The Morning Report 3/21/24

Good morning, kids. I wanted to hit on this last week but so many other stories were breaking that yet again, it’s something that got lost in the sauce. Yet it still deserves to get attention. Fitting that it involves a moral and ethical midget, George Stephanopoulos, who sank to a depth that makes the Marianas Trench jealous. Disgusting, yet for this creep it’s just another day at the office. Literally.

Stephanopoulos likely baited [Rep Nancy Mace] onto his show by offering an opportunity to tell her side of the story. But since we live in a time of psychological warfare, she should have known that this only happens when they’re confident they can orchestrate an ambush to discredit their political opponents.

That was the plan. Yet this time, the ambush didn’t go as planned. The plan’s failure offered Americans that peek behind the curtain.

Stephanopoulos brought up Nancy’s past as a rape victim: As a rape victim, how can you defend convicted rapist Donald Trump?

Here’s where things got interesting. In the scripted exchange, the ABC producers/Democommunist operatives likely envisioned, Mace would have been caught off-guard. “Fair point! Rape is bad. Donald Trump was ‘convicted’ of rape. And yet, I still support Donald Trump! Those seem contradictory! Cognitive dissonance! I’m lost!” She’d then mumble some forgettable word salad talking points and slink away, discredited and humiliated. The psychological battle won, as usual. That was the plan.

But instead, Mace fired back: George is “trying to shame me as a rape victim, and I find it quite disgusting.”

. . . Usually, the Democrat-communists hold a monopoly on the victim card. But Mace’s curveball turned tables, and the scripters of reality suddenly found reality going off-script. . . So, [Ted] Bundy-Stephanopoulos came again: How can you (Mace) support a rapist? Again, Mace responded: “You’re trying to shame me.”

The same exchange happened again and again. Despite a few diversions (civil trials versus criminal trials, rape versus sexual assault, E. Jean Carroll’s lack of credibility, etc.), and despite Bundyphanopoulos clearly giving off waves of abusive boyfriend vibes, the argument kept returning back like a heat-seeking missile to its target: You’re a hypocrite! vs. You’re shaming a victim! Bundyphanopoulos came back at her fifteen times.The “interview” consisted largely of a single “question” that was asked fifteen times.

Remember: George Stephanopoulos pretends to be a journalist. He wants us to believe that his job is to inform the public on important topics.But his actual job is to destroy political enemies by trapping them in contradictions in order to publicly humiliate and discredit them. Whatever his target actually thinks or says, the drama is already pre-scripted: Mace is a hypocrite for supporting Donald Trump. Now, I’m going to perform that drama in front of everyone. It’s more of a play than an interview.

Eventually, realizing this line of attack was failing—a rarity—an exasperated Bundyphanopoulos gave up trying to direct his live-action struggle session and resorted to Plan B: just say it. So, he just declares: “You’re comfortable with Donald Trump being found liable for rape.”* (Therefore, you have no credibility and should be ignored.)

Mace: “You’re putting words in my mouth.” Bullseye. Mace clearly has experience with abusive men.

Those with ears to hear are aware: this is psychological warfare.

Indeed it is. While I’d rate Mace’s performance as a solid B to maybe a B+, she could have and should have countered Georgette’s smear of “As a rape victim, how can you defend convicted rapist Donald Trump?” with the truth nuke of “How could you not only defend serial rapist Bill Clinton but do so by attacking and destroying the lives of his victims?!” 

Yeah, I know Clinton was never convicted let alone even charged with rape or sexual assault, certainly because when most of them happened during his time as emperor of Arkansas, he had that state’s criminal justice system in his back pocket. Nevertheless, the multitude of victims and veracity of their charges compared to the complete horseshit about Trump and E. Jean Carroll makes it fair game, to say the least (FYI: Trump was neither tried nor convicted of rape. It was a bullshit defamation lawsuit with a predetermined kangaroo court conviction and insane fine).

In any case, the fact that Mace even agreed to do an “interview” with this greasy bastard of a homunculus in the first place, let alone not to be prepared with a retort such as mine earns demerits. I mean, for fuck’s sake, does Nancy Mace let alone any and every Republican and conservative out there not know that Georgina was one of Bill Clinton’s key advisors in his War Room? That he was part of the so-called “Bimbo Eruptions Unit” tasked with destroying any and all women who came forward with accusations of rape against slick Willy? 

And after a career as the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed of Democrat hatchet-men, how does anyone take this little prick seriously as a journalist, the anchorman of one of the big three TV networks?! Do they not remember 12 years ago when he moderated the GOP debate and the first “question” he asked Pee-Air Defecto Romney was “How can you defend your party’s desire to outlaw contraceptives?” And the GOP still has yet to learn its lesson by agreeing to let scum like this to moderate debates, let alone appear on their public executions/struggle sessions tarted up as “interviews.”

UPDATEFlashback to 1975. Attorney Hilary Clinton laughs about defending her client, an admitted child rapist, and getting him a slap-on-the-wrist sentence.

