The Morning Rant

20 years ago many of us would laugh at the idea of a separate American foreign policy and surveillance state being run by the apparatchiks in the intelligence establishment. “Of course that isn’t happening! And of course the Patriot Act is necessary! Our government wouldn’t abuse its power!”

That’s just conspiracy theorist blather…right?

I cringe at my naivete.

Is a Larger Conflict Brewing in Eastern Europe?

Ukraine has long been rumored to be a country containing multiple CIA black sites. I have an independent source telling me the same. This source is also telling me that the same type of black sites are active and operating in Poland. This claim caused me to take a deeper look at Poland and what the defense temperament there was. What I found was disturbing and leads me to believe that my source is accurate in their claim.

Poland has substantial military goals and appears to be planning to use US resources to achieve those goals.

While I do not subscribe to the theory that Poland will become expansionist, the existence of CIA black sites in Poland is troubling because the record of our intelligence services is one of almost perfect failure over the last 75 years.

Are they trying to export American control (and graft) from Ukraine to Poland? Are they trying to integrate themselves into the Polish political establishment and create a second front in their insane war against Russia?

Would anyone be surprised if those suppositions turned out to be accurate?

This goes hand in hand with the shadow government doing everything in its power to handcuff Israel in its justified war against Islam, in the form of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran. Oh…some of those weapons Hamas uses against Israel? They come from Afghanistan; they are American weapons left in our scramble to leave. Or left purposefully? At this point that insane conspiracy theory wouldn’t surprise me at all!