The Morning Report 12/13/23

Good morning, kids. Here’s a little something to warm the cockles of your heart, or other part of your anatomy that has cockles. I’m not the most religious nor certainly the most pious man in the world (although unlike diversity hire “Jew” Doug the Slug Emhoff, I do know the story and meaning of Hanukkah), but I certainly believe in the existence of the Almighty. If this isn’t proof, then certainly it belongs in the “Karma Runs Over Your Dogma” category.

Turkish parliamentarian Hasan Bitmez suffered a heart attack and collapsed next to the podium at the Turkish National Assembly on Tuesday after delivering a tirade against Israel.

The Grand Assembly of the Turkish parliament was ostensibly debating budgetary considerations on Tuesday, but Bitmez launched into a fiery condemnation of Israel’s war against the terrorists of Hamas in Gaza, accusing Israelis of “crimes against humanity” and “ethnic cleansing.”

“Even if history remains silent, the truth will not remain silent. They think that if they get rid of us, there will be no problem. However, if you get rid of us, you will not be able to escape the torment of conscience,” he said.

Bitmez’s last words before collapsing were reportedly, “Israel will not escape the wrath of Allah!”

Bitmez, 54, reportedly suffers from diabetes. Fortunately, one of the fellow MPs who rushed to his aid, Turhan Comez of the IYI Party, is a trained physician. After Comez rendered aid at the scene, Bitmez was removed from the National Assembly chamber by stretcher after collapsing and taken to intensive care at Ankara’s Bilkent City Hospital. He was reported to be in critical condition as of Tuesday afternoon.

Aww, looks like his Allah-who? got akbar’d. Is it pronounced “Bit-mezz” or “Bite-meez?” The world wonders. Let’s all send this great statesman a Candygram or a selection of tasty bits from the Whizzo Quality Assortment. Or a live hand grenade enema. 

Let’s hope it’s a harbinger because the list of individuals who deserve that fate, not only because of what they’ve said and done in the wake of 10/7 but for what they have done to us and 2,000 years of human and cultural development is quite vast. And if I were, Biden, Blinken and Obama (let’s be real; that jug-eared, purple-lipped hunk-of-piss egomaniac is running the show) I’d sit up and take notice. But hubris, ego and stupidity is the order of the day.

With Israel on the cusp of, or actually full on moving in for the kill, the aforementioned along with much of the world is having a shit-fit that the Jews refuse to lay down and die like the so-called “arc of history” demands! 

The Times of Israel reported that Biden accused Israel of “indiscriminate bombing” in Gaza. Biden provided no evidence. Biden also said that Netanyahu had to replace members of his democratically-elected governing coalition, and accept a ‘Palestinian’ state. In July, Biden made similar comments when explaining why he refused to meet with Netanyahu since his election the year before, saying that he had “extreme” Cabinet members. Biden routinely meets with autocrats from a variety of nations across the globe.

On Monday night, as Breitbart News reported, Biden told guests at the White House that he “loved” Netanyahu, even though they did not agree on many things. Biden also said he was a “Zionist,” claiming “southern parts of the country” did not like that. In response to Biden’s claim about “indiscriminate bombing,” Israel Defense Forces spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari told the Israeli press, in Hebrew, that Israel targets very carefully in Gaza, and has shown the U.S. proof to back that up. He noted that Israel had been especially careful in Gaza in the last several weeks, since it had a large number of its own soldiers on the ground. . . 

. . . Netanyahu has publicly opposed the U.S. insistence that Palestinians be rewarded with a state after the October 7 terror attack, and has also opposed the return of the Palestinian Authority to Gaza. His government is said to be drafting an alternative plan.

No doubt Biden’s teleprompter was doing its best to calm down the blood-thirsty Muslims and Leftists of the Democrat Party especially as we move into the opening phases of an election year. They don’t seem to give a shit that what’s going on in Gaza puts Democrat leadership between a rock and a hard place. Plus the eruption of Jew-hatred in Democrat cities and college campuses kind of makes even wealthy self-gassing Yids reluctant to open their checkbooks to the DNC. It’s hard to believe they don’t understand that Kalorama is 100% on their side and have to put on a “stand by Israel” dog and pony show. 

