The Morning Report 1/2/24

Good morning, kids. New Year’s celebrations traditionally include fireworks, so why should 2024 be any different? Especially given the nature of the past 12 months (and the 24 or so prior)?

Officials with the New York City Fire Department said the incident unfolded near West 34th Street and 9th Avenue. Authorities have deemed it a mass casualty event, Fox News reported Monday. Officials with the New York City Fire Department said the incident unfolded near West 34th Street and 9th Avenue. Authorities have deemed it a mass casualty event, Fox News reported Monday.

Several people, including police officers, were hit when the driver apparently drove onto a sidewalk and eventually came to a halt. “Police responded to West 33rd Street and 7th Avenue and observed a dispute between the suspect identified as a 44-year-old male and another person, a police spokesperson confirmed to Fox News Digital,” the outlet said. . . 

. . . The news came as New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers were working to keep crowds safe in Times Square during New Year’s Eve celebrations, Breitbart News reported Saturday.

Nothing to see here. A perfectly normal response from a perfectly reasonable, rational individual – identity still a mystery – who got miffed at someone. I assume the conversation included the words “pita,” “shawarma,” “Ikeeelyou” and “allahu akbar.” All on New Year’s Eve. With the Middle East on fire and a wide open border where anyone and everyone can get in unmonitored, unchecked and free to move about the country. Speaking of which, here’s a statistic that puts things in perspective:

The number of illegal immigrants caught and released into the country in 2023 would be enough to fill Yankee Stadium more than 17 times, according to federal data. 

Border Patrol recorded more than 1.7 million encounters with migrants crossing the southern border illegally in 2023, with more than 824,000 released into the interior of the country with future court appearances, according to the data, which doesn’t account for December. Yankee Stadium has the capacity to hold 46,537 people, according to Ticketmaster.

Federal authorities at the southern border also seized more than 229,000 pounds of drugs, roughly 22,000 pounds of which were fentanyl. 

“In retrospect, 2023 at the border was a progressively worse version of 2022,” former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Biden continued to double down on his failed border policies, illegal immigration continued skyrocketing to unimaginable levels, the cartels made more money than most people can fathom with less risk than at anytime in history, Customs and Border Protection suspended legal trade and travel to decrease the time in custody for illegal aliens, and the US Border Patrol shut down checkpoints and deployed nearly zero proactive patrols.”

“Biden’s only response was to send Mayorkas and Blinken to Mexico and asks them to control their border,” he said.

To which the degenerate Marxist Lopez-Obrador, whom the drug cartels that actually run Mexico installed as their puppet (sound familiar?) probably told them both to fuck off en Español. This of course assumes that Mayorkas and Blinken actually did tell them to control their border or even want the border under control in the first place. 

If that really was the policy, we’d have built the border wall, tripled the size of the Border Patrol or even sent the National Guard to bolster the defense, deported anyone and everyone of the close to 50 million thanks to Biden who are here illegally regardless of their individual sob stories, cut them off from every penny of welfare that attracts them here in the first place, and tried and imprisoned every employer who knowingly hires them. But of course, this is what’s known in the trade as sanity, and the front line of national security. Considering those who pull Biden’s strings want this nation, or what’s left of it, wiped off the face of the earth, it’s a non-starter.

Meanwhile, back in New York, a few hundred miles to the northwest of the rotting, decayed, desiccated Apple, in the city that shares a name with Jack Benny’s sidekick:

A couple was killed and numerous others injured just hours into the New Year when a car filled with explosives barreled into a crowd of people leaving a rock concert in upstate New York, police said. The fiery crash occurred at 12:50 a.m. outside the Kodak Center in Rochester, where roughly 1,000 people were filing out after a New Year’s Eve moe. show.

Rochester officers were helping pedestrians cross the street when a Ford Expedition sped toward the mob, but smashed instead into an Uber that was pulling out of a nearby parking lot, law enforcement sources said. “The force of the collision caused the two vehicles to go through a group of pedestrians that were in the crosswalk and then into two other vehicles,” police Chief David Smith said at a press conference.

