“Stepping Away” The Morning Report 4/4/24

In light of a medical situation back in February that I had hinted at, you may have wondered about yesterday’s Morning Report and connected the dots. Unfortunately, your instincts are correct. After suffering some sort of seizure back in February, while the initial MRI and spinal tap showed nothing, a subsequent MRI this past Friday evidently seems to indicate that I might have some sort of brain tumor/growth that would require immediate attention. As in surgery.

That said, on a positive note — and I’m holding onto this bit of news as positive with all my might — the medical neurology team and the surgical neurology team are apparently still reading the tea leaves to see what kind of surgery, if any, is required to deal with this. I am hoping against hope for that non-surgical option but am preparing myself as best as I can for whatever is to be.

I’ll know more in the coming days, but obviously this means that I will have to step away from the blog and the podcasts for some extended period of time. 

Many of you have asked how I am able to wade through the outrages and nightmare scenarios we find ourselves in day after day and still cope. Hell, maybe that’s what caused what’s happening in the first place, despite my viewing it as a way to let off steam and the satisfaction I get from writing these columns.

No matter what, I hope to be able to once again be on these pages, at Ace of Spades HQ and Taki’s Magazine. I thank all of you for your support, prayers and comradeship since I first stumbled across this place nearly 20 years ago.

God bless you all.

8 comments to ““Stepping Away” The Morning Report 4/4/24”
  1. I’m new to you and will miss your commentary. Yet, important as that is, it’s not as important as one’s health. I will pray for you.

  2. Prayers for your recovery.
    I will miss your roundup of bad news which I pick from for an email of links of bad news to a small group of family and friends.

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