The Morning Report 2/12/24

Good morning, kids. If you actually watched “The Big Game” yesterday, why? It would be one thing if professional sports, like every other aspect of society, was an actual escape from the tyrants, fiends, monsters and scum who are dragging us down into a hell of their creation. But it’s not. And considering over the past five years or longer, having to endure everything from overpaid, steroid-engorged pituitary case troglodytes kneeling during the National Anthem, to a transvestite psycho squealing with glee while fisting itself with a Bud Lite can up the can, it’s anything but an escape. 

The singing of this so-called “Black National Anthem” is proof positive, as if we needed any more, that you will be made to care. The only appropriate response from the audience would’ve been boos, hisses, catcalls followed by a mass exodus from Che Stadium, or wherever the hell this bastard cousin of Wrestlemania was enacted. That and every damn white player on the field taking a knee. Wouldn’t that have been a sight to see – right before they’d have been benched by the coaches. Also, what the fuck is going on with this refugee from a Jerzy Kozinski novelknown as Taylor Strumpet?

Her career seemed to be more or less over five years ago, yet within the last couple of months she’s become bigger than the Beatles, Elvis and Slim Whitman combined in the blink of an eye. Of course, her sudden coming out on the side of the Einsatz-groupies cheering on the slaughter of Israelis and more or less endorsing Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants is merely a coincidence, right? Maybe it’s about time for Kanye West to reappear and rip the microphone from her hand, but then again, he’s completely gone off the deep end. But I digress.

Speaking of the Bovine Spongiform Encephelopath-in-Chief, about the only thing his Ed Muskie-esque crying on national TV disaster has done is exposed yet another major rift in the Left, this time among those at the head of the snake.

After he went down in flames in Thursday evening’s ill-advised and unscheduled press conference, the whole world knows (if it didn’t know already) that Old Joe Biden is not fit to be president of the United States. But like the Japanese soldier Hiroo Onoda, who refused to believe that World War II was over and held out for nearly third years in the Philippines jungle, there is one holdout who still insists that Biden is fit, competent, and ready to wreak more havoc upon the nation until Jan. 20, 2029: Rachel Maddow. . . 

. . . But aa far as Maddow and her MSNBC co-host Chris Hayes were concerned, anyone who suggested that these were just the latest signs, among a large number of others, that Biden is unable to discharge the duties of the presidency was guilty of “ageism.” That’s not quite as bad as racism in the left’s hierarchy of major sins, but as long as the people who are running the Biden regime want to keep Old Joe around as a figurehead, it’s plenty bad.

Hayes accordingly complained that concerns over Biden’s advanced age and vastly diminished competence (magnified by the fact that he was hardly an intellectual giant in the first place) were cheap shots, for there was no remedy: “If someone says, ‘You’re too far left,’ you can tack to the center, but there’s nothing you can do if someone says you’re too old.”

That was when Maddow gave us her all-purpose refutation of claims that Biden is not competent to be president: “He rides a bike.” Yes, she really said that. Is she suffering from memory issues of her own? Has she forgotten the most famous incident involving Old Joe and a bicycle? . . . the Post had the temerity to remind us that “during one sunny day in Delaware back in 2022, Biden fell off his bicycle — and social media users pounced on the opportunity to create a slew of memes spoofing the presidential pratfall.”

There isn’t anything that Biden could do that would make Maddow and Hayes and people like them go off the reservation. They’re lifers. They’re convinced and amply compensated party apparatchiks. The only thing that could get them to turn on Old Joe would be a signal from those who are really running things that the sinister old corruptocrat has outlived his usefulness. That signal hasn’t been given yet.

The only reason it hasn’t been given yet is because the Junta is walking a very fine tightrope of not wanting to admit Biden has indeed lost his mind – which as is likely the case is not a latent issue – lest it redounds badly on the ones who pimped him in the first place and worse, that his unmitigated disastrous reign as Obama’s puppet is the actual problem. The party and above all its policies/platform must be protected at all costs. 

At this point, Alejandro Mayorkas and Karine Jean-Pierre can shriek that there is no border crisis and the economy is going gangbusters all they want, but no one with even one more non-diseased brain cell than Joey knows this is an abject crock of shit. Especially since in their collective next breath, they blame Trump and the GOP for the crises they just claimed didn’t exist.

It’s all fun and games until somebody loses a nation.

. . . to summarize Hur’s report to that point, Biden’s likely defense would be that he moved classified documents into his garage while he was still Vice President, and then was so senile when he left office that he forgot all about it. This defense would be risible from a more obviously competent man, but Hur clearly believes that if Biden were actually to be put on the stand, the jury would have to believe he was just this much of a doddering old fool. Again, quote:

“We have also considered that, at trial, Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview of him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory. Based on our direct interactions with and observations of him, he is someone for whom many jurors will want to identify reasonable doubt.”

Translated in a less diplomatic way, this clearly means that under sustained questioning, Biden would come off as…well, “Sleepy Joe,” as President Trump might put it. Now ask yourself this: if a man can’t even handle questioning from a lawyer about his own behavior, how are we supposed to believe he’s actually executing the office of President of the United States? The plain words of Hur’s report indirectly confirm every single theory that conservatives have posited about Biden’s status as a mentally defective puppet for his woke, globalist staff.