The cars exploded into an intense blaze that took the fire department nearly one hour to extinguish. A couple riding inside the Uber were killed, while their driver was rushed to the hospital in non-life threatening condition, sources and police said. Three pedestrians were struck by the flying cars — one of whom was left clinging to life.

The driver who tried to mow down the crowd was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. He died of his injuries around 8 p.m. Monday and was identified as Michael Avery, law enforcement sources told The Post. The incident is being investigated as possible domestic terrorism.

Avery, from Syracuse, had rented a hotel room in Rochester, where police conducted a search and recovered a suicide note and journal, according to law enforcement sources. Investigators are reviewing the journal for any clues into the attack and have interviewed family members who said they believed the suspect had bipolar depression, though he was never officially diagnosed, the sources said. Authorities are planning to conduct a search of a storage unit belonging to Avery in north Syracuse as well.

I’m sure the authorities will figure this out very quickly – and then cover it up just like they covered up the psycho transexual shooter from Nashville. Cultural rot that creates heroes and martyrs out of deviants and perverts while demonizing whites, Christians, conservatives and normal people is exactly the same as Muslims who slaughter the innocent among the aforementioned.

It’s total chaos. If it isn’t intentional (and there is ample evidence to make a very strong case that it is), it certainly is convenient cover for a junta that in every area of life and with every policy foreign and domestic has run this nation into the ground, and is on the verge of putting us at each other’s throats as the specter of what happens, or is scheduled to happen, come November looms ever larger with each passing day.

D.C.’s permanent ruling class and its Marxist globalist allies throughout the globe are dedicated to one goal: eliminating national cohesion and erecting an authoritarian and technocratic super-State in its place.

Not one institution exists to help ordinary Americans.  The Pentagon is “woke” and ineffective.  The FBI-Gestapo is singularly invested in preserving the Deep State’s power.  The Federal Reserve is using “green energy”-induced inflation to transfer as much wealth as possible from poor and middle class Americans to the uber-elite before intentionally crashing the global economy.  The Department of Homeland (in)Security is using our open and undefended borders to flood the country with foreign terrorists and soldiers.  Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and the rest of the World Economic Forum’s faculty of “Dr. Evils” continue to promise more viral pandemics, Internet outages, and electric grid failures.  The criminal “justice” system excuses violent crime as necessary to fight “white supremacy” (for Democrats, two wrongs always make a right).  An entirely partisan Department of (in)Justice continues to punish J6 protesters for accurately identifying the 2020 election as tainted by mail-in-ballot fraud (lie, cheat, steal — the Uniparty way).  And with the whole world watching, the U.S. government seeks to lock up Donald Trump before he can return to the presidency. 

As we enter 2024, there is widespread public agreement about two things: (1) something big is about to happen, and (2) whatever that something is, it sure as hell won’t be pretty!  While it may get pretty ugly pretty fast, though, there is an upside to what’s coming: as a country, we can finally pull this disgusting Band-Aid off, face reality for what it is, and stop pretending.  However bad this year might prove to be, it might also be tremendously liberating . . .

. . . for too many years, a collection of the most depressed, least curious, morally relativistic, and intellectually homogenous people on the planet have been given pampered positions in exchange for acting as nihilistic and narcotic-dependent sea vessel captains willing to steer America into an iceberg of decline and failure.  

As that iceberg approaches, Americans who have long objected to this national suicide may at last get their say.  People with little left to lose often rise, sometimes lead, but rarely obey.  Perhaps 2024 will be remembered as the year Americans finally changed course and saved themselves.

Perhaps, but yet again, the question remains HOW? How, when the instrumentalities of government, the media, academia and the culture, along with perhaps one third of the populace are aligned in lock step against Americans?

Yes, we are the Americans. The latter are the Anti-Americans. And that doesn’t even include the millions who, as the author notes, have been allowed to come here in waves, many of whom are military-age males from countries that do not exactly share our values and the ideals of Jeffersonian democracy. 

