The Morning Report 2/20/24

Good morning, kids. Yesterday, it went almost without notice that the man behind the Golden EIB microphone, Rush Hudson Limbaugh has been gone from the scene for three years. He was the manifestation of that classic Apple “1984” commercial from 40 years ago of the person hurling a hammer into the video monitor of the dictator speaking to the mind-numbed masses – and nothing was ever the same again. 

The fatal delusion of the left is their belief that Rush Limbaugh was some sort of shock-jock entertainer who told us what to think and we parroted him. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Rush Limbaugh merely(!!) articulated what all of us individually were thinking. At a bare minimum, if we weren’t consciously aware of the details of how things were going on behind the scenes, he confirmed the feeling that many of us thought that something indeed was rotten in the state of Denmark. That America as it was founded, as we had been taught it functioned or was supposed to function, the two-party system and all of that was a lie.

Thankfully, because President Reagan was able to do away with the muzzling effects of the equal time regulations of the FCC unleashed the first massive challenge to the media-industrial-propaganda complex with talk radio. And the rest as they say is indeed history.

If the media landscape had not changed with talk radio and then the internet, the narrative, or as Rush described it “the daily soap opera” would go on as it had as before. The only reason we are “polarized” as the Left claims (and we are) is because we have access to actual facts and information that challenges the narrative of the junta in power. As more and more of the grift and sham has been exposed, the more desperate and overt the shots across the bow, and in many instances, right in our faces have become. 

Any sense of proportion or even the minimum recognition of ethics or a line that people dare not cross to maintain and increase their vise-grip on power is long gone. 

AM radio still remains the sounding board, megaphone and rallying point for a vast audience that to say the least, are not on board with the Democrat Left. The fact that AM radios were discontinued or are on track to be discontinued in new model automobiles can only be for one reason. 

When Soros first came after Radio Mambi, some Republican legislators, including Sen. Tom Cotton, Sen. Marco Rubio, and others turned to the FCC, warning that, “far-left ideologues are attempting to consolidate and expand their control over the media, so they can flood the airwaves with propaganda” and asking the federal agency to step in and take action.

That did not happen and nor should anyone expect the FCC to stop Soros now, but the company filed for Chapter 11 in the Southern District of Texas. And while the NRA and Trump already discovered the dangerous powers that state prosecutors have over organizations doing business or even registered in a blue state, there’s no reason the reverse can’t be true.

Audacy’s rapid bankruptcy deal that will make Soros into the company’s biggest shareholder can be examined by state officials including regulators and prosecutors like Attorney General Ken Paxton. Audacy’s reach includes Texas where it has at least one conservative talk radio station, KJCE which, along with local talent, broadcasts Sean Hannity, Dana Loesch and Frontlines of Freedom, and local officials can determine whether the bankruptcy deal and the subsequent Soros takeover will impact the Texas market and viewpoint diversity.

Instead of a rapid bankruptcy followed by a fast takeover, Texas state officials have a duty to thoroughly scrutinize the parameters of the agreement, its local impact and any issues that may arise from the new role of the Soros organization and what its management role may be.

Part of the agreement involves the appointment of a new board of directors. At Radio Mambi, the Soros people brought in Democratic Party operatives in a leadership role. Does Soros have similar plans for Audacy? Who will be on the proposed board of directors? Did George Soros personally play any role in the move by the Soros Management Fund?

The company has signaled that major cuts will be as part of its reorganization. Will those cuts be politically neutral or will they single out conservative employees and the conservative side of the business? Will this reorganization which is officially meant to deal with the debt load really be used as cover for a purge of the political opposition by a major funder of the ruling party.

These are worrisome questions.

When NPR radio stations began turning into conservative talk radio, the media and Democrat legislators quickly mobilized to fight against the transformation. The question is whether Republicans intend to allow George Soros to crush conservative radio without a fight.

One of the shocking truths that Rush Limbaugh, PBUH, made us realize is that Republican does not ipso facto mean conservative. Remember, the GOPe hates us, Trump and the MAGA movement every bit as the Left because in point of fact they are part and parcel of the hypocrisy we were awakened to starting all those years ago.



