The Goal Is Confiscation And A Radical Change In America…And They Will Settle For Nothing Less!


I saw this at a local mall last week. New Jersey is new to the revolutionary idea of law-abiding citizens being responsible for their own protection, so legal firearms are an unknown quantity for retailers. But this sign is new! Apparently there were no guns (illegal or not) being carried into this mall between the time it opened on March 14, 1974, and NYSRPA v. Bruen, the Supreme Court case that eviscerated the anti-2nd Amendment laws of several blue states, including New Jersey. That was in June 2022. Or maybe New Jersey has suddenly become a dangerous place, and as we all know, gun-free zones are the safest places to be in the event of a shooting.

Or the owners of this mall don’t give a rat’s ass about safety and just want to virtue signal their commitment to an anti-freedom, anti-2nd Amendment, leftist mindset. Because the number of crimes committed by people who are legally carrying weapons is minuscule. Multiple studies have indicated that concealed carry permit holders are more law-abiding than the general population, which makes sense because they go through background checks before the license is granted. And extrapolating that to all legal owners of weapons will undoubtedly find the same thing.

But that doesn’t matter, because the leftist-dominated media have conspired to demonize guns, the people who buy them, and most of all the people who carry them for protection or, like me, to exercise my rights as a free man in a free society. The media are careful to minimize the the differences between legal weapons and illegal weapons, and will gloss over the disgusting reality that most criminals who commit crimes with guns have those charges dropped or reduced, because the goal of gun laws has never been to reduce violent crime…it has been to destroy our God-given natural rights to our own defense and the defense of our freedoms.

Does this sound like a broken record? Because it is. The authoritarian left is fanatical in its desire to eliminate guns from the American Experience, because the gun is perhaps the most powerful symbol of freedom, individualism, self-reliance, and distrust of government. They will never stop, and we must always fight.