The Morning Report 2/26/24

Good morning, kids. So, Tricky Nikki Haley got absolutely destroyed by Donald Trump in her own home state of South Carolina – after getting trounced in Nevada where she literally came in second to none and in New Hampshire before that. And yet, like extraterrestrial-strength crotch-rot, she persists. Why? Because raging egomania has made her lose her mind or she’s being financed to the tune of millions by forces who are out to sabotage Trump’s inevitable campaign against Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants and/or the player to be named later that will replace him once his notochord completely melts on live TV. Meh; embrace the power of “and” as the saying goes around these parts.

Trump is inevitable. He is going to be the nominee. And given what Biden and the Kalorama Klown Komintern have done to this country over the past three years, there is no way in hell in a fair election that Trump doesn’t wipe the floor with the Dems in as close to a landslide as we can get given the nature of electoral politics, demographics and hinky shenanigans that go with how elections are run in the big blue states. Of course, there is also the massive persecution via kangaroo court prosecutions that will no doubt play some part as to whether he is actually sworn in in a little less than 11 months from now, or not. 

Funny how the Democrats and the remora RINOs did everything they could to establish a narrative of January 6th, 2021 as the day that was worse than the Civil War, Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined, insofar as Trump and his MAGA minions supposedly attempted to thwart Congress’ certification of the Electoral College’s vote via an “insurrection.” I guess they mean something like this, no?

Numerous House Democrats have signaled that they would not certify a 2024 presidential election win from Donald Trump, relying on the 14th Amendment to claim Trump is an insurrectionist and thus ineligible from holding office.

Democrats including Reps. James Clyburn (SC), Jamie Raskin (MD), Adam Schiff (CA), Eric Swalwell (CA), and even House Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies refused to say that they would confirm Trump to office if he won the 2024 election.

As [baseball cuck] Dan McLaughlin explained at National Review, Democrats could have the votes to sustain an objection to a Trump win if they take control of the House. “Only a simple majority is required, and unlike when the House chooses a president under the Twelfth Amendment, they don’t vote by states,” he wrote. “Unlike in 2016 or 2004, when they were in the minority, House Democrats could be playing with live ammunition.”

Still, a majority of senators would have to object to a Trump win, too. This would likely take 51 senators, and as McLaughlin pointed out, this would be a tough task for Democrats: They “either have to hold every seat they currently occupy (good luck in West Virginia), or take a Republican-held seat (the bluest of which is either Ted Cruz’s in Texas or Rick Scott’s in Florida),” he said.

The arguments, so far, have bode well for Trump. Nearly every single justice, including the liberal ones, seemed exceedingly uncomfortable with siding with Colorado based on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Notably, that provision was enacted immediately following the Civil War in an effort to keep anyone who engaged in an “insurrection” from holding office.

The whole thing is ridiculous but like everything else we have witnessed not just with Trump but every other aspect of our society and culture, the more ridiculous it is, the harder and faster the attempt to ram it down our throats. And at this point, I think it’s safe to say that it’s being vomited back up with the force of a fire hose, most especially when it comes to the issue of the wide open border – wide open because it has been intentionally erased by the Biden junta to the point where over 8 million and counting unvetted foreigners have flooded into the country. And that “spark of Divinity” that Malig-Nancy Pelosi used to describe these people is burning down the house. Of course, we are the ones that are the bad guys for noticing it:

On February 22, [Laken] Riley went for a morning jog along the University of Georgia’s campus in Athens, where she had transferred from in 2023. When she did not return, her roommate called the police who started a search for Riley.

Riley graduated from the University of Georgia and had started nursing school at Augusta University’s Athens campus. Riley had been an avid runner since her time in high school when she ran cross country in Woodstock, Georgia.

Only hours after Riley left for her morning run, her body was found in a wooded area near Lake Herrick. Police said Riley’s body showed visible injuries. The following day, police arrested 26-year-old Jose Antonio Ibarra, an illegal alien from Venezuela.

Ibarra first crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in September 2022. As part of President Joe Biden’s expansive Catch and Release network, where millions have been released, Ibarra was freed into the U.S. interior with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials citing a lack of detention space to keep him locked up.

According to DHS sources, Ibarra should have been deported from the U.S. in September 2023 when he was arrested in Queens, New York, for injuring a child under the age of 17. Instead, thanks to the city’s sanctuary policy, Ibarra was released from jail rather than being turned over to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

Ibarra is now charged with Riley’s kidnapping and murder as well as aggravated battery, aggravated assault, hindering a 911 call, and concealing the death of a person.