On another battlefront of Democrat-Leftist Jew-hatred, in this case Harvard Yard and the rest of the poison Ivy League, as the wagons have circled around Spike Lee with tits Claudine Gay, a new wrinkle has emerged in her plagiarism revelations. Yes, her support for the right to call for genocide on campus as defense of free speech – while simultaneously censoring opinions not in keeping with Leftist dogma – is not really the issue. 

Harvard University covered up a high-level investigation into whether its controversial president was a plagiarist — and used an expensive law firm to threaten The Post over our own probe.

The college announced Tuesday morning that it had investigated Claudine Gay over whether some of her academic work was plagiarized and had cleared her of breaching the college’s “standards for research misconduct.” Instead, it said that she would request four corrections in two publications to insert citations and quotation marks that were originally “omitted.”

But The Post can disclose that Harvard spent weeks failing to come clean about Gay being under investigation — staying quiet even when she was hauled in front of Congress for disastrous testimony on how the Ivy League college is dealing with antisemitism on campus. Harvard only disclosed the investigation when the university’s governing body, Harvard Corporation, said it unanimously stood behind her despite a firestorm of criticism for her evidence to Congress.

Harvard’s public statement on the allegations of plagiarism came a day after a conservative activist posted questions on X about citations in Gay’s 1997 PhD dissertation. Gay had vigorously defended her academic record in comments to the Boston Globe after the dissertation questions were revealed, and said: “I stand by the integrity of my scholarship. Throughout my career, I have worked to ensure my scholarship adheres to the highest academic standards.”

Tuesday’s statement, issued to “members of the Harvard community” said that the probe began in late October, after Harvard “became aware” of allegations about Gay. But the statement did not tell the full story — including how Harvard called in bulldog attorneys to protect Gay. The Post contacted the university on October 24, asking for comment on more than two dozen instances in which Gay’s words appeared to closely parallel words, phrases or sentences in published works by other academics.

The 27 instances were in two academic papers published in two peer-reviewed journals between 2011 and 2017, and an article in an academic magazine in 1993. The Post was sent the material anonymously and had conducted our own analysis before asking Harvard to comment on whether Gay had plagiarized or failed to properly cite other academics’ work. We have continued to investigate since. When The Post brought the allegations to Harvard, Jonathan Swain, its senior executive director of media relations and communications, asked for more time to review Gay’s work. A day later Swain, who was part of the Biden-Harris transition team and a one-time Hillary Clinton aide, said he would “get back in touch over the next couple of days.”

Yeah. Sure. There is no way Harvard is going to ditch Claudine Gay. To do so would completely undermine the sacred belief and illusion of the righteousness of Diversity. And fire a black woman? For plagiarism? No doubt, as Ace might have had as a quick hit last night, the Babylon Bee-esque angle that plagiarism is another tool of white supremacy is probably being shouted as a defense as we speak.

In a way, all this is a sideshow and perhaps bordering on a distraction to the literal defense by her, the now fired Liz Massengill from U-Penn (just from the office of dean, her tenure is still intact, no doubt) and MIT’s capo-di-tutti-Kapos Sally Kornbluth of genocide and the complete bastardization of the notion of free speech. 

As for Claudine Gay, her only qualifications to be the head of Harvard are that she’s black and female. In a perverse sense, those are stellar qualities since Harvard, virtually all of higher education and most of this nation’s public school system are no longer in the business of teaching. They are in the business of indoctrination and the intentional creation of a mass of useless human beings, incapable of thinking and working for themselves, and totally dependent on an all-powerful totalitarian government. With that in mind, you couldn’t fine more qualified people than Claudine Gay and her ilk.