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  • The evidence suggests hiding evidence, implying obstruction and consciousness of guilt. Hur knowingly pulled punches, burying the tableau in the depths of his report, as if there were nothing to see. He made no searching inquiry of Moore or other witnesses about the contents of 49 of 53 total boxes, while White House officials claim, like Sergeant Schultz, to know nothing, and Moore says nothing, about key issues. We should all keep these thoughts in mind as we continue to witness Trump’s prosecution for hiding presidential records, exactly what Biden seemed to have done. We should also be mindful that Hur’s whitewashed report, closely examined, corroborates the belief that there is a two-tiered, partisan system of justice under the leadership of Biden and Merrick Garland, a true affront to democracy.How Hur’s Report Hid Biden’s Obstruction
  • Americore now faces criminal proceedings for Medicare fraud totaling around $100 million. One suspect has already pleaded guilty to receiving kickbacks, with Joe Biden turning out to be critical to establishing Jim Biden within Americore. His biography boasted he was “the closest personal advisor to his brother.” Jim Biden Used Brother Joe to Promote Hospital Chain That Collapsed Amid $100 Million Medicare Fraud Scandal.
  • “The Left’s embarrassing efforts to save Biden’s image.” But Trump Has Dementia Too! 


  • “Critics have noted that Trump is the only person ever to be sued under an obscure New York fraud statute that does not require any harm be done, and that effectively criminalizes the everyday practice of real estate valuations in negotiations with banks.” Trump Must Pay Half a Billion Dollars Before He Can Appeal New York Decision
  • “The very same freedom fighters are cheering on a legal apparatus that from stem to stern, ignores the rule of law and creates whatever it wants to ensnare the populist candidate and keep Biden—or whatever they replace him with—on the throne. There are major differences between Trump and Navalny but the overlap is they both took on the establishment, sweeping government corruption, and advocated for reforms. This is precisely why both are punished by rulers in regimes hostile to freedom.” Democrats are Trying to Send Trump the Way of Alexei Navalny
  • “Rough politics has given way to the political weaponization of prosecutors’ offices. The price of living in and doing business in New York should not be that you have to be politically obedient.” Get Out of New York, If You Can
  • “[P]residential politics will be permanently altered if a… State’s legal system can be used in this way,” Calabresi writes. “This case raises a national issue of profound importance,” he says. “If the New York State appellate courts do not address it, the U.S. Supreme Court MUST!” FedSoc Founder: Trump NY Case A Travesty On Par With Killing of Hamilton
  • “And what’s really insidious about this, is that there’s another provision in New York law that requires Trump to pony up the full amount or to get a bond for that amount just to appeal this decision. So it’s a sort of a perverse incentive for figures like this judge, he made this so large that it could force Trump to liquidate assets in New York just to be able to get other judges to look at this. So it’s a grossly unfair situation and I expect a lot of businesses are very uneasy after watching this unfold.” Turley Lays Out ‘Insidious’ Part About Trump Ruling
  • Jeffrey Lord: “A boycott of New York City.” Truckers Target Trump-Hating New York Judge
  • Cheney, daughter of Iraq War criminal Dick Cheney, also urged Speaker Mike Johnson to pass a massive new aid package to fund Volodymyr Zelensky’s government and armed forces in Ukraine, even if it means throwing away the Speakership. War Criminal’s Daughter Says Trump Could Kill Political Opponents Like “Putin Did to Navalny”





  • “No matter what the “experts” might tell you, it’s impossible to build prosperity on a quicksand foundation of debt and inflation. Robert Heinlein had a handy acronym to help you dispel nonsense notions such as those: TANSTAAFL. There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch and it’s the economist’s job to remind people of that — especially our elected officials — at every opportunity.” What the Hell Do We Need Economists for When They’re THIS Wrong?
  • “House Republicans must rise to the occasion, truly put America and Americans first, and disregard the will of Washington, D.C.’s uniparty.” To Solve Inflation, Heed the Founding Fathers’ Advice


