The Morning Rant


The hordes pouring across our borders are looters and thieves…coming here for no other reason than personal gain at our expense. They are criminals; that is their nature, and we should expect nothing more from them. We certainly cannot expect respect for our traditions and our history. We cannot expect love of country or any sense of community larger than their tribes, since they are here to take, not to give; to destroy, not to build. And those who who have been dispatched to our shores by the evil players of the world are simply doing what they believe. Should we combat them? Yes. Should we reserve our hate for them? No…they are a symptom, not the cause.

Our vitriol should be reserved for those who have made this invasion possible: our “elite” political class that is happy to facilitate the destruction of traditional American society and culture for their short-term financial gain and their limitless, fanatical drive for personal power. And perhaps worse…the people who do not have any coherent political philosophy, and are vested in the false god of bipartisanship and collegiality and reaching across the aisle simply operate out of cowardice. They know that they have no courage of their convictions, because they have no convictions!

Why I Hate These People

I hate the people who allow our country to be taken advantage of by violent scum who should never have been here. I hate the people who are too weak and too soft to protect their fellow citizens after being elected to do so.

Truth be told, I hate them even more than I hate the terrorists, extremists and foreign criminals who take advantage of them and (because of them) of us.

Because the terrorists, extremists and criminals are what they are. I expect them to murder, rape and maim. But these people, whom we elected to protect us, know what’s going on and are just too pathetic and cowardly to do anything about it.

A plague on all their houses.

Our political class has betrayed us in the most fundamental way. They have failed to protect — both physically and philosophically — the structure of our nation. They have caused an erosion of the foundations of our political philosophy by diluting it with an invasion of foreigners bringing ideas that are anathema to the concepts that created America. They have actively pursued open borders that have resulted in a catastrophic drain on our financial resources, concurrent with a catastrophic increase in criminal and other anti-social behavior.

They are the ones to hate…to despise…to spit upon in the street. They are deserving of our hate, our contempt, our anger, and most of all, our dogged pursuit of their political destruction. And if there is justice in the world; imprisonment for their crimes.

Yes…crimes. They violate their oaths of office, they benefit financially from their disloyalty, and they break the law of the land by opening our borders. Those are crimes worse than what the invaders bring!

[Hat Tip: TC]