It only gets worse from there, as Hur admits that Biden also likely kept notebooks and notecards full of classified information – which also makes Biden look terrible — only to go on and admit that actually, this, too, is fairly common among presidents and vice presidents, despite its being technically illegal (Hur cites Ronald Reagan’s diaries as an example). Which, naturally enough, might make you wonder: if this is such a common way that former presidents and vice presidents bend the law, then why is President Trump on trial? And Hur, bless him, anticipates this:

“With one exception, there is no record of the Department of Justice prosecuting a former president or vice president for mishandling classified documents from his own administration. The exception is former President Trump.”

. . . it’s the second reason Hur gives where his report descends into naked cynicism. “In reaching our decision, we did not consider every circumstance in which criminal charges against a former president or vice president for mishandling classified information may be warranted. But on the facts of this case, ‘the fundamental interests of society’ do not ‘require’ criminal charges against Mr. Biden.”

By implication, therefore, since Hur does not dissent from the charges against President Trump, one must conclude that according to his report, the “fundamental interests of society” do require a trial of President Trump. Or, at least, that a jury could be convinced that it does.

And here, we have to admit, Hur is actually being honest not in a funny way but in a depressingly frank way. Because once you read that line, you understand the rest of the document through entirely new eyes: That is to say, Hur’s essential argument when it comes to senility is not so much that Biden is a doddering old fool, as that a jury would believe he is.

Given that if Biden were charged for his crimes, he would likely be tried before a DC jury, this is almost certainly correct: a DC jury would likely exonerate a Democratic president even for shooting someone in the middle of Farragut Square.

But just as a DC jury would exonerate Biden no matter what, Hur is also correct that, if a prosecutor did want to convict a president for mishandling classified information, there is no easier target for a DC jury to convict than President Trump. In the eyes of a DC jury, in fact, President Trump’s prosecution would serve “the fundamental interests of society.” Therefore, reading between the lines, the real reason why Hur suggests against prosecuting Biden while excusing the persecution of Trump is simply that a prosecutor can win one case and not the other. There is no matter of legal principle involved – Biden is just as guilty as Trump. They’re coming after Trump – and his supporters — not because the law requires it, but simply because they can. Because to a DC jury, conservatives and threats to the Swamp’s gravy train have no rights which the constitution is bound to respect.

So, is Robert Hur a duplicitous scumbag a la James Comey with his “no reasonable prosecutor” vomitus regarding the overwhelmingly provably guilty on multiple mass counts of fraud and perhaps treasonous Hillary Clinton for her illegal server farms? Or is Hur being pragmatic, as the author seems to suggest by issuing a report that in essence not only indicts Biden but the now completely corrupt justice system? 

Comey’s bullshit report was an obviously naked, ham-fisted attempt to clear Clinton of any wrongdoing just before an election. The Dems could make the case that what Hur did is exactly the same thing. But for the most part, they’re not. They can’t because he is indeed guilty or at least in a fair and sane world be charged with the crimes that Hur elucidates. So, all they can do is bang their Khrushchev clown shoe on the MSNSDAP stage set as loud as they can in faux outrage. 

Except, if he really is as sharp as a razor, then shouldn’t he have to face the music? Obviously that’s a loaded question given the abject corruption from top to bottom that is our government and judicial system.

Need further proof, here is probably an even more disgusting story that is otherwise getting lost in the sauce:

The headlines say Michael Mann has won his defamation case and was awarded one million dollars in punitive damages. This suggests that the jury found he did not manipulate the data in his hockey stick graph which asserts that global warming is anthropogenic—that is, caused by man— is so frequently cited by “climate change” proponents. That’s not quite the whole story.

The jury seems to have focused on the fact that the writers compared his work to another Penn State employee who had engaged in child molestation which the university had covered up. The defamation the jury found was not in the critique of his research and the amount awarded seems unlikely to be received, but in the language used.

Some have questioned why this case even went to trial; after all there’s nothing inherently defamatory about questioning a scientist’s findings. That’s a feature of good science: the ability to dispute and make the proponent of an issue defend his work. And certainly the First Amendment doesn’t bar criticism, even of the work of those currently in favor.  The answer, sadly, is this is the District of Columbia where judges seem to have lost their way once again. . . 

. . . Awarded the sum of one dollar in compensatory damages, Mann couldn’t point to any real injury. But the D.C. jury found that the pair made their statements with “maliciousness, spite, ill will, vengeance or deliberate intent to harm,” and on that basis awarded punitive damages of one thousand dollars from Simberg and one million dollars from Steyn. 

The punitive damages, however, seems to be contrary to the Supreme Court ruling in State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. v. Campbell, which held that the due process clause generally limits punitive damage awards to less than ten times the size of the compensatory damages awarded and that punitive damage awards of four times the compensatory damage award is “close to the line of constitutional impropriety.” On his own, the judge could enter a judgment notwithstanding verdict to align the award with the State Farm ruling. In any event, the defendants have expressed an intent to appeal.

As we mentioned on the latest episode of the podcast, compensatory damages cannot exceed 10 times the amount of the punitive fine. But the judge clacked his gavel down without blinking when the jury came back and awarded the fraudster Mann one million times that amount? 

I imagine by the time the appeal gets to SCOTUS, the entire bench will likely be chock full o’ Maoists. Remember, people like Steyn, Trump, the J-6 political prisoners aren’t being tried. “They’re being disposed of,” as Dr. Zaius would say.

It is a madhouse.


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