  • “Facing severe unpopularity, Biden is now looking to slow down the EV mandates while not actually pulling them off the books altogether, according to the New York Times.” Report: Joe Biden Pumping Brakes on Electric Vehicle Mandates Before 2024 Election
  • “It’s scary right now with the whole electric push,” Nelson Westrick, an autoworker at the Ford plant north of Detroit in Sterling Heights, Michigan, told the NYT. “This electric stuff is going to kill, just kill, thousands and thousands of jobs.” “It’s Scary Right Now”: Autoworkers Worried Biden’s Electric Vehicle Push Could Kill “Thousands of Jobs”
  • “Never mind the social tyranny the state has attempted to impose, such as strict vaccine mandates, legal sanctions for anyone who dissents from transgender ideology or uses the wrong pronoun, and attempted legal penalties for any physicians who dissent from official Covid ideology. Stick with just economics.” California: North Korea of the USA
  • If Americans thought that John Podesta’s anti-freedom career – ranging from his ties to the 1972 presidential campaign of leftist George McGovern, to his work with brother, Tony, co-founding of a leftist DC lobbying firm, to his work as Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, to his “chairmanship” of the Hillary Clinton presidential run, to his founding of the leftist, government-connected, smear-monster “Center for American Progress” – was not sufficiently antithetical to their rights and savings, the latest revelation about the man and his new position replacing “Climate Czar” John Kerry might just do the trick. New ‘Climate Czar’ Podesta’s Brother May Benefit From Biden’s Gas ‘Pause’
  • “With the flick of the President’s pen, the Proclamation has exposed him to severe regulatory burdens and the threat of criminal penalties for engaging in everyday conduct on his Ranch,” the lawsuit filed on Heaton’s behalf said. (But the Chi-Coms get to buy up millions of acres of farmland near our military bases is totes kosher, right? – jjs) ‘I Would Love To See The Monument Go Away’: Rancher Suing Biden Over Arizona Land Grab Sounds Off




  • “San Francisco’s move to permit non-citizens on city boards, commissions, and advisory bodies follows a 2020 voter-approved measure that eliminated citizenship requirements. The city’s systems allow each of its seven members to be selected by different city officials, such as the mayor, city attorney, or district attorney. The Board of Supervisors unanimously endorsed Wong’s appointment.” San Francisco Admits First Non-Citizen to Elections Board




  • “When the left says Putin killed a political opponent in order to subvert democracy, you should start wondering what they have in store for Donald Trump and his supporters here at home.” Navalny’s Death and Western Hypocrisy









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  1. JJ, you might remember me as I’d asked before how, The Economy, Stupid section of the morning report can become more informative to readers of AOSHQ. I believe most folks don’t understand the true nature of how our economy works and is headed for disaster. Most people don’t even understand how our economy works. (or doesn’t work actually) Education and understanding are critical now more than ever.
    there are many people out there with vast knowledge of this that you’ll never see on TV or other so-called mainstream print media or websites. Our economy is a rigged and corrupt system.
    I further believe readers here and on AOSHQ should learn about Bitcoin. Including you if you’re not already. Once people begin to understand and learn how insane our monetary system is, the more bitcoin will make sense to them.
    There are books and other websites readers here and on AOSHQ can begin to learn more about the true economy and bitcoin.
    The first thing I’d like to recommend is a book titled: The Creature From Jekyll Island. Although this book isn’t about Bitcoin but the Federal Reserve System, and how our economy is a fake, sham, and rip-off. If you’d like for me to offer other books or web links I’d be happy to try my best to assist you.
    Best Wishes.

  2. Guillermo:

    I link whatever I find. I don’t know why you don’t seem to want to accept that. If there’s a story about bitcoin, I’ll link it. If not, I won’t.


  3. I think that Rush was a coward. He once pointed out the jewish issue in America and was bitch slapped into silence.

    I had hoped that before he died he would address the fact that we live under jewish tyranny but as I have pointed out earlier he was a coward.

    You cannot understand the problem we face without addressing jewish power in America. I have not read much from you so I don’t know if you too are a coward….

  4. Jimmy…welcome to CJN. You seem to be operating under a misconception that there is a “Jewish Problem” in America. But in the spirit of consistency perhaps you should boycott Jews and their products, achievements, companies, etc., including CJN, which is owned by a couple of those tyrannical Jews.

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