Banana Republic Status? It’s Worse! More Like Stasi-On-The-Potomac

The process is the punishment, and the Biden/Obama junta, ably abetted by the Deep StateTM is conspiring to destroy the career and livelihood of an attorney whose only “crime” was representing his client.

Two corrupt apparatchiks of the left lead the effort, Yvette Roland (a judge of the State Bar Court of California’s Hearing Department), and Fani Willis (the DA of Fulton County Georgia). They are both bought-and-paid-for whores of the Democrat cabal that seeks total power over our lives, and is willing to do anything to succeed…including bankrupting and imprisoning anyone with the temerity to challenge their rule.

The heroic sacrifice of John Eastman

People ask how John Eastman perseveres. They spike his driveway. They graffiti the streets of his neighborhood to dox his address. They send death threats. They protested outside his home for more than a year. They frisk him with armed FBI agents in a restaurant parking lot and detain his wife. They seize his phone and hold it and its contents for almost two years and counting.

His “friends” strip him of board memberships after decades of service. They suspend his membership in academic conferences, claiming he is a threat. They cancel his university classes and force him to retire. The Bank of America and USAA de-bank him. They humiliate him by forcing him to surrender himself to a prison facility, taking his mug shot and saddling him with a bond amount typically reserved for violent criminals. They burden him with millions in legal fees when he seeks the protection of our great Constitution.

Then they disbar him when they disagree with him and decide that a former president does not deserve legal counsel.

This isn’t merely the Deep StateTM…this is a concerted effort on the part of the left’s millions of operatives: their street thugs; their fellow travelers at corporations across America; their academic drones who always do their bidding. It is the destruction of the rule of law, and the horrific misuse of the idea of free association.

John Eastman’s plight is a perfect metaphor for what ails America. We now have a legal system that has institutionalized its use as a political bludgeon. We have a media that are perfectly content to do the left’s bidding, and are curiously incurious about the real dangers to our republic. We have a controlled opposition to the left’s overreach that is interested in — at best — managing the decline, and –at worst — actively participating in the looting and destruction of our country.

But worst of all, we are still mostly passive in the face of all of these terrible affronts to the basic framework of America. While the left busily undermines everything we hold dear, most of us (me included) try very hard to maintain a balanced life, free from the misery that awaits us if the left succeeds.

But what can we do? Something…anything…even the most trivial pushback! Send a few bucks to John Eastman. Go to your town council meeting and speak for freedom and against the many small tyrannies that surround us. Go to church or synagogue and show your support for that traditional priest or rabbi who defends Judeo-Christian culture. Go to your board of education meeting and agitate for an education for your children that honors and respects American Exceptionalism.

And vote! Yes, it is easy to mock, and I will not insult your intelligence by defending the integrity of our elections. But if enough of us vote, maybe we can swamp the Deep StateTM and its minions in oceans of legal votes.

A fella can dream….

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  1. The Stasi were notorious for co-opting and corrupting ordinary people to turn in even their own family members. Simon Wiesenthal even said they were worse than their predecessors in the Gestapo. With all the indoctrination via the schools and the culture, that’s for sure where we’re headed. In fact, so-called “cancel culture” is eerily similar to Stasi-esque denunciations.

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