The Morning Report 2/29/24

Good morning, kids. Happy Leap Year. Want to know what desperation smells like? If a hack-in-black from Cook County, IL – arguably one of, if not the most corrupt counties and states in the nation that is infamous for the routine rigging of elections – moves to take Trump off the ballot . . . 

Remember. This is Crook County. Home of the Daley Machine that coined the phrase “Vote early and often.” Where dead people continue to constitute a significant percentage of registered Democrat voters cycle after cycle. If they have to resort to pulling this kind of stunt, that’s desperation. It’s also disgusting in the extreme but that goes without saying. Papa Doc Duvalier just took a break from being spit-roasted by Pazuzu and Eva Peron with a strap-on to point his finger up at us from the depths of Hell and laugh.

Cook County Judge Tracie Porter issued a ruling Wednesday evening disqualifying Trump from the March 19 Republican primary and the Nov. 5 general election ballots, citing the 14th Amendment’s “insurrection clause.” The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Feb. 8 on Trump’s appeal of the Colorado Supreme Court’s Dec. 19 ruling disqualifying him.

“The arrogance of this is appalling, and waiting until this late in the day to do it, giving the president, the former president just until Friday to file an appeal to the Supreme Court. It is already Wednesday, and then to say at the end of it, she issues an order that says my ruling will be further stayed if the U.S. Supreme Court enters an opinion inconsistent with this order,” Wisenberg told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. “Well, guess what? If they do what most people think they’re going to do, they’re going to enter an opinion that makes it impossible for Illinois to take him off the ballot. So, the arrogance of that is just, should not astonish me, but it does.”

As I said, this is such abject hackery that it can only mean they know that despite all the sham charges and Stalinist show trials being hurled at Trump, they fear he is going to prevail. Even with all the rigged courts and juries arrayed against him, they are all collectively houses of cards built on foundations of sand that will collapse in and on top of Willis, Smith, Chutkan, Bragg, Engoron and all the rest of the soulless amoral scoundrels who have played their part in dragging us down into a cesspool of banana republic tyranny. 

Here’s another tell that reeks of flop-sweat and panic. Bull dyke Bob’s Big Boy-bobbed Rachel Maddow reverberated this bilge off the walls of her poisonous, prolapsing uterus:

“The cravenness of the court is evident in what they are doing with the pacing here. You know, putting this off for seven weeks and sitting on it for two weeks for no reason. Obviously, pushing all of the cases that they can push to a point where Trump will be standing for election before any of us have heard the verdicts in any of those cases. Got it. It is the timing. It is the idea that the immunity thing is an open question. Is presidential immunity and open question? What is the most famous pardon in American history? Gerald Ford for pardoning Richard Nixon once he was resigned and a former president. Why did Gerald Ford pardon him? As a result, occurring before his resignation as president of the meeting as a result of stuff he did while president, quote, Richard Nixon has become liable to possible indictment in trial and whether or not he shall be prosecuted depends on findings of the appropriate grand jury and discussion of the authorized prosecutor.”

She added, “The idea that this is an open question and it might be that a former president can never be tried for something that he did because he was president when he did it is disproven by a plain reading of American history and the whole justification for Richard Nixon being pardoned in the first place. The idea that it has to be taken up is them saying that the sky is green. I think even for the non-lawyers among us to be able to say, this sky is not green even on our worst day. This is BS, and you are doing this as a tactic to help for political friend, partisan patron. For you to say that this is something the court needs to decide because it is unclear in the law is fragrant bullpucky and they know it and don’t care that we know it. That is disturbing about the future legitimacy of the court.”

This is in reaction to the decision by SCOTUS to put a serious torpedo into the attempt to prosecute Trump for the trumped up insurrection charges vis a vis the question of his immunity and crucially prevent him from both running for and ultimately winning a re-RE-election. 

The salient point that is lost on Maddow is that unlike Nixon, who may or may not have been guilty of crimes that might have resulted in some form of criminal sentencing, Trump has not only neither been charged nor convicted of any crimes, let alone insurrection (at least not yet), the overwhelming evidence shows that in no way, shape or form did he do anything other than exercise his first amendment rights to peacefully protest what he thought – and what we know beyond any doubt whatsoever – was a stolen election.

Good for SCOTUS for taking this up now and hopefully putting an end to this Stalinist banana republic bullshit. Then again, what actual power does the Supreme Court really have considering that even after ruling Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants’ original illegal excusing of a billion or so dollars in student loan debt was illegal, Joey pardoned another billion in a naked vote-buying scheme to attract a youth vote that is abandoning him like everyone else?

I hesitate calling this a constitutional crisis since it is obvious to all that the Junta in power has shredded and burned the bits and pieces of that parchment that it doesn’t use to either shield itself or otherwise bastardize it for its own purposes of forcing socialist tyranny down our throats. 

