The Morning Report 4/30/24

Good morning, kids. Back in the spring of 1978, during my freshman year at Brooklyn College, a couple dozen black and Puerto Rican students led by one “professor” Richie Perez stormed Whitehead Hall, kicked out teachers and students from their classrooms, and barricaded themselves inside. IIRC, It was ostensibly to protest cuts in the budget of black and Puerto Rican studies departments and demand not only restoration but an increase in funding. Then-chancellor John Kneller gave them exactly one hour to exit the building. Or else.

Perez and his gang of braindead stooges, responded with a rather catchy little ditty blasted out from a bullhorn, no doubt bequeathed to Al Sharpton – “Kneller, you liar! We’ll set your ass on fire! The hour came and went, and wouldn’t you know it? Bang on the tick, the tactical cops from the 63rd Precinct charged in and handed out hickory shampoos con gusto to everyone inside. And everyone who had been forced out, inconvenienced and pissed off cheered on the boys in blue and mocked the bruised and bleeding bastards.

Those were the days, my friend. People