The Morning Report 2/6/24

Good morning, kids. Close on the heels of Speaker Mike Johnson hanging tough and declaring this thermonuclear bird-flip at the last minute scrap of America as founded – this border “security” bill –Mitch McChinlessChiCom has suddenly and rather shockingly hoisted the white flag.

McConnell cited the overwhelming number of Senate Republicans planning to vote against the measure either on substance or because they wanted more time, according to Punchbowl News.

The longtime Republican leader has spoken in favor of the deal and did not express any personal hesitations about the legislation to his colleagues. . . Leaked details of the secretive deal, which McConnell’s chosen Republican lead negotiator Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) and other allies denied, were confirmed Sunday upon the bill’s release. The overwhelming opposition led to McConnell altering his plan Monday night.

Even Lankford, who continued championing the deal leading up to Monday night’s Senate Republican Conference meeting, would not say after the meeting if he would vote to move forward Wednesday on the deal he negotiated, according to the Huffington Post.

A word of caution thinking McCocksucker is surrendering. Think of the many instances during WW2 in the Pacific of cornered Jap soldiers emerging from a cave with a white flag who suddenly raise their arms high – and let two live grenades drop. This is not so much a surrender as it is a tactical retreat on the part of the sputtering, bejoweled globalist fraud. 

An unrelenting push for amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens has been going on for decades. I always thought it was a minor miracle that in the waning days of the Dubya debacle, his drive for amnesty was effectively thwarted by a surprisingly effective mass public outcry. 

The Democrats obviously want this so they can have a permanent electoral majority; an insurance policy on top of the insurance policy of stealing the elections they can’t outright win, as well as the ideological garbage of destroying our culture and national identity from within. All they have to do is turn Texas blue and its really lights out forever. That’s not so farfetched a possibility as it once was.

The RINO CoC-suckers want cheap labor and don’t care about how they get it. That is until they are ultimately lined up in front of a wall by the same people they thought were the “loyal opposition across the aisle.” Fools. That mythical aisle will be erased soon after the border goes, and them along with it once we turn into the Democratic Peoples Republic of . . . not America since that word connotes white people, colonialism, imperialism and every other “ism” including the one beginning with “j.”

I assume McChao is trying to figure out who can either be bribed or threatened via the giving or withholding of campaign funding, patronage, etc. As stated yesterday, he needed 9 RINOs to end the filibuster/debate phase, and I counted 7 definites and quite a number of probables that would’ve put him over the line. But with even Skanford retreating, and my perception that they are losing the messaging/propaganda battle on this, and that Speaker Johnson has called it DOA in the House, we can at least breathe a sigh of relief. For now. 

The disaster inflicted on all of us is far and away the #1 with a bullet, pun fully intended, issue on everyone’s mind. Taylor Strumpet can flash her pierced mons veneris and endorse Biden to her heart-shaped merkin’s delight. But being thin, attractive and whiter than Maris Crane in a blizzard is not going to endear her to throngs of woke racialist BLMsters, and certainly not the majority of normal blacks and others enraged at the crime, disease and economic dislocations 8 million more foreign peasants (with more than a soupçon of military-aged male Chi-Coms and Religion of Peace peaceniks™) are adding to the current raging dumpster fire of societal dissolution.

The thing to remember is, if this bill is dead or even delayed since it is political kryptonite to the Democrats in the run-up to November, the border remains wide open and there is literally zero enforcement of who and what is coming into this country. Our citizenry continue to suffer under an intentional mass crime wave due to the handcuffing of police via non-prosecution of crime and the emptying of jails and prisons. With an open border, the pain and suffering have exploded by orders of magnitude. 

The story out of NYC of a cop getting the shit kicked out him by as it turns out four dangerous illegal alien Venezuelan gang members, and then getting set free by Alvin Bragg with no bail and no jail, then flipping the bird at reporters as they headed for parts unknown to commit more mayhem is far from a one-off. But it is emblematic of the anarcho-terrorism that has been unleashed in just the past three years, with no sign of slowing down.

The evil scumbags pulling Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants strings from the Kalorama Klown Komintern Kompound have blood on their hands. They are committing straight up treason with malice aforethought. They deserve to hang for this and I mean quite literally that. And any RINO who supports this should swing right next to them on a communal gallows.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, the Kaloramans aided and abetted by their Foggy Bottom bottom-dwelling chums have made this little development possible:

The Islamic Republic of Iran now has enough weapons grade uranium to produce a nuclear weapon within a week, according to a new report.

The Institute for Science and International Security said that the threat level with respect to Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon had entered into its “extreme danger” rating, the first time the threat level has ever gone that high, according to a report obtained by the Free Beacon.

The report said that the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program has “increased dramatically” since May 2023, in part due to the series of events that have unfolded in the wake of the Hamas’ October 7 terrorist attack on Israel.

