The Morning Rant: Is Washington As Stupid As California?


Washington is challenging California (the perennial winner of the Lunatic State award) for top spot on the list of the stupidest, most freedom-stealing states in the union. From selective enforcement of laws against violent crime, onerous gun control, forced conversion of children into the Sustainable Organic Church of The Carbon Apocalypse, celebration of every psychiatric sexual disorder, to insane restrictions on the use of private property, Washington looks south and thinks, “Hold my beer!”

Democrat bill would jail people using gas-powered leaf blowers

The Democrat war on gas continues. Now, Democrats propose jailing Washingtonians for using gas-powered landscaping tools like leaf blowers.

State Representative Amy Walen (D-Kirkland) pre-filed legislation that makes sweeping additions to the Washington State Clean Air Act. HB 1868 bans “gasoline-powered and diesel-powered landscaping and other outdoor power equipment” for “contributing to climate change.” The bill lists a number of unintended health consequences tied to the tools, as well, including the claim that they cause asthma.

The bill gets to the ban by empowering the Department of Ecology to “adopt rules to prohibit engine exhaust and evaporative emissions from new outdoor power equipment” by either January 1, 2026 or sooner, if the state determines it’s feasible to do so earlier. Washingtonians are expected to upgrade their equipment to zero-emission alternatives. Government work, however, is partly exempt.

That government work will be to save government employees during natural disasters, and to repair infrastructure after fires and earthquakes and such. Because the obvious yet unspoken reality is that there is absolutely nothing like gasoline-powered tools to get things done quickly and safely. Are government firemen going to use battery-powered saws during forest fires? Yeah…I doubt it.

It’s amazing that the text of the law implicitly recognizes the superiority of the outlawed tools, yet the worship of Gaiaiaia at the expensive of human progress is paramount.

Violating this law could mean up to 365 days in jail or a significant fine.

That’s my favorite part. Washington voted for these maniacs, so give it to them good and hard. But don’t worry, they won’t be jailing wetbacks using power tools to manicure lawns in the nice parts of town; they’ll be nabbing some farmer using a gas-powered chain saw to clear his land. Because leftists are nothing if not perfect at selective enforcement of their laws in service of the larger goal of the destruction of traditional America.