The Intransigence Of The “Palestinian” Arabs Is the Only Thing That Has Prevented Their Own State, And Now It Is Too Late

The concept that the Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza deserve autonomy in their own governance, much less a state of their own, was shown on October 7th to be ridiculous. And even after two months of of pummeling by the Israeli military, support for Hamas and their subhuman brand of terrorism is strong. Hamas brought destruction and death upon the people of Gaza, yet they support it! The leadership of Hamas is safely ensconced in Qatar for now, able to spend their billions of dollars (looted from the people of Gaza and the world that wrote the checks) on luxury…and security, because of course the Israeli intelligence services are going to have a say in how long they draw breath.

Giving these people a state is madness. It is the equivalent of allowing Nazi Germany to reconstitute itself in May of 1945, or returning Hideki Tojo to power in September 1945. The West Bank, ruled by the Palestinian Authority, and Gaza, ruled by Hamas, are birds of a feather. There is no substantive difference, other then the propensity for PA officials to wear ties. Both represent a populace that approves…overwhelmingly…of the destruction of the state of Israel and the Jewish people. They are single-minded in their goals, and they inculcate their children with that message. They are a death cult with one thing in mind…killing Jews.

Here is Melanie Phillips eviscerating the widely held belief that a “two state solution” is rational.

The persistent “two-state” delusion

This week, polling results published by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research revealed that no fewer than 82 per cent of Judea and Samaria residents and 72 per cent of Gazans approve of the October 7 pogrom.

If there were an election in the disputed territories, Hamas would win hands down. Support for Hamas in these territories has more than tripled compared to three months ago. In Gaza, such support has also increased. The overwhelming majority in both areas want to see Israel destroyed.

If the Palestinian Arabs are to govern themselves, they must go through the equivalent of the de-Nazification that was carried out in Germany after World War II. That clearly cannot be done by the rejectionist, Jew-hating and despotic PA.

But…in reality it is “de-Islamification,” and that is impossible. The attitudes in Gaza and the West Bank did not emerge as a consequence of the re-creation of the state of Israel. An examination of the many pogroms against Jews perpetrated in many Arab states before 1948 suggest that Jew-Hate existed before the “Nakba,” as the Arabs call Israeli Independence. And the expansionist goals of Islam, culminating in a global Caliphate are not some myth. Israel and Jews are merely their first target.

So how to cure Gaza and the West Bank of their blood lust? We can’t. All we can do is demilitarize the area so there cannot be a repeat of October 7th, and remove the malign influence of UN-sponsored educational systems that actively promote the agenda that led to the savagery of October 7th and before.

Israel is already destroying Hamas and its ability to project terrorism, but the UN and the oh-so-sophisticated 1st world is busily trying to return to the status quo ante bellum; that’s what cease fires will lead to.

The “Two State Solution” is dead. The trick is convincing the world that it is better off with a vibrant Israel, complete with world-class technology, liberal democracy, freedom, and most of all respect for human life and humanity.

Because the other side of the coin is a savage 3rd world sh*thole where the law of the jungle prevails, where terrorism in service of a world caliphate is exported, and where tens of billions of dollars from the developed world is stolen to support its despotic rulers.

I know what I would choose.

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  1. The root cause of all of this is ISLAM. That is the intransigence and inflexibility. Their core belief is that Jews are to be exterminated, not just in Israel but across the globe.

    That is never going to change unless and until every Muslim capital is conquered and every holy site is obliterated.

    And that is a non-starter. Unfortunately.

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