The Morning Rant


South Carolina Representative Adam Morgan stood up in the state house and made the apparently revolutionary statement that he should listen to the people who elected him, rather than the lobbyists and the lifers in the legislature. And as a delicious bonus simply and concisely destroyed the idea of central planning.

But we are so far removed from the core principles of our republic that another representative can stand up in the same state legislative body and say that his constituents are too dumb to run things, and he wasn’t shouted down by the other representatives! This is elitism in a nutshell.

Central planning rarely works. Adam Smith’s invisible hand…the billions of individual decisions that collectively comprise an economy is the only rational way to direct our resources. That means limited power and influence by our government over the lives of the citizens it serves, and the elitist attitudes of those who are drawn to government simply cannot abide that. The good people of Adam Morgan’s district understand that, and elected Mr. Morgan to push back the tide of corruption and profligate spending.

“The will of the people.” That sounds quite simple, yet it is a powerful and incorruptible thing. How does one coerce this representative? He has publicly stated that he will follow the desires of his constituents, so bribery, blackmail, or any of the other techniques that seem to be wildly successful with many public officials in America. To change his vote, one needs to change the opinions of the voters who put him in office. And that is as it should be.

Mr. Morgan has announced his intention to run for Congress in SC’s 4th district. The incumbent seems to be a fan of DEI, and hopefully that will be enough to sink his reelection campaign. We need hundreds of Mr. Morgans at every political level to beat back the progressive goal of a communitarian America that destroys the individual, and raises the concepts of race, ethnicity, sex, and a host of other lunacies above the simple idea of the uniqueness of each American.

Regardless of his future success in politics, Mr. Morgan has divined the secret to energizing a disgruntled and beaten down electorate. He listens to what they have to say and seems to do what they want him to do.

Revolutionary indeed!

[Hat Tip: Jay Guevara]