatred on and off campus since 10/7. But we have to ignore it because we’ll turn off the youth vote?! Sheesh.

Dare I say it, similar arguments can be made about abortion. Regardless of the fact that I think it is a massively losing issue for our side, the fact remains that it is the ONLY issue the Dems have and they will run on it. The question is what are we going to do about it? How do we counter and then blunt the issue and take it away from them? Not, how do we apologize and/or put our heads in the sand hoping they’ll leave us alone? 

It’s disheartening and maddening that so many otherwise bright people like Paula Bolyard are still living in some fantasy world where, despite all the evidence around them, they believe retail politics and business as usual are still the order of the day.

That aside, her observation that so many young people are addicted to TikTok is yet another signpost of a dystopian, nightmare future ahead. If America’s future generations are already lost, then why bother? Do we sacrifice ourselves and our future for temporary practical political necessity, even when there is absolutely zero guarantee that we eke out even a small victory in the near term? This is a moral dilemma that raises a lot of troubling questions which many of you no doubt are already pondering, vis a vis, fighting back and reversing course in order to save our nation and society.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, this happened:

A woman attempted to burn down Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth home, arriving with a gas canister and dousing the historic property in fuel Thursday. Video from the brazen attempt shows a woman dressed in all black freely pouring gasoline on the home’s front porch, windows, and bushes around 5:45 p.m., WSB-TV reported.

Two tourists from Utah viewing the home were able to intervene to stop the suspect, police said. One witness recalled the suspect began to grow irritated after she was having trouble spreading the fuel around the property, according to FOX 5 Atlanta. The suspected arsonist was then quickly detained by two off-duty NYPD officers who had been visiting the historical landmark and held her until Atlanta Police arrived. . . 

. . . The suspect, 26, has been charged with criminal attempt arson and criminal attempt interference with government property. Police have not released her name.”

She’s not a minor and they’ve not released her name? Clad all in black and trying to burn MLK’s birthplace to the ground? Nothing suspicious about this at all!

A cursory examination of the photo in the article seems to show mystery woman has a melanin content that will initiate an automatic embargo from the Junta-approved propaganda organs. I’ve been predicting for years now that the teachings of Dr. King will one day force the Cultural Revolutionaries to tear down his statues and rename all those MLK Jr. Boulevards to something else. 

Wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn that somehow, somewhere, this miscreant is connected to the FBI. It’s probably a fair bet she has a TikTok account. What say you, Paula Bolyard?

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