The Morning Report 3/18/24

Good morning, kids. This latest bit of meshugas is so patently ridiculous, so idiotic and such obvious bullshit that it just reeks of desperation. Or am I just too sane enough and set in my ways to understand or appreciate that the general public has the collective attention span of an amoeba and ditto (more crucially) its critical thinking skills – both due to the combined dumbing down by a media that does nothing but pump out pure leftist propaganda 25/8 and the cumulative effect of at least three generations of what the American educational system has wrought – and that this gigantic lie will swamp the past three years of actual lived experience of pain, misery, angst and suffering?

Anyone reading the headlines published by a number of mainstream outlets might believe that Trump was not just predicting, but calling for, political violence if he were to lose another election.

The New York Times: Trump Says Some Migrants Are ‘Not People’ and Predicts a ‘Blood Bath’ if He Loses

The Guardian: Trump predicts ‘bloodbath’ if he loses election and claims ‘Biden beat Obama’

NBC News: Trump says there will be a ‘bloodbath’ if he loses the electionPolitico: Trump says country faces ‘bloodbath’ if Biden wins in November

Rolling Stone: Trump Says There Will Be a ‘Bloodbath’ and Elections Will End if He Isn’t Reelected

. . . But while those outlets and others were only too happy to share that one cherry-picked line — Trump predicts ‘bloodbath’ if he loses in November — they were equally happy to leave out the fact that at the time, he was specifically talking about the automobile industry and the economic impact of a company owned by Communist China building cars in Mexico to avoid U.S. tariffs.

Here’s the full context of the “bloodbath” comment, which he said was addressed to Chinese President Xi Jinping:

Those big monster car manufacturing plants you are building in Mexico right now and you think you are going to get that — not hire Americans and you’re going to sell the car to us, no.

We’re going to put a 100% tariff on every single car that comes across the line, and you’re not going to be able to sell those guys if I get elected. Now, if I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole – that’s gonna be the least of it. It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country. That’ll be the least of it.

Grabien media founder Tom Elliott followed with a video supercut of liberal media pundits using the term “bloodbath” to describe everything from economic issues and Taylor Swift ticket snafus to midterm election results and the recent shake-up in leadership at the Republican National Committee.

As we know all too well by now, to even attempt to point out the chutzpocrisy of the Democrat-Left is pissing into the wind. That is, of course, their standard operating procedure in terms of how they function socially and politically and, via one of Saul Alinsky’s infamous “Rules” what they will beat us over the head with every single chance they get, the accuracy of the charge be damned. 

It’s why I get so exercised about language insofar as what is and is not appropriate and more crucially who gets to be the arbiter of it. Of course, that has been the sole purview of the left since the went full tilt boogie in undermining our society since the sexual revolution, the women’s movement and the complete undermining of the legitimate civil rights movement, going on 60 years. All of it aimed at seizing absolute power. And the control of language is a, if not the prime super weapon in the Democrat-Left’s drive to dominate us. There are quite a few people who get irked at Trump for “shooting his mouth off.” 

I get irked at him for other reasons, mostly in terms of staff and past policy. But if, because of this, we’re going to suddenly demand that he somehow forces himself to literally think before uttering every word at every single rally and interview going forward, then it’s over. Love him or hate him, Trump’s greatest asset is what some perceive as his Achilles heel: his mouth. And it’s only an Achilles heel insofar as we allow the Democrat-Left to make it so. His ability to connect with an audience speaking off the cuff is something the other side cannot do. Especially the demented vegetable presidential poseur whose brain is melting by the hour and can’t put two coherent sentences together even with a teleprompter, idiot cards and a media that is covering for him and covering it all up, with lesser and lesser effectiveness the closer we get to November.

Unfortunately, we do not have a political party to tell the Democrats and their propagandists to go fuck themselves. Instead, we have the GOP: Grifting Oleaginous Parasites:

Anchor Kristen Welker said, “I want to start by getting your reaction to Donald Trump’s comments about a bloodbath. Do you think those comments were appropriate?”

Cassidy said, “The general tone of the speech is why many Americans continue to wonder should President Trump should be president? That kind of rhetoric is on the edge, and maybe it doesn’t cross, maybe it does, depending on your perspective.”