The shit is for sure going to hit the fan, if not this coming November then not long after. Maybe even before then, considering the magnitude of the events that have happened around the world and within our own borders (or what were once our borders) in the past 12 to 36 months. 48 if you count the lockdowns. 

It’s predicated on one man, Donald Trump, who like it or not has become the focal point and the scapegoat representing America/Americans and another, Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants, who is the ventriloquist’s dummy for Anti-America and the forces who have a figurative (for the moment) knife at our throats:

It’s late 2024, and democrats/Socialists/Communists are getting desperate. Maybe it’s clear Trump is going to win beyond any imaginable margin of election fraud. Maybe they realize when 140% of registered voters cast ballots nationwide, Americans are going to make the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror look like a Girl Scout picnic. Maybe all those dead voters are ready to turn state’s evidence. Either way, they’re certain they’re going to jail—or worse–and not on trumped-up political charges. It’s time for martial law!

The question is, will our military fight for Joe Biden, or whichever d/S/C wants them to imprison, torture and kill Normal Americans?  . . . 

. . . To be sure, there will be some social justice warriors that will turn traitor out of a misplaced sense of duty, or just because they want to be on what they think will be the winning side. But even now, most people in our military love America and Americans.  They’re the people buying the guns, living the American military ethic of duty, honor and country. They like Red Dawn and The Patriot. They’re not going to kill fellow Americans.  They know who America’s enemies are.

Who are the few that will? They’re the people who shrink from killing our actual enemies,  people who haven’t won a war in decades, people who can’t bring themselves to kill the demons that would gladly murder every American. They surely get excited, however, about strafing Des Moines, or nuking South Dakota. Suzie Soccer Mom and traditional Catholics are so much easier to beat than actual armies.”

The author is former military and makes some interesting and perhaps for lack of a better word “comforting” observations about what the cutting edge of the military will do when they get their marching orders. It’s cold comfort considering the nightmare scenario of even being in that situation. But the reality as it stands at least from where I sit is that this is no longer the plot of some dystopian film. The conditions here are such that it has jumped from the realm of the impossible, to the highly unlikely to something that could happen. The next two phases are the “distinct possibility” followed in short order by “quite probable.”

Here’s TuCa talking to Bongino last night:

“In the case of Trump, they started with protests, they moved to impeachment, now they’re at indictment. None of it has worked,” Carlson said. “What’s next? What is, what could possibly be next?”

“If you felt, and you really believe it, and a lot of them do, that the worst thing that could happen to the country, and more specifically, to you in the professional class is to have Donald Trump as president — and everything you have tried has failed, and they have been accelerating steps – protests, impeachment, indictment – like, how many more arrows do you have in your quiver? And what’s the next one? And of course it’s assassination,” Carlson said. . . 

. . . “People have been assassinated in this country,” Carlson said of the United States. “Far more often than we’re willing to admit.”

Carlson said he spoke to Trump about a potential assassination, but the former president “did not engage” with the subject. Carlson admitted he does not know what Trump makes of the possibility, but said Trump is “smart, so he must know that it’s true.”

“If you want to know what’s true, just look at the things that you aren’t allowed to say. You’re not allowed to say them not because they’re conspiracy theories or lies,” Carlson said. “You’re not allowed to say them precisely because they are not conspiracy theories or lies. They are true. And that is true. Period.”

As the saying goes, “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.” Look at everything that has happened, since at least the coming of Trump if not further back. Look at what the government (primarily the Democrats but for sure quite a few in the GOP) has done that has stripped away our freedoms, either via the legislature or more so the unelected bureaucracy, look at how even laws and due process have been either completely ignored or bastardized and used against any and all voices of opposition, look at how directly or indirectly, the government has used thugs, terrorists and criminals to foment a wave of anarcho-terrorism to keep us on edge and off balance. 

It is evident to all but the willfully blind that those in power will indeed stop at nothing to maintain it. The writing is on the wall. The only unknown is our reaction to it. 

Happy new year.



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