“The volatile situation in the region is providing Iran with a unique opportunity and increased internal justification for building nuclear weapons while the United States and Israel’s resources to detect and deter Iran from succeeding are stretched thin,” the report said. “The ongoing conflicts are leading to the neglect of the Iranian nuclear threat at a time when Iran’s nuclear weapons capabilities have never been greater.”

. . . The most alarming area of concern that the report identified was the nuclear breakout time for Iran, which refers to the amount of time that it would take the country to develop a nuclear weapon given its current capabilities.

“If Iran wanted to further enrich its 60 percent enriched uranium up to 90 percent weapon-grade uranium (WGU), used in Iran’s known nuclear weapons designs from the Amad Plan, it could do so quickly,” the report said. “It can break out and produce enough weapon-grade enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon in a week, using only a fraction of its 60 percent enriched uranium. This breakout could be difficult for inspectors to detect promptly, if Iran took steps to delay inspectors’ access.”

. . . Rebeccah Heinrichs, senior fellow at Hudson Institute and the director of its Keystone Defense Initiative, highlighted how [the] notion [that] the Obama-Biden Iran nuclear [deal] was supposed to “moderate” the Iranians was a farce. 

“Instead it flushed it with cash and Iran invested in its terrorism missions and its military,” she said. “Now it’s exporting weapons across the world, driving the proxy attacks against US forces, and advancing its nuclear program. Biden’s attempts to resurrect the disastrous deal and placate the Iran regime by waiving sanctions has resulted in a more capable, violent, and defiant regime.”

Four years ago, Iran was on the ropes thanks to the policies of President Trump. Four years later, Iran is perhaps weeks or even days away now of a nuclear breakout. And Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants has to both pretend to confront Iran over its de facto blockade of the Suez Canal/Red Sea trade route and attacks on our troops in the region while fellating the mullahs because they are doing all they can to make them the regional power in the Middle East. Israel be damned. Literally.

Israel has vowed that Iran will never be allowed to possess nuclear weapons. So is Biden going to have to assist Israel (along with the Saudis and GCC) in a potential first strike, especially now that he’s been forced to militarily confront them in retaliation for killing US servicemen (which is funny since he or the Muslim plants all over the DoD and CIA are tipping them off either with or without his approval!), or will he tip off the Iranians should he be privy to their plans?

That might be a moot point. Remember: Venezuela is one of Iran’s closest allies. Iran for decades has caused trouble in Latin America. Think back to the terror bombing of the Buenos Aires AMIA Jewish Community Center. Turns out that none other than Qassem Soleimani, who Trump vaporized four years ago, was the mastermind behind that bombing.

In any case, with a wide open border for the past three years, Iran might decide to test the lethality of its uranium not on Tel Aviv, but somewhere here with a radiological dirty bomb.

But Trump said “pussy.”


  • “The question is: what can we do about it? Is there some way, at great cost and much turmoil, to set about shoring up the retaining wall between prosperity and destitution, between freedom and servitude, between democratic governance and centralized authority, between free markets and command economies, between the good of equality and the evil of equity, between sanity and madness? Clearly, surrender is not an option.” The Retaining Wall
  • “Lawyers are being forced to defend their livelihoods before bar associations and ethics boards — not for obvious misconduct, but after opposing Democrats.” Democrats Work to Strip All Opponents of Representation in Court
  • “Consequences await.” (The question is, for them or for us? – jjs) Why Do Western Leaders Hate Their Citizens?
  • Dennis Prager: “In 2001, following 9/11, the great black Chicago Cubs player Sammy Sosa hit a home run and ran around the bases waving a small American flag. Fifteen years later, Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the playing of the national anthem. The Left, led by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, the Democrat Party, the media, the schools and universities, had done their damage. So, now we play two ‘national anthems.’ E Pluribus Unum is dead. For the Left, another touchdown.” The Super Bowl Will Again Feature Two “National Anthems”
  • “Generally speaking, yes, it is, but when you drill down, the airlines’ escalating ‘social justice’ policies suggest that things are going to get worse, not better.” Is It Safe To Fly?