Speaking of the Bimbo Eruptions Unit, the Tweedle Dumber to Snuffleupagus’ Tweedle Dum, James Carville let this slip out while being “interviewed” by Gloria Vanderbilt’s offspring:

Using the euphemism for spilling blood during murder, Carville said, “Not so much him I mean to be candid Anderson, President Biden is not the best attack politician. I’ve ever seen in my life and hopefully leave it at that. But they are a lot of people to do what I call a quote, the wetwork, unquote.

Cooper said, “It sounds like a mob hit.”

Carville said, “Kind of, but it’s a paid TV and stuff like that. But yes it’s CIA term to take a guy out. But he doesn’t need to do to what work people like me and other groups in the party need to do that he he’s not very good at it. I don’t think people want to hear from that. And then he can he can cruise along at a better altitude, but this has got to be done and they’ve got a precious advantage right now and they have it.”

Skeletor there was starting to babble like Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants when his meds wear off but remember, he’s talking to Vanderbilt Poofter, an ally on a house organ of the junta. And he’s using actual terminology that the intel community uses to mean assassination and caps it off with “this has got to be done and they’ve got a precious advantage right now and they have it.” 

Meaning Trump has to be assassinated and the CIA has the opportunity right now to do it. One of two things are going on here. Either this is illustrative of the fact that the Dems are out of their minds that Trump is going to actually win in November or they are so cocky and loose-lipped in front of friends that they can openly boast and/or suggest what will be or should be done.

I’m sure the usual sub-literate trolls out there will insist I’m taking this completely out of context — Just like when Trump said “bloodbath!” By the way, swamp-thing Carville’s rant comes right on the heels of blaming the Jews should Biden lose, because they refuse to back the calls for a cease fire that would allow Hamas to finish Israel off for good. 

In that vein, this is an indicator of a rift that is running very deeply within the Democrat ranks. On the one hand, you have the self-gassing apostate Chuck Schemer’s and Adam Schiff-for-Brains’ gladly sticking their necks out – pun intended – to desperately try to appease the Islamic Republic of Michigan, while quite a few of their colleagues recognize that much of the country still actually supports Israel and are distancing themselves from those two momzers. Even RFK Jr. just released a full-throated unequivocal support of what Israel has done and still must do to survive. Remember: he’s still in the race as a third party candidate and that can only hurt Biden, perhaps fatally so. NB, I mean “fatally” in the rhetorical sense.

Meanwhile, despite the utter flop in trying to foist EVs on America, Biden’s puppet masters in Kalorama have a hard on to quite literally kill off the gasoline powered automobile. 

[So-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden has finalized the most extreme push in history to destroy the gas-powered car industry and force consumers to drive what will be, in effect, government mandated electric vehicles.

The New York Times claimed last month that the administration was going to back off its push to force consumers to only purchase EVs as demand for EVs has nosedived in recent years.

However, the [junta] ultimately caved to far-Left environmentalist groups and activists who demanded the most aggressive effort ever to eliminate combustion engine vehicles. The Washington Post, which called the effort “controversial,” noted that the rule will force automakers “to ramp up sales of electric vehicles while slashing carbon emissions from gasoline-powered models.”

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claimed that its national pollution standard, which could end up getting killed in the courts, would prevent more than 7 billion tons of carbon emissions, which it claimed would provide $100 billion in annual benefits to the U.S. . . 

. . . Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) responded: “Biden’s latest ban on gas-powered vehicles and replacement with electric vehicles is another direct assault on consumer choice and the American way of life.  It ignores the needs of American families in order to appease the radical environmental lobby at the expense of millions of jobs supported by the automotive industry. It’s time to put an end to this regulatory overreach.”

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) called the agenda “restrictive and unnecessary,” and said that Americans should be able to “choose the best car for their needs.”

That’s just it; they’re itching to completely take away our right to choose. Not just cars but anything and everything. Perhaps more than any other invention, the automobile and the mobility it allowed individuals to have translated into freedom to go anywhere, at any time, for any reason whatsoever. And as this government becomes more oppressive and tyrannical, that freedom of movement poses almost as much of a threat to their obtaining absolute power as does the Second Amendment. As do free and fair elections. As does a citizenry that understands and cherishes its history, heritage, culture and the incredible sacrifices in blood and treasure it took to achieve and maintain it.

That’s why they could care fuck-all if Laken Riley or even a million Laken Rileys are raped and murdered by illegal alien foreigners because foreigners who come here illegally have no love of this country. And as such, they become useful pawns and serfs to those who let them in here in the first place. 

Destroy the automobile, oil, coal and gas to turn us into a third world shit-hole? Ditto, the lives of innocent people in a wave of criminality and perhaps terrorist attacks? The cold hard truth is that the Democrat-Left doesn’t care what kind of country they can have absolute control over. So long as they can have absolute control.

QED to all of it. And please read that Daniel Greenfield essay in the lead.



