The Morning Rant


I don’t much care how NPR is funded. I know that it gets public money. They are welcome to play accounting games and lie to the American people, but the fact remains that CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) gets several hundred million dollars from the federal government, and that means that we are paying this rancid, anti-American, commie b*tch’s salary.

NPR’s new CEO is just as insane as you’d expect her to be— Nate Hochman (@njhochman) April 14, 2024

Does she reflect America? Or is she the vanguard of the reimagining of America, courtesy of the globalists in government who so dearly want to destroy traditional America and replace it with a compliant populace that accepts the insanity of intersectionality, victim politics, and communitarianism over American Exeptionalism?

She is the personification of the AWFL (Affluent, White, Female, Liberal) who has embraced every single talking point from 100 years of progressivism. In her warped view, America is beyond redemption because of the triple whammy of its original sins…Slavery, Patriarchy, and Capitalism! Of course that capitalism made it possible for her to live into her 40s without actually doing a single day of productive labor. And the patriarchy allowed society to smile at her flitting from place to place, honing her multi-culti credentials and perfecting the Newspeak of the post-modern world. If you want to puke, take a look at the fawning NYT article about her wedding, complete with a story about meeting her husband (though I doubt she calls him that) at a “nondenominational Seder! What the hell is that?

Her resume is an unblemished record of sucking on the public teat, or even worse, the shadowy world of NGO dark money. Yet she feels confident in her perspective, that she has the experience to criticize American Exceptionalism. Conveniently, she knows nothing of history, otherwise she would be at least passingly aware that America has created the most egalitarian society in the history of the world, and fought a brutal civil war to rid itself of the last vestiges of the old world.

Luckily, she doesn’t seem to have procreated, which is a blessing for the future prospects of America.