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  • “Total victory is essential because it ensures the security of Israel. Total victory is the only way in which we can ensure additional historic peace agreements, which await. Total victory will strike a mortal blow against the axis of evil: Iran, Hezbollah, the Houthis and – of course – Hamas. Therefore, there is no substitute for total victory.” (Stalingrad the fuck out of these subhuman vermin – jjs Netanyahu: Half of Hamas Killed or Wounded; 18 of 24 Battalions Destroyed
  • Robert Spencer: “The leftist/Islamic alliance, already showing signs of strain over the left’s obsession with deviant sex and transgender fantasies, could break down over this. Politico’s revelation about Biden badmouthing Netanyahu may be a calculated attempt to prevent this breakup from occurring and to reassure the leftist Israel-haters that the Biden regime is on their side. . . Benjamin Netanyahu . . . knows that he is not dealing with a friend or ally in the Oval Office, much less with a decent man.” Biden Calls Netanyahu a “Bad Fucking Guy”
  • “The former U.S. Middle East envoy continues his same old disastrous proposals.” Dennis Ross Just Can’t Stop Blaming Israel
  • “Stories like these undermine all the lies about Israel as an apartheid state.’” Israeli Arabs and Druze Fighting For Israel

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  • “Imagine what it says about the corporate media, that they spent seven years telling people Trump is a white nationalist, a fascist, a criminal, an insurrectionist, a dictator, and the American people are just tuning them out, and Trump’s lead is increasing. It says so much about how the legitimacy of these media outlets has collapsed.” Glenn Greenwald Tells Jesse Watters Dems are “Freaking Out’ Because Their “Only Strategy” Might Not Work
  • “Stephanopoulos got a soundbite he could edit to smear a Republican and then promptly cut the mic, ending any further discussion. That’s not reporting. That’s not an interview. That’s… well, that’s what you expect from a Democrat operative. . . Stephanopoulos never for one second stopped being a Democrat operative. It’s just that for the last 20 years or so, he’s done so with an imprimatur of objectivity from ABC News, which is every bit as convincing as David Gest’s brief marriage to Liza Minnelli. ” George Stephanopoulos Just Did WHAT to J.D. Vance?
  • “The only good part of CNN This Morning was the personal drama involving the three cohosts: Don Lemon, Kaitlan ‘Nurse Ratched’ Collins, and Poppy Harlow. Snits. Ego trips. Stupidity. Drama. Conflict. And, of course, because this is CNN, a nonstop avalanche of fake news, conspiracy theories, misinformation, and lies.” Doomed XiNN Cancels Failed Morning Show
  • Haley dodged giving a verdict on the Democrat bill that would send billions more U.S. tax dollars to Ukraine while allowing millions to keep illegally crossing the U.S. border. Instead, she claimed Trump was “absolutely playing politics by telling them not to do anything.” On XiNN, Tricky Nikki Haley Regurgitates McConnell’s “But Trump” Talking Points on Border Invasion Bill
  • “Back in the day only the best and brightest got to publish ideas – in books, and newspapers, and magazines – and there were gatekeepers all along the line to keep things under control.”The Curious Case of Disinformation


  • “Birth/Death assumptions” means just that. The BLS assumes that so many jobs were created or destroyed and (kind of) fixes the imaginary numbers when the real data come in. Now you know why jobs always seem to get revised downward. Seeking Alpha adds that “many believe the Household survey is a more accurate measure of employment when compared to the headline number.”No kidding. Media Lies: Those January Jobs Gains Never Happened
  • Many Americans become accustomed to this kind of Orwellian treatment, but sometimes, a politician is so thuggish and unembarrassed by his own ego, that he adds enough insult to let folks refocus on the core injury. Joe Biden just pulled off that hubristic feat by – get this – not only repeating his attempt to pretend that inflation has ended and gone into reverse, but by actually drawing more attention to the continuing price problem through his claim that grocers are at fault and are “ripping people off.” Biden Blames Grocers For High Food Costs – Demands They Lower Prices


  • “Seven Democrat members of the Energy Export Caucus signed a bipartisan Monday letter to [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden outlining their concerns with the LNG decision, which energy sector experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation will empower foreign producers while not reducing emissions. The Biden administration is pausing its approvals of new and pending proposals for LNG export terminals to consider the climate impacts of these projects, a delay which is expected to last for more than a year.”“Threatens National Security”: Even Some Democrats are Balking at Biden’s Latest Energy Decision
  • “Jane Lubchenco is barred from publishing in scientific journals following ethics violations.” (Lubchenco-Lysenko, Lysenko-Lubchenco, let’s call the whole thing off – jjs) The Brain Behind Biden’s ‘Indigenous Knowledge’ Push Is Under Sanctions From the Country’s Top Science Board
  • Michael Walsh: “In the end, all these things are related. In Joe Biden, the Left found its perfect candidate — a shuffling, shambling, lifelong hack who’s callously been dining out on the deaths of various family members for more than half a century, and one who’s wholly animated by greed, meanness and revenge — and maneuvered him into the White House, where his lifelong animus against a nation that had previously spurned him on several occasions can be freely indulged: those who denied the political genius of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., are now suffering his demented wrath.” Happy Birthday to Us, Not to Lenin
  • “Exxon Mobil keeps lawsuit against eco-activists going, Bank of America back-tracking on green investment policies, and automakers putting brakes on race into EV production.” The Tide is Turning in Favor of Saner Energy Policies
  • Robert Spencer: “With a giant umbrella the size of Argentina.” Mad Scientists Plot to Block the Sun


