The Morning Rant: Are Democrats Getting Worse?


The rapidly evolving trend within the Democrat party apparatus is to reward loyalty with ever increasing responsibility, power, and graft/wealth. Notice the word “loyalty.” Not competence. Not skill. Government has never been particularly competent or efficient; it’s almost impossible without the pressures of a free market. But the catastrophic incompetency and failure that is becoming the norm seems to be driven by total rejection of even basic knowledge of the issues, and embracing the drive toward ideological purity and party loyalty.

I am not suggesting that this is new…a casual audit of most Democrat-run cities will show how incompetent loyalists can be. And the federal government is obviously not immune from this longstanding desire to reward apparatchiks. But the very public incompetence seems to be a relatively new thing.

California Demolished Dam to Save Salmon, Killed the Salmon Instead

Hundreds of thousands of young salmon are believed to have died this week at the site of a historic dam removal project on the Klamath River, after an effort to restore salmon runs on the newly unconstrained river went awry, the Chronicle has learned. The dead chinook salmon were among the first hatchery fish released on the Klamath since four hydroelectric dams were breached near the California-Oregon border, to allow the river to flow freely again and ultimately help fish flourish.

Apparently nobody much cares about the salmon, and the goal was to…what? Destroy clean energy production? Suck up to the lunatic but tiny Indian pressure groups? Save the world from the evils of Global Warming? buy indulgences from the Sustainable Organic Church Of The Carbon Apocalypse?

And here we have a wonderful confluence of abject ignorance, rabid ideological purity, and even a technocrat underling who is a total f*cking retard when it comes to the very things he is supposed to know!

ATF Chief Tells CBS He’s Willing To Skirt Laws To Ban Guns He Doesn’t Even Know How To Use

When the interview shifted to a demonstration featuring a table of unloaded firearms, Dettelbach tried his best to make the case for more regulation of law-abiding Americans’ top self-defense option. Even with the help of one of the ATF’s “leading experts,” however, Dettelbach failed to demonstrate knowledge of even the most basic firearm anatomy such as the difference between a clip and a magazine.

Acting AFT division chief Chris Bort, the “expert” present for the demonstration, also struggled to disassemble a pistol in an attempt to show how allegedly easily Americans can swap firearm frames. Bort is acting head of the ATF’s Firearms Ammunition Technology Division. “Can’t get this one apart,” he mumbled as Dettelbach complained that the ATF is barred from regulating most gun parts outside of frames and receivers.

Field stripping a Glock is not the most complex mechanical operation, and my bet is that with about 60 seconds of instruction, most people will be able to do it. Yet these dangerous fools are so detached from the reality of their positions that they don’t have the most basic knowledge, yet are comfortable making asses of themselves…in public.

Because it doesn’t matter. They are not being judged on the quality of their work; they are being judged by their slavish adherence to the dominant paradigm: GUNS BAD!

And they aren’t even close to the worst! Mayorkas and Buttigieg are even dumber and more reflexively ideological!