The article notes this woman is only the latest in a series of young women that were or at least should’ve been symbols for the absolute criminal evil that is open borders and non-existent immigration policy including Mollie Tibbets, Kate Steinle and Kayla Hamilton. You can add to that the scores of robberies, rapes, murders, fraud and other crimes committed against American citizens across the country going back years if not decades. I don’t have the statistic in front of me but supposedly something like one third or maybe closer to 40% of all violent criminals that are now incarcerated (in spite of Soros DA attempts otherwise) are illegal alien foreign nationals. That is insane. Yet it is intentional. This is horrible enough, but the moral equivalent of a mass chemical terror attack is taking place that in my view is an act of war.

China’s involvement in the fentanyl crisis “can be found in every stage of the poison’s spread in North America,” bestselling investigative journalist Peter Schweizer explains in an excerpt from his new book Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans. . . 

. . . “While we debate domestic politics to address the fentanyl crisis, the reality is that Beijing is deeply involved at every stage of the drug’s production and distribution in the United States,” Schweizer writes, noting that in 2019 the U.S. Department of Homeland Security asked for fentanyl to be classified as a “weapon of mass destruction.”

China’s production of the precursor chemicals necessary to make fentanyl is well known, but Schweizer’s book reveals the communist regime’s involvement in the full production, distribution, and even financing of the drug’s trafficking in North America. . . Schweizer’s findings reveal the close relationship between Chinese organized crime syndicates, or triads, and Mexican drug cartels, as well as the role of Chinese banks in helping to launder the money from the drug trade.

As I said, this is an act of war that has killed to this point thousands if not tens of thousands of American citizens. Yet this never would have happened, or certainly nowhere near the extent that it is happening, if we had something approaching a southern border that was fully protected and guarded along with ports of entry where this poison could not get in. But we don’t. And while we can certainly blame the Chi-Coms and the Mexican drug lords, for their part in this, the lynchpin that makes this all possible is the intentional criminal behavior of Biden and his puppet masters. An ocean of American blood is on their hands in all of this.

. . . elected Democrats in Congress are admitting that a primary reason for allowing illegal immigrants into our nation is the need for more bodies, in their districts, to offset those who are fleeing many blue states. Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY) is one such example. “I need more people in my district just for redistricting purposes.”

Consider: The current population of the USA (about 340 million) is represented in Congress by 435 representatives, which equates to about 780,000 people per district. The 8-10 million ‘asylum’ seekers then would represent the equivalent of 10-13 Congressional districts being settled into the country.

If Democrats continue their open border policies, as they desire to do, then we can fully expect that the number of illegals allowed in will far exceed the 8-10 million we have seen in the last three years. Imagine that occurring for four or eight more years. . . 

. . . In the next census, with population being counted, not citizens, those illegal immigrants are going to help determine the allocation and alignment of congressional districts in the House of Representatives. The states listed above are either blue states or states that are shifting from red to purple. Given enough time and a continued open border policy, the purple states could continue shifting in the blue direction.

So . . . 

1 – Construct a vast welfare state that both keeps the poor and indigent beholden to your party for their daily existence, while at the same time causing a de facto genocidal extinction of their numbers,
2 – Open the borders and replace wiped out former constituencies with millions of new ones to form a new, massive, dependent, illiterate underclass,
3 – ???
4 – Profit!

For sure, this is now what more and more American Blacks and Latinos are seeing and they’re none too happy about it. Whether that anger is based on having their handouts from Uncle Sugar now going to the hordes pouring in from over the border, or hopefully seeing them as actual threats to their lives and livelihoods as honest citizens fed up with the lies of “racism,” “white supremacy,” “capitalism” and all the other toxic bromides of the Left remains to be seen. But the anger is there and it is real. And it is scaring the Democrats shitless.

In a not unrelated note, that fear is spilling over into other segments of usually solid Democrat constituencies that could have a serious impact come this November:

In America, though, by the 1930s, Jews had made the same journey that blacks did, finding what they thought was their permanent political home with the Democrats. The Republican party was seen as the party of antisemitism and, especially after WWII, Democrats played on that visceral fear. . . 

. . . American Jewish fealty to Democrats was strengthened over the generations by the Jewish fealty to college degrees. Jewish immigrants have always had a reverence for education, and they soon realized that a degree was the way for their children to get out of the urban ghettos in which they found themselves after coming to America. At least since the 1960s, colleges have been indoctrinating graduates into believing that the Democrat party is good and the Republican party evil. This has reinforced Jewish loyalty to the Democrats.

And boy, has this loyalty been strong. In 2008, 78% of Jews voted for Obama; in 2016, 71% voted for Hillary; and in 2020, 77% of Jews voted for Biden.