He added, “He always walks up to the edge on the rhetoric, and again, that’s why people are concerned.”

This was after Welker actually, and surprisingly, played the entire soundbite of Trump. It was in complete context. Even if she didn’t, you’d think Cassidy would’ve listened to it beforehand. And yet, he’s agreeing with this lying bint that what he said as voters “concerned.” Why is this schmuck even appearing on Press the Meat in the first place? The only reason to do so would be to blast her and her colleagues for being the lying sacks of shit that they are. Voters indeed are concerned. Mostly about an economy on the verge of collapse, an intentional invasion of foreign peasants, criminals and terrorists, a foreign policy that is lighting the fuse on World War 3 and the persecution of anyone even slightly to the right of Che Guevara. 

Thank you and fuck you, Bill Cassidy.

In any case, remember they tried to pull this crap years ago with the Charlottesville “good people” bromide. Despite that being a somewhat easier situation for the propagandists to obfuscate, considering the rather touchy issue of the Confederate flag, what it represents and the parties involved in that situation, there was absolutely zero ambiguity in this instance. 

Isn’t it amazing how both Trump and Biden see “the end of democracy” if the other wins? If Biden can say it, why not Trump? 

Frankly, I don’t think either man can “end democracy” or prevent a “meaningful” election in 2028. Neither do I believe that democracy is “teetering” or in any great danger.  The U.S. republic has withstood far worse threats to its existence than anyone running for president in 2024. 

“He wants another January 6, but the American people are going to give him another electoral defeat this November because they continue to reject his extremism, his affection for violence, and his thirst for revenge,” the Biden campaign statement reads.

“Affection” for violence? Wow. Just wow.Biden and the left fall into Trump’s briar patch every time. Don’t they ever look at the polls? No one is listening to their “warnings.” No one is paying attention to their predictable attacks. 

They’re writing and speaking for an audience already predisposed to hate Donald Trump and to fear him. They’re not making any converts. They’re only driving people out of the political process altogether or into the arms of Trump.

Exactly as Trump knew they would.

I am not a fan of PJ Media’s Rick Moran, and his assertion that the republic will withstand anything that will be thrown at it flies in the face of the facts since Trump came down the escalator 9 years ago, if not before, and the trajectory we are on. But that said, I do think his conclusion is dead on. Like Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants’ Nuremberg Rally disguised as a State of the Union Speech, all of this dreck will not move the needle in influencing “independent” voters, if such creatures even exist. 

Meanwhile, speaking of “bloodbaths,” I give you this horrid piece of shit impersonating a civilized human being and American:

State Sen. Charlane Oliver, who represents Nashville, said the Republicans’ pro-police legislation is “rooted in racism,” and will force those in her district to “fight like hell.” The bill was sponsored by Republican state Sen. Brent Taylor after Memphis passed an ordinance that banned traffic stops for issues such as expired registrations, a single inoperable headlight or brake light, and loose bumpers, News Channel 3 reported.

The Memphis city council passed the ordinance following the death of Tyre Nichols, a black man, who was fatally injured during a confrontation with five black Memphis police officers on January 7, 2023, after he was pulled over.

“It is a slap in the face and you might as well stomp on the grave of Tyre Nichols,” Oliver said after the state Senate passed Taylor’s bill by a vote of 26-6. “Yes, we are emotionally charged. Why? Because it’s personal for us. Taylor made this personal the minute he introduced this legislation to target one family and one life that was lost.”

“So yeah, we gonna fight,” Oliver added. “Dr. King said that riots are the language of the unheard. You ain’t seen nothing yet. If you keep silencing us like this, what do you think our district is going to do? We have had it up here. Gloves are off. Like, we gonna fight like hell. You don’t expect us to respond when you gaslight us every single day with these bills?”

This animal with a “D” after her name gets to threaten actual, real violence in the form of “riots.” You can bet your ass the propagandists are going to invoke the word “context” out the wazoo. But, as Ace always says, “Our speech is violence, but their violence is speech.” More than that, Democrat Leftists are allowed to say whatever the hell they want, regardless of consequences real or imagined because they get to control the language. 

And in another part of the forest, this Skeletor Doppelgänger opened his maw and spewed this delightful turd:

Democrat strategist James Carville said during an interview over the weekend that if Democrats lose in the upcoming November elections that Israel will be to blame.