Meanwhile, in a not altogether unrelated story vis a vis SCOTUS, Elaine Chao has told her mock turtle husband “you go now!”

I have been waiting for a very long time to write this column, and yet I can’t quite summon up the joy and relief I thought I’d get out of it. We’re speaking, of course, about the long-awaited denouement of Mitch McConnell, the current Senate minority leader and longtime head of the GOP’s caucus in that body for 17 long, brutal, underachieving years. . . 

. . . If you’ve been a regular reader of this column, you’re aware of two nicknames I’ve given to McConnell and the brand of “leadership” predominating in the Senate caucus he’s controlled since 2007. I call him “Morphine Mitch,” which isn’t so much a takeoff on as a correction of the “Cocaine Mitch” nickname he earned when a ship owned by his family was found by authorities to have been carrying a load of Bolivian marching powder a few years back. “Cocaine Mitch” might have some validity, but in truth it’s far from accurate. With cocaine, people are energized, or at least that’s what I understand. And nobody has ever been energized by Mitch McConnell. . .

. . . McConnell has actively sabotaged conservatives who have run for the Senate. It started all the way back in 2010 when he did it to Joe Miller, a Tea Party conservative who by all rights ought to be in his third term representing the people of Alaska, and it’s been a mostly unbroken string since. And in 2022, McConnell pulled out every stop he could to ensure that Republicans didn’t capture a Senate majority — especially screwing over Don Bolduc, Blake Masters, Adam Laxalt, and Mehmet Oz, not to mention the GOP nominee Kelly Tshibaka in Alaska, who ended up losing to swamp rat Lisa Murkowski thanks to McConnell’s well-documented machinations there. . . 

. . . The Senate never cuts the federal budget. It never defunds, say, Planned Parenthood. It couldn’t unwind Obamacare. It can’t control the border. I could go on all night naming things the majority of Americans want but McConnell has never produced.

But he sure can rally the troops to fire off billions of dollars to keep the Ukraine war going. McConnell is terrific at counting votes, mind you. It isn’t that he’s incompetent. It’s that it’s far more important for Mitch McConnell to have a majority within the Senate GOP caucus than it is for the caucus to have a majority in the Senate. And should Republicans ever stop underachieving in those Senate races, they’d be sitting on 55 to 60 seats. Which would be pretty good for Republican voters. But not so good for Morphine Mitch . . . 

. . . McConnell would rather see Democrats elected than more Josh Hawleys or Ted Cruzes who ask rude questions at caucus meetings.

Friend and friend of the blog Scott McKay eviscerates Yertle McChiCom in excruciating detail. And yet, for whatever reasons, he managed to prevent a truly horrid scumbag in the form of Merrick Garland from getting on the Supreme Court. If I want to be cynical, as is my wont, I’d say he made a deal in anticipation of Hillary Clinton winning in 2016 to allow her to name Ruth Bader-Meinhoff’s successor. And we all know how that worked out.

While Trump did get three picks to the court, at best Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Coney-Island have not been of the Scalia/Thomas/Alito bent, have they? And now we have the Trump “immunity” and 14th Amendment bastardizations coming up, as well as the less well known but perhaps equally crucial challenges to Deep State Leviathan in the form of the Chevron case as well as that of attempt to tax unrealized profits.

As far as McConnell’s replacement, the name of Rand Paul has been floated by none other than noted conservative stalwart . . . RFK Jr?!

Tell Maddow to load that in her sybian and ride it. 



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  • Illinois is the third state to remove Trump, 77, from primary ballots citing the Fourteenth Amendment’s so-called “insurrection clause,” joining Colorado and Maine. C[r]ook County Circuit Judge Tracie Porter, a Democrat, paused her order until March 1, in order to give the former president time to appeal. Porter’s decision overruled the bipartisan Illinois State Board of Elections, which dismissed a challenge to Trump’s candidacy last month after determining that it didn’t have the authority to rule on whether the GOP front-runner’s role in the riot violated the Constitution.  Illinois Hack-in-Black Disqualifies Trump from GOP Primary Because of Ex-Prez’s Alleged Role in Jan. 6 Democrat-Engineered Reichstag Fire Op
  • “The arrogance of this is appalling, and waiting until this late in the day to do it, giving the president, the former president just until Friday to file an appeal to the Supreme Court. It is already Wednesday, and then to say at the end of it, she issues an order that says my ruling will be further stayed if the U.S. Supreme Court enters an opinion inconsistent with this order. Well, guess what? If they do what most people think they’re going to do, they’re going to enter an opinion that makes it impossible for Illinois to take him off the ballot. So, the arrogance of that is just, should not astonish me, but it does.” ‘The Arrogance … Should Not Surprise Me’: Sol Wisenberg Rips ‘Appalling’ Trump Ballot Ruling By Illinois Judge
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