The Morning Report 3/8/24

Good morning, kids. The first thing that comes to mind after last night’s utter debasement, on top of three interminable years of debasement-to-the-power-of-infinity that this nation (or what’s left of it) has been forced to endure, is that what we witnessed in the well of the Senate is the moral equivalent of what a teenybopper given a roofie-laced Long Island iced tea at a rave must feel like the morning after; lying in a pile of garbage and vomit, barely able to lift her pounding head off the floor only to discover her panties in shreds, and her crotch and rectal area bruised, bleeding and covered in dried semen. 

I’d say I need a shower, but given the fact that the speechifier – that is, the shrill, shrieking windsock with a teleprompter – used to shower regularly with his pre-pubescent daughter, it’s best to just skip that reference and grope around for some Handi-Wipes.

The only question is, will the volume and sheer gall of what Joe Biden spewed last night be exceeded this morning by the credibly accused intern murderer Joe Scarborough from the set of MSNSDAP as he insists it was the greatest, most honest and uplifting speech since Christ’s Sermon on the Mount and Churchill’s “Finest Hour” combined! And anyone who doesn’t agree is a knuckle-dragging MAGA insurrectionist!

The only consolations from last night are the Gold Star father who let Biden have it for his son’s death at the hands of jihadists by the irresponsible snap bug-out abandonment of Afghanistan, for which he was promptly arrested and removed from the Senate, (something that the Code Pinko cadres never seem to have to endure), and Senator J.D. Vance who just boycotted the Thing’s Speech entirely:

Vance told Breitbart News that he does not want to “legitimize” all the lies Biden will tell in the speech with his attendance.

“This state of the union is a farce thanks to Joe Biden’s disgraceful job performance,” Vance told Breitbart News. “Tonight, he’s going to stand before the American people and lie about the state of our economy, the security of our borders, and the safety of our citizens. I’m not interested in legitimizing the president’s lies about the destruction his policies have caused for this country.”

Vance is widely considered to be a possible running mate for Trump in 2024, and his decision to not attend the presidential address in the U.S. House chamber is significant because he’s siding with the millions of Americans who say they do not intend to interrupt their evening to watch Biden speak.

A wide majority of Americans, 63 percent, said according to the latest Economist/YouGov survey they will not watch the speech. So, while official Washington and the establishment media are consumed with Biden’s likely ability to read from a teleprompter for about an hour, most Americans like Vance could care less what the aides who wrote the speech that Biden is going to read wanted him to say.”

The article mentions another consolation, in that essentially no one was interested in watching a sundowning, criminal pervert lie to them about not only how wonderful their lives are because of him but that they should kiss his ass in Macy’s window because of it. Too bad Macy’s is set to close about 150 of its stores, about 30% of them, because of how wonderful Biden made the economy, but that’s neither here nor there, ingrates!

I’m very curious to see how many people instead tuned in to Donald Trump’s live-blogging of President Debasement from the DE Basement. In any case, it’s a shame that the entire GOP didn’t follow J.D. Vance’s lead and not show up. But, the illusion that “our flag was still there” and America still functions as it always had or how we had imagined it in the pre-Trump era, and more to the point, the GOP pretending as much because protecting the grift is their mission, is what they do. 

There is no way that the Democrat propaganda complex can spin this as a success when two things from the get go show it was an abject disaster and fiasco for them:

Before even arriving, Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants had to endure this:

A cadre of anti-Israel protesters joined together to block President Joe Biden’s motorcade while on his way to the State of the Union Address on Thursday night.

“Shame!” the protesters chanted.

Others were heard shouting, “Genocide Joe,” while others called him a “Criminal.”

Since the October 7 massacre in Israel last year at the hands of the terrorist organization Hamas, anti-Israel protesters have blocked parade routes, surrounded the White House, and delayed the president from giving a speech at an event in New York.

In November of last year, the White House denounced those calling Biden “Genocide Joe.” Speaking with New York Post reporter Steve Nelson, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby called the nickname “Genocide Joe” inappropriate while standing on the side of free speech.

“We’re not worried about nicknames and bumper stickers. I mean, it’s First Amendment free speech. The president’s focused on … making sure that we can continue to support Israel as they fight a terrible terrorist group, Hamas,” Kirby said.

It’s bad enough that the Muslims are a major problem electorally for Biden in places like Minnesota and especially Michigan, Dao-Min Yen shenanigans notwithstanding. But a major chunk of the Maoists in the Democrat base are equally pissed that he’s not helping Hamas finish off the Yids once and for all. More on that in a moment.

Meanwhile, despite the chemical cocktail of Adderall, adrenaline, cholinesterase inhibitors, Pervitin (Hitler’s favorite, but renamed for Joe as “pervert-in”) and Kaopectate, Biden was sundowning all over the place. And at the worst possible point in his rant: the border:

During his speech, as he discussed an immigration and the bipartisan border bill that failed to make it out of the Senate earlier this year,  Biden held up the pin and invoked Riley’s name, but he appeared to mispronounce it.

“Lincoln Riley, an innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal. That’s right. But how many of the thousands of people are being killed by illegals.” Biden said. 

Lincoln Riley. What a fucking scumbag. Anyway, notice how Biden tries to dismiss the crisis on the border that he created, vis a vis the obvious death toll/crime wave from illegal alien criminals while he and his minions at the same time are trying to blame Trump for the same crime wave they said in the previous breath is exaggerated. Way to be on top of the messaging, geniuses!