“This Gaza stuff, this is not just a problem with some snot-nosed Ivy League people,” he said. “This is a problem all across the country. And I hope the president and Blinken can get this thing calmed down because if it doesn’t get calmed down before the Democratic convention, it’s going to be a very ugly time in Chicago. I promise you that. . . 

. . . And they’re gonna have to tell Bibi Netanyahu, ‘Hey, dude, we are not going to lose our election because you stand to go to jail. You have to think of something else.’”

Carville demonized Netanyahu, claiming that he showed “negligence” and that the U.S. “should be putting pressure on him every way we can to de-escalate this thing, and quickly.”

There it is folks. Carville says if Biden loses, blame the Jews. How many synagogues will burn this summer in Chicago? Only Brandon – Johnson and Joey – know for sure.


  • “A Holocaust survivor is coming to speak to my son’s 7th grade History class on Monday. Wonderful. What’s less than wonderful, though, is the opt-out for this lesson because ‘We understand that all students have different experiences.’” Fairfax County Public School System Provides ‘Opt-Out’ Option for Students on Holocaust Presentation
  • “The former Defense Intelligence Agency head, retired General Michael Flynn, said the House should immediately move to halt funding for both the CIA and FBI and start subpoenaing the January 6 Commission members to find out what they know about the CIA activities leading up to an on January 6. . . And when they get a chance, I have a couple special request questions for House members to ask the J 6 Committee:  Where was Antifa that day or are you expecting us to believe this was the only riot in years they missed?  Is this the same CIA that started the Russia Collusion frame up against Trump to help Hillary in the 2016 election?” What Was the CIA Doing at the January 6 Riot? (Mostly orchestrating and fomenting it – jjs) 
  • Victor Davis Hanson: “A cynical public now expects any accused prominent leftist to remain unindicted, while any non-leftwing target will be indicted, convicted, and jailed—for the same alleged offenses.” Guilty!—But Not Really Guilty?
  • Daniel Greenfield: “And how the WOBOs took over from them.” HIBOs: How the Hipster Left Took Over the Democrats
  • “If my home state’s abortion laws had been different in 1963, I would not be alive today.” (Hat tip to Buck Throckmorton – jjs)
    A Life Spared by Abortion Law: Reflecting on the [spurious] VP’s Historic Planned Parenthood Visit


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  • Miranda Devine: “Doyle’s lawyer, Tim Parlatore, alleges that James’ enthusiastic involvement in the Doyle case may be driven by ‘connections with the Defendant’. . . ‘This organization fraudulently inflated the value of their building to induce my client into giving them a mortgage which Tish James is now trying to help these fraudsters avoid having to repay. The theory of fraud Tish James accused the Trump Organization of engaging in is identical to the fraud she is aiding and abetting here.’ . . .Parlatore points out that the Society inflated the value of its property to obtain a loan, just like Trump was accused of doing, but the difference was that Doyle could not conduct the sort of “sophisticated due diligence” that Deutsche Bank did. Therefore, unlike Trump’s lenders, Doyle didn’t know the true value of the townhouse.  An even more important difference is that Trump paid back every penny he owed, but the Society never paid back Doyle.” An Irish Society, an Unpaid Loan and the Hypocrisy of Letitia James
  • “. . . the line that just struck me was that he said, ‘An odor of mendacity remains. I mean, that essentially says, your office and you as a DA have no credibility with me as a judge. And I just think that is, uh, you know, essentially says that you are lying, we know you’re lying, and we’re not gonna trust anything you say in this case from now on. That’s a big deal.”“Blistering”: Former Acting AG Says Judge “Cut the Legs Out” of Georgia Trump Case
  • Robert Spencer: “But as a consolation prize, the prosecutor has to ditch her boy toy.” Fani Gets to Stay
  • Clarice Feldman: “Something is seriously wrong with American law schools and disciplinary outfits which are supposed to monitor corrupt conduct of practitioners.” Mendacity and Corruption in the Judiciary
  • “Even if Trump succeeds everywhere in court, Democrats’ lawfare is costing him time and money in a busy campaign season.” Dragging Trump Into Court While Biden Campaigns is Election Interference, Regardless of Verdict