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  • Sebastian Gorka: “It is impossible to dispute that President Trump has proven himself as the most philosemitic president since the re-establishment of Israel in 1948. . . Anti-Semitism is a problem in America, but not because of President Trump. It’s a problem because of the Democrat Party’s normalization of anti-Israel policies and anti-Jewish calumnies.” Trump and America’s Jews
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  • “Less than one week after Tyson Foods decided to sack 1,200 Americans from a plant in Perry, Iowa, and look to hire 42,000 illegal immigrants, the backlash has begun. . . Tyson Foods was hit with federal charges in 2003 involving the company allegedly sneaking illegal immigrants into the U.S. and giving them phony documents that allowed them to work at their food processing plants. One manager killed himself. Tyson argued that any infractions of the law were committed by ‘rogue managers.’ The jury agreed and the company was acquitted.” Let’s Play Chicken: The Battle Against Woke Tyson Foods Is On
  • “Denver’s economic challenges continue to mount as the Democrat-controlled ‘sanctuary city’ struggles with increasing numbers of illegal immigrants. Within a little over a year, the city council has seen costs for feeding its illegal population surge. In December 2023, the city allocated $100,000 for a contract to provide food for its illegal aliens. By January of 2024, the food costs had increased to $475,000. Last month, the city had to pay an additional $450,000 in food costs, with another $500,000 expected to come due in June.”Illegals Are Breaking the Bank in Denver
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  • “Of course, human suffering is of no concern for the global left. Leftists governments executed well over 100 million of their own people last century. It’s unlikely that changing the nameplate to ‘climate change’ has altered their focus. . . they’ve embraced it so wholeheartedly as to ‘feel better about’ the deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings so long as they’re killed “greenly.” How can you even argue with that? The answer, unfortunately, is: you can’t.” John Kerry’s War







  • “Democrats and their pye-dogs in the lefty news media stretched the phrase “sexual assault” into “rape.” This was enough to instigate a takeover of Capitol Hill by anti-Kavanaugh Marxist groups, back when doing so was considered free speech and not an insurrection. Despite the fact that Blasey-Ford never accused Kavanaugh of trying to rape her, every lefty wackjob in the nation decided he was a rapist. Apocryphal sexual accusations can be a cash cow for leftists. Ask E. Jean Caroll.” Christine Blasey Ford Never Actually Said Kavanaugh Tried to Rape Her


  • Trump told Breitbart News in a more than 90-minute long exclusive interview last week here at his luxurious seaside resort and club Mar-a-Lago that polls are showing “numbers we’ve never seen” before with women, black, and Hispanic voters. Donald Trump: ‘Safety and Security’ Driving Women, Minority Voters to Me and GOP, Away from ‘Lunatic’ Biden and Democrats
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  • According to a report published Wednesday by Politico, Manchin has announced a plan to stage his own personal “filibuster,” refusing to vote in favor of any of [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden’s judicial nominees if they don’t also have Republican support. And it doesn’t have to be a lot of support, Manchin said, adding that he would be willing to consider a “yea” vote if just one Republican were convinced to vote with Democrats. “My Own Little Filibuster”: Joe Manchin Vows to Block Any Judicial Nominee Without GOP Support
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  • “. . . voters are starting to tune out Team Biden hyperventilations and are believing their own lyin’ eyes instead. ‘Biden’s failure as president, indicated by his 55.5% disapproval rating and the country’s 65% wrong-track number, are factors,’ notes the analysis. ‘Voters tell reporters they are nostalgic for Trump’s years (low inflation, no new wars, a controlled border, a strong economy, and low unemployment)’ . . Team Biden still has a couple of other handy tools in the toolbox. There’s the abortion wrench and the ballot shenanigans WD-40, for instance. But will these be enough to handle the Nov. 5 job without a fully functioning Fear-of-Trump multi-tool in the mix? ” Uh Oh! Team Biden Broke One of Their Top Campaign Tools
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  • “This means that it will suffer the fate of all the French who have ever come to the Russian world with a sword,” emphasized Naryshkin, likely in reference to Napoleon’s disastrous 1812 invasion of Russia. Naryshkin could also have been referring to Infanterieregiment 638 and SS Volunteer Sturmbrigade France — French troops who fought for Nazi Germany and took part in the German invasion of the Soviet Union. The Russian government has long stressed that ‘de-Nazification‘ is a central goal of its military action in Ukraine. France Sends 2,000 Troops to Ukraine, Russia Warns They Will Be PRIORITY Target
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  • Walsh never married and said in a 2015 interview “If you marry another actor, there’s always competition. And if you marry a ‘civilian,’ they don’t understand what you’re doing and why you have to travel to, say, Nova Scotia, for several months. Besides, I never met a woman who was stupid enough to think I was a great catch!” (Always a solid performer. RIP – jjs) M. Emmet Walsh, Blade Runner and The Jerk Star, Dead at 88

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