The Morning Rant


Fani Willis and her use of taxpayer’s money as a personal slush fund for sexcapades and Caribbean cruises, and then claiming racism when caught, is just the latest example of a shameless society that has lost much of its sense of morality, responsibility, correct behavior, and simple honor.

Drooling Joe Biden hysterically blames Trump for the current border crisis, and the bald-heading freak in charge of the Department of Homeland Security refuses to take responsibility for the catastrophe for which he has personal control.

Merrick Garland sends SWAT teams to arrest abortion clinic protestors who have already offered to surrender themselves, then fails to take responsibility for his decision…blaming procedures, and the safety of officers!

Boeing builds planes that can’t fly without complex software, then screws up the coding. Then they simply fail to build those same planes correctly, but the CEO who is responsible for the continued decline of a famed company chugs along and blames others for his failure, while enjoying his $22,400,000 salary.

Norfolk Southern ran trains that were unsafe, and decimated East Palestine PA. The federal government regulators failed to do their jobs, and the emergency response was pathetic. Yet no one was held accountable!

The FIU bridge collapse was a colossal engineering and construction screw-up, but the company responsible just keeps on truckin’, leveraging political clout to cover up its failures. Broward County Awards $29 Million Contract to Builder Behind FIU Bridge Collapse sounds like a joke, but it isn’t.

I could spend the rest of my life listing recent failures that caused real pain and suffering. And next to each event there will be a name or a company that avoided the simple response that we all know to be correct.

Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.

— Mark Twain

America does not demand perfection, but until recently we did demand responsibility for one’s actions, and a clear and unequivocal acceptance of the results of those actions. We have moved far away from that simple requirement, and whether that is cause or effect of our current existential issues is a distinction without a difference.

As a friend pointed out, we do not expect ritual suicide over a cost overrun building a widget, but we do desire a society in which the default is not avoiding all responsibility in a fanatical attempt to retain power and prestige and wealth. The word “honor” has lost its power, and is used too often in the breach.

Can we blame the progressive movement and the slide toward socialism as the root cause? No…there are too many examples of this degradation across the political spectrum. Apparently, “Yes, this is my fault” is no longer a part of American speech! It has been replaced with a smug arrogance that every action by our elites is, a priori, perfect.

But they aren’t, and until the American people no longer accept the arrant nonsense that all decisions made above a certain level are beyond reproach, we will continue to slide down into mediocrity…or worse. We have to hold them accountable until they are replaced by people who, with prodding, hold themselves accountable.

That’s a sea change in our current culture that will not occur without pain, but do we have a choice?