  • “The Hockey Stick is the rotten soul of climate ‘science.’” Mark Steyn Appeals Hockey Stick Verdict
  • “Soaring electricity prices have nearly doubled cost to charge EVs since 2022.” California Wants Everyone To Drive Electric Cars. The State’s Energy Policies Make Charging Them More Expensive Than Ever.
  • “Written and narrated by Dr. John Constable of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, the video explores in an unusually granular way what wealth is, what energy is, and then examines the relationship between the two and how this has played out in human history.”Abundant Energy Is the Key to Prosperity
  • “The timing of this movie could not be better. Elon Musk’s X has given real scientists a chance to voice analysis and present data challenging the climate cult pseudoscience.”Climate: The Movie Challenges “Climate Crisis” Pseudoscience
  • Richard Fernandez: “If the reader has noticed that this looks suspiciously like Engels’ program of control over nature returned in another form that is because it is. Taking the place of Stalin’s gigantic public works and Mao’s mad war on birds and insects are virtuous proposals to darken the sun, change the chemistry of the ocean and raise the sea floor. Only this time the goal is not to make the workers and peasants more prosperous, but on the contrary, to make them materially poorer. Does this make sense? It does if the goal is control of nature, control of man.” “Environmentalist” Communists
  • The climate activist group Climate Defiance took responsibility for storming the stage during Chevron CEO Mike Wirth’s interview at the 2024 Catalyst Awards in Midtown, Manhattan on March 12. The group said that protesters “chased him out” of the event, where he was discussing “the role of engaged men in gender inclusivity.” (If he’s going to be a stooge for leftism with this DEI poison, he deserved it – jjs) Climate protesters disrupt DEI conference to accuse Chevron CEO of “mass murder” of “indigenous women”
  • “California dreams of an all-renewables grid by 2045, but infrastructure is harder to build in the material world than it is in the fevered, runaway imaginations of politicians, climate activists and media-based crusaders. Hope and persistence are admirable personal traits, but mixing those with magical thinking is an amateurish way to craft public policy.” Yet Again, Less Power to the People


  • “The men involved in the New York subway shooting this week were nonwhite. That creates a problem for the pro-crime left.” NYC Subway Shooting is What Happens When Lawlessness Collides With “Tolerance and Diversity”
  • “Amid a surge in crime in New York City, Hochul announced on Mar. 6 she would deploy 750 state National Guard troops and 250 state troopers to the city’s metro stops to enforce the law and make riders feel safer. A man was shot in the head on a subway car en route to Brooklyn amid a physical confrontation with another man on Thursday.” Kathy Hochul Says Her National Guard Subway Patrol Is ‘Working’ Despite Recent Train Shooting
  • “Police arrested 26-year-old Andre Gordon near a residence in Trenton, New Jersey, about eight hours after he allegedly killed three people in Falls Township, a Philadelphia suburb, on Saturday morning, according to The Associated Press. Gordon is alleged to have stolen a vehicle and fled to Trenton after shooting and killing three people in Pennsylvania, and subsequently barricaded himself in the Trenton residence throughout the ensuing standoff with law enforcement personnel.” Authorities Apprehend Suspect In Pennsylvania Killings After Hours-long Standoff
  • “Legal changes to the criminal justice system are herculean efforts, even at the state level, so it’s unlikely that anything sweeping will occur in the very near future. What is interesting to think about are the millennials born between 1984 and 1999 who will one day fill capitol and congressional buildings as the dominating generation, and what their policy priorities will be. In true millennial fashion, their growing distrust of the death penalty is diametrically opposed to their shrieks for abortion on demand, so anyone invested in this issue will simply have to wait and see which way things go.” Will Millennials Abolish the Death Penalty?