In any case, as bad as his Nuremberg Rally in front of Independence Hall and that horrendous shit-show at Valley Forge were, this horror show tops them all. 

Usually presidents use the podium to make promises and take credit for past accomplishments, but there’s not much of that here and so Biden began his speech name-dropping presidents who people liked better than him (a long list) and threatening and berating Republicans.

A few breaths after implicitly comparing himself to FDR during WWII, Biden then compared himself to Lincoln during the Civil War (“not since President Lincoln and the Civil War have freedom and democracy been under assault here at home as they are today”) and then President Reagan before launching an attack on President Trump.

The State of the Union isn’t a place to attack opposing candidates. Bush didn’t take potshots at Kerry in his State of the Union speech and even Obama didn’t mention Romney in his.

And yet Biden attacked Trump a few minutes into his. And then did it again. And again.

But this was not a State of the Union address, it was a fascistic campaign rally of the kind that he had been giving for years, most disturbingly while flanked by Marines at Independence Hall before the 2022 midterms, declaring war on Trump, Republicans and all political opponents. . . 

. . . Biden’s State of the Union rant would have been more ominous if it also hadn’t been pathetic. The speechwriters reached (as they always do at these events) for the grandiose, but came off as bellicose, and in Biden’s mouth, even the bellicose became the quavering rattlings of an angry old man who had spent too much time reading Stephen Ambrose and listening to NPR.

Much of Biden’s address had to be reconstructed from the transcript because it was indecipherable. His hands and lips shaking, Biden spoke of strength, but showed only weakness, invoked historical figures only to show how unworthy he was of them.

The threats and attacks on Republicans gave way to absurd boasts. And while presidents always claim credit for more than they accomplished, Biden’s could only occasion eye rolling.

Biden claimed that “our economy is the envy of the world”, that inflation “is the lowest in the world”, that there is “historic job growth”, and that unemployment is “at 50-year lows”.

Why didn’t Biden begin by bragging about these incredible accomplishments? Why bury them toward the middle of his speech? Because not only are they lies, but no one believes them. . . 

. . . Biden violated the most elementary State of the Union decorum. He gave a speech that he should not have been allowed to deliver. And that should have been shut down during. Presidents deliver these addresses as guests of Congress. As a guest, Biden insulted his hosts, soiled the drapes and tried to wrap his partisan hatefest in name dropping and the flag.

At the conclusion, Biden laid out a clash “for the soul of our nation” between “those who want to pull America back to the past” (conservatives) “and those who want to move America into the future” (leftists) while unintentionally giving everyone a taste of what that future looks like.

The future looks like a senile president arriving at a State of the Union to launch vitriolic attacks on the opposition, wrecking political norms, implying that a new civil war is at hand, threatening the Supreme Court and defining all opposition as a dangerous form of treason.

Americans have seen the future and polls show they don’t like it very much.

And given the situation in Israel as well as the torrent of in-your-face Jew-hatred from the Democrat Party, Biden might very well pour radioactive gasoline on the fire that he and the imbecile eggheads at Foggy Bottom helped start.

In case you missed the previous most stupid idea vomited forth by the Biden White House, it’s an airlift of food to unoccupied parts of the Gaza Strip. It’s a humanitarian mission, you see — except that it only appears that way to people who literally know nothing about warfare, particularly siege warfare.

As trusted milblogger CDR Salamander reminded his readers when the news broke a few days ago, “For all of human history, when a city is under siege the garrison eats, drinks, and receives medical care and shelter first. Any aid that comes in prolongs the siege and produces more death and misery.”

Most of the death and misery is enjoyed, as it were, by the civilians trapped in the besieged city. But some of the death and misery is visited upon the troops of the siege army — in this case, the men and women of the Israeli Defense Force.

Sal put it too nicely for my tastes. The more brutal version of the truth is that Hamas wants more Gazans to die because dead Gazans make good Hamas propaganda. Hamas fighters will balloon up to 350 pounds apiece before any civilians get so much as a crumb. That’s why I told readers yesterday that if Biden wants a quick end to the fighting, he should send more bullets to Israel and not a single meal to Gaza.

BREAKING: Biden will announce at his “State of the Union” speech that he ordered the U.S. military to conduct an “emergency mission” to establish a temporary port in Gaza that would open up a maritime route for humanitarian assistance from Cyprus, U.S. officials said

. . . If you’re Bibi Netanyahu or even just a member of Jerusalem’s war cabinet, you’ve got to be asking yourself — oh so very quietly — if there’s going to come a point where you’re going to have to train your guns on American forces to stop them from providing relief to Hamas.

If I’m exaggerating, it isn’t by much. The chances of an American-Israeli War are approximately zero, but before the White House leaked this whopper, the chances were precisely zero.

Who had American boots on the ground in Gaza? To defend Hamas?! Desperate times call for desperate measures. And if Biden’s performance last night didn’t underscore the fact that he and his puppet masters are so desperate that Biden’s nervous incontinence is bad enough to soil Malig-Nancy Pelosi’s Depends, you’re not paying attention.

Have a good weekend and try to blot out of your mind what I wrote when you take your shower this morning.


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