However, things are changing, and they’re changing very rapidly. On October 7, 2023, Hamas—aided by UNRWA (a subdivision of the UN that Jews stupidly love so much given its institutional anti-Israel bias)—raided Israel, slaughtering almost 1,200 civilians and kidnapping 250 more (of whom many are now dead). In addition, it engaged in the most nauseating, heinous sexual warfare against Israeli women. The sexual violence is almost incomprehensible to the modern mind. It was remarkably similar in flavor to the 1937 Rape of Nanking. . . 

. . . If Jews were as smart as their reputations, 100% of them would support Donald Trump. Unfortunately, it’s hard to shake off generations of leftism, which is why you have the Anti-Defamation League obsessed with not offending LGBTQ+ people rather than defending Israel or “Jews for Justice for Palestinians,” whose members enthusiastically support their would-be murderers (here’s a great photo of some of those delusional morons).

Nevertheless, there are signs that Jews are finally wising up. Exhibit A is what’s happening in New York. As of now, 53% of New York’s Jews plan to vote for Trump:

The latest polls demonstrate a shift in the New York Jewish vote that is a “clear trend, long in the making,” Sam Markstein, national political director for the Republican Jewish Coalition, wrote on X.

The same article points out that this swing isn’t going to put Trump in the White House, but I still think it’s noteworthy. As I pointed out yesterday, New York’s Jews aren’t the only Jews viewing their beloved party with a newly jaundiced eye.

There are some that think certain things, like politics, are immutable. But as we have seen, times change and people change. Usually they are at a glacial pace but that is not the case today. Events are moving rapidly, mostly as a result of the media losing its once formidable and iron grip on the narrative more and more every day, as more and more people are believing their own lying eyes as opposed to the lying bastards at the NY Times and MSNSDAP.

A sea change is happening if it hasn’t happened already. The abject catastrophe that is America in 2024 is more and more being seen as the fault of the anti-American Left and their globalist stooge RINO flunky confederates. 

Whatever happens this coming November – good, bad and likely quite ugly – things will not go on as before. They just cannot.



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  • Larry Elder: “Aunt Maggie can no longer drive herself and she now walks with a cane. She added additional home security while Moore was at large, not knowing what he might do given that he had her address. Shattered, she says, ‘I feel as if something, someone is waiting to do the same thing that Mr. Moore did.’” Crime Hits Home






* * * * *

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  • So it’s already clear that much of Haley’s 39.5 percent did not solely come from Republicans disaffected by Trump. Some folks have already done the fast math. Institutionally, Haley’s overt efforts in turning out Democrats to “damage” Trump were aided by groups like Primary Pivot – an organization staffed by ‘Never Trump Inc’ operatives from groups like the Lincoln Project, and conceived by an Obama-era USAID operative called Kenneth Schleffler.40% of Republicans Didn’t Vote Against Trump in South Carolina – Obama Operatives Used Democrat Voters to Boost Her
  • “These things are causes of major concerns for black voters like it is for every voter in our country,” he added. “But then when you layer on the fact that, yes, this is political persecution from the Department of Justice and from radical DAs throughout our country, this is something similar that black people had to deal with with the justice system themselves. And so their look of it is real simple: ‘Well, dang, if the government’s going after him with foolishness, he can’t be that bad.’ Especially considering the fact that Joe Biden is terrible at his job.” Byron Donalds Defends Trump Over Comment About Black People, Rejects ‘Racial Politics’
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  • “Former President Trump has seen a resurgence in support among women and college-educated voters as the 2024 general election cycle kicks off in the United States. A vast majority of recent polling shows him leading incumbent [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden among those likely to vote in the November election.” STUDY: Women More Likely to Vote Trump During Most Fertile Point of Menstrual Cycle


  • “In a departure from Kyiv’s tight-lipped stance on revealing casualty figures, President Zelensky for the first time has given a tally of how many soldiers have been killed by the Russians since the 2022 invasion.” Zelensky Claims Just 31,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Have Died During Past Two Years of War With Russia
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  • “I know Ukraine is corrupt. There is no nation in the post-Communist space that isn’t corrupt. Trust me. My family is from the region, and I lived there for 15 years after the Berlin Wall fell. And Zelensky isn’t exactly helping his situation by postponing elections until the Spring. (Which, by the way, is not unheard of in a nation under martial law fighting for its very existence). But being run by a corrupt elite isn’t a justification for another nation invading your territory. The Biden regime is perhaps the most corrupt government America has ever had, does that mean Chinese tanks should be allowed to roll down Pennsylvania Avenue? Hardly.” Sebastian Gorka Op-Ed: “The Case For Ukraine”







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