  • “The abuse allegedly went on for almost a year and involved McNeal molesting and taking nude photographs of the girl, as well as showing her child sexual abuse material (CSAM) during an after-school program. The abuse reportedly lasted an entire year before McNeal was arrested. On his social media profiles, McNeal also offered tutoring for children ages kindergarten through high school, as well as toddler babysitting services.” “Non-Binary” Teacher’s Aide Arrested for Child Sexual Abuse in NYC
  • Heather Mac Donald: “Gender studies comes to policing.” The Decadence of Identity Politics







  • “There is a growing consensus among conservatives and the vast majority of Republican voters that the 2024 election is a watershed moment for the United States.” The Republican Party Is Not Prepared for the 2024 Election
  • Don Jr.: “The same people that used to support DeSantis because they thought he was the guy to take out Trump so that they can have their dancing monkey in the White House – someone who needs them, who needs their dollars – they flipped over to Nikki Haley, and they’re trying to make that the last hope so that they can have that kind of control,” he said. “It’s really sad, because that’s what this is about.” Nikki Haley Leads Donald Trump in Donations – From Federal Lobbyists
  • “New Hampshire LP delegate Jeremy Kauffman said that Kennedy is ‘delusional’ if he thinks he can win the Libertarian nod. ‘He’s bad on foreign policy. He’s bad on the Federal Reserve. He’s bad on minimum wage. He’s bad on the environment. . . It’s a neat trick Kennedy performed, jumping the shark while frightening the elites. But based on everything I’ve read so far, this story is just the elites trying to frighten donors out of more of their money.”NEAT TRICK: RFK Jr Rattles the ‘Elites’ While Jumping the Shark
  • “Whoever Pres. Trump picks, it must be a Washington, D.C. outsider.” Trump’s VP Choice Must Be an Outsider
  • “[Victoria] Spartz announced just months after being reelected that she would not run for a third term in the lower chamber to spend more time at home with her family. Following a wave of GOP retirements in late 2023 and early 2024, Spartz reversed her decision and intends on filing for reelection, according to a statement from the congresswoman.” GOP Rep Reverses Decision To Retire From Congress, Will Seek Another Term
  • “The State Freedom Caucus Network spans 11 states and is comprised of more than 160 lawmakers.” Thanks To The State Freedom Caucus Network, GOP Legislatures Are Getting More Conservative


  • “The Institute for Science and International Security said that the threat level with respect to Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon had entered into its ‘extreme danger’ rating, the first time the threat level has ever gone that high, according to a report obtained by the Free Beacon.” Iran Now Has Enough Weapons Grade Uranium for a Nuclear Weapon With a Breakout Time of 1 Week: Report
  • “The U.S. struck 85 targets connected to Iran-backed militants in Iraq and Syria and the Iranian military command that oversees Tehran’s proxy operations on Friday in response to a Jan. 28 suicide drone attack that caused the first U.S. fatalities since the escalation of attacks. U.S.-backed forces confirmed an attack on Sunday at the Al-Omar oilfield in Syria on Sunday killed six Kurdish fighters, Reuters reported.” Iran-Backed Groups Attacked US Bases Three Times Since Major Counterstrikes, Killing US Allies
  • “As long as Biden refuses to strike back at Iran directly, there’s no hope of changing its behavior.” (He can’t and won’t do it – jjs) Biden’s Random Bombings
  • “Like it or not, a United States that looks weak to the world is a weak United States. Our enemies are taking note.” America Can Punch Back at Iran Without Going Back to the Middle East
  • White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said during a press briefing after the strikes on Friday that the Biden administration “did inform the Iraqi government prior to the strikes occurring.” Yet, State Department deputy spokesman Vedant Patel said during a press briefing Monday that the U.S. did not inform the Iraqi government of the strikes until after they occurred on Friday. (The left hand doesn’t know what the far-left hand is doing – jjs) Biden Junta Flip-Flops On Whether Iraq Was Warned About US Retaliatory Strikes

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  • The “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” singer died on Monday night surrounded by his family, according to an official statement shared on social media. . . Earlier this month, the “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” hitmaker opened up about his cancer battle, revealing he was first diagnosed in 2021. Country Singer Toby Keith Dead at Age 62
  • “Retired firefighter Bob Beckwith stood with President George W. Bush at Ground Zero three days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A photo of the two men became iconic, landing on the cover of Time magazine. It radiated hope and proved to the terrorists that their attack did not bring down America.” 9/11 Firefighter Who Stood With President Bush at Ground Zero Passes Away
  • “Carl Weathers, who died at 76 last week, was an entertainer who moved from drama to action to comedy with ease.” Carl Weathers Wasn’t a Great Fighter, But He Was a Great Actor

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