Gay’s refusal to deem genocidal calls to be a violation of Harvard’s code of conduct was grounded upon her entrenchment in the ideology of critical race theory, which finds its practical implementation in the policies of “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Critical race theory divides people into a hierarchical system in which each person is designated either as an oppressor or as someone who is oppressed. In this ideological framework, Jewish people are classified as “white” privileged oppressors and Israel is cast as an oppressive “settler colonial” state.

The aftermath of the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens by Hamas made this perspective evident. As one example, the “Critical Race and Ethnic Studies” department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, released a statement that read, “What we are witnessing needs to be understood in the context of 75 years of settler colonial displacement, military occupation, and enclosure.” In 2022, Lori Lowenthal Marcus and Jesse M. Fried of the Wall Street Journal noted that radical ethnic studies has always been anti-Semitic in nature. “[T]he ethnic-studies movement has never been about representation or justice,” they explained. “A creature of 1960s radical left-wing activism, ethnic studies was from the start about attacking the U.S., capitalism and Zionism.”

Gay, though she repeatedly said during her congressional testimony that this “type of hateful speech is personally abhorrent to me,” was careful to leave an opening to allow genocidal calls against Jews to take place at Harvard, as she knows that a large and powerful contingent at Harvard subscribes to the ideas that Jewish people are privileged “white” oppressors, Israel is a “settler colonial” state, and Palestinians are an oppressed people who should rise up against their supposed colonial subjugators. . . 

. . . Gay’s entire career is founded upon the “diversity, equity, and inclusion” movement. Not only is it the lens through which she studies politics in every one of her published works, but she also led Harvard’s total entrenchment in the ideology following the death of George Floyd. “This moment offers a profound opportunity for institutional change that should not and cannot be squandered,” Gay said alongside her 2020 announcement of Harvard’s initiatives to “address racial and ethnic equality.” Bill Ackman, a billionaire who has been outspoken about the anti-Semitism on Harvard’s campus, explained last week on X that an anonymous person told him that Harvard’s presidential search committee, which selected Gay, only considered candidates who met the “criteria” of Harvard’s DEI office.

The ugly anti-Semitism and racism inherent in “diversity, equity, and inclusion” was laid bare for all to see through Claudine Gay’s testimony — as well as the similar witness of the University of Pennsylvania’s Elizabeth Magill and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sally Kornbluth. Magill was forced to tender her resignation as a result of the backlash after even Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro described her testimony before Congress as “a failure of leadership.”

. . . Harvard faculty members sense that backlash against Gay is an indictment against critical race theory, and, for this reason, they have rushed to defend her. Hundreds — many of whose work rests entirely on the ideological framework of critical race theory — have signed letters affirming their support for Gay. One of these letters, from black faculty members, explicitly pushed back against efforts to connect Gay with the ideology of diversity, equity, and inclusion. “[A]ny suggestion that her selection as president was the result of a process that elevated an unqualified person based on considerations of race and gender are specious and politically motivated,” the letter said. The New York Times reported that backlash against Gay for her testimony was sparse on campus, stating, “The congressional exchange appears to have generated far more intense reactions among donors and alumni than among current faculty and students.”

This is American academia, my friends. It’s bad enough we have been pumping out useless, brainwashed brainwashers like Claudine Gay for decades. But this rot doesn’t just affect bullshit subjects like sociology and ethnic studies. This crap is in the medical schools, the law schools, the engineering schools. Forget the color of skin; are you going to be filled with strength and confidence seeing a doctor under the age of 50? Are you going to be comfortable getting on an airplane or driving over a bridge (let alone getting into a car) designed by an MIT graduate? Just like Disney, MIT ain’t the MIT of its reputation. Ditto Harvard and dare I say it ditto America. We have devolved into a Potemkin Village of what once was. 

There is going to have to be a reckoning if we are to survive, let alone even begin to claw our way back to something remotely resembling the free and prosperous nation we once were. And that is the Achilles heel of our freedom and our Constitution. We have to afford those who seek our destruction and subjugation the same freedoms we have, and in essence allow them the means to use those freedoms to destroy us.

That has got to change. 


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