  • “High-dollar Democratic donors collectively gave Republican Accountability PAC over $6.1 million in 2023, FEC records indicate. This constituted the bulk of the $8.1 million total Republican Accountability PAC raised in 2023. Almost all the remaining funds donated to the group in 2023, $2 million, came from Defending Democracy Together, another anti-Trump organization led by Longwell and co-founded by ex-Republican and Trump critic Bill Kristol, per FEC records.” No-Shit-Sherlock Dept.: PAC Running “Republican Voters Against Trump” Campaign Primarily Funded By Major Democrat Donors
  • “Instead of pushing union-funded studies, the Department of Labor should be making it easier for union members and the public to access information on how unions spend members’ dues,” Bozzello told the Washington Free Beacon. “Accountability and transparency are what American workers need, not propaganda.” The WORK Center relies on other questionable sources, including a ranking of “Best and Worst States to Work” from Oxfam, a nonprofit that has been linked to the Popular Front for the Liberation of ‘ Palestine ‘ , a terrorist group. Biden Labor Department Relies on Union-Funded Think Tanks To Push Pro-Union Message






  • Robert Zimmerman: “Imagine if AA decided blue-eyed people can fix a plane better than brown-eyed people? We would all call that policy stupid. Yet AA’s DEI program is equally as stupid, and is likely reducing the quality of its workforce.” The DEI Disaster Now Appears to be Hitting American Airlines
  • “While crime plagues our cities and the illegal alien invasion continues, Joe Biden and his [junta] are focused on the real issues facing the country, like the size of a Snickers bar or a bag of chips.Now, he’s cracking down on another menace to our taste buds: McDonald’s oft-broken soft serve ice cream machines. Of course, given Biden’s well-known (and perhaps dementia-induced) penchant for ice cream, it’s hard to say this is surprising.” Biden to McDonald’s: Fix Your Ice Cream Machines!


  • “It remains unclear how much Marsden, and other stars who wrote letters of support, knew about the charges against Peck when they wrote their letters.” James Marsden, Other Nickelodeon Stars Wrote Letters of Support for Child Molester Brian Peck (An engorged adult penis down a child’s throat really does improve, er, “diction!” – jjs) 
  • “Recently, the Kansas City mayor and his goons are reading books to groom children, and we’re here to set the record straight and put a stop to this nonsense,” Brattin said. “And we’re going to do this by reading Johnny The Walrus.” Missouri Dems Read Trans Book To Children for “National Reading Day.” Republicans Respond With Matt Walsh’s Johnny The Walrus.
  • Altria Group, the owners of Marlboro cigarettes manufacturer Philip Morris USA, are dumping 35 million shares in AB InBev, the owners of Bud Light.“As good stewards of shareholder capital, we consistently review options to unlock the value of our ABI investment, and we believe this is an opportunistic transaction that realizes a portion of the substantial return on our long-term investment,” said Altria CEO Billy Gifford. Big Tobacco Divests from Big Trans
  • Christian Toto: “Rebel filmmakers fight Culture Wars with stories that demand to be shared.”These Conservative Documentaries Defy Hollywood, Inc.
  • “The fuss over President Trump’s Executive Order on Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture was far from accidental; it revealed that he had touched on something central in the ongoing culture war.” Modernism Revisited
  • Richard Fernandez: “As Kissinger pointed out, conquerors and prophets have always marched out of the pages of history to menace the world. The principle difference between the two is the time scale of their messages. Conquerors live the lifespan of empires, while prophets exist on the scale of civilizations. As Putin demonstrates, we still have conquerors. The trick is to understand that we, not just the voodoo Haitians, still have prophets.” Monsters We Have Known
  • Phyllis Chesler: “This part of the Western classical music tradition has descended into politically correct madness.” Opera House Bigotry 
  • “Pope [Fiction] Francis’ recent scandal regarding blessings of gay marriages has spawned a serious regression in the Western Catholic Church’s decades-long efforts to merge with the Eastern Orthodox Church.” The Eastern Church Draws the Line


  • “This St. Patrick’s Day and every day, let us pray for the strength and courage and faith to do mighty deeds like St. Patrick and all the great Irish and American heroes. The perfect prayer for this is that called the Lorca of St. Patrick, a prayer from a holy man to his God, asking that divine aid permeate every aspect of his life and being.” St. Patrick’s Lorica and the Power of Faith
  • “. . . have a green beer (or juice drink if you don’t imbibe alcohol) with an Irishman and a Jew (or even somebody who just likes Notre Dame football), and share the stories of Patrick and Purim together. Make the noise of a grogger and contemplate the beauty of a shamrock. And in doing so, may we all embrace the blessings of God, act right and righteously, and deepen our faith in knowing that as God has redeemed our ancestors, He will again redeem this world in our time.” Happy Sr. Patrick’s Day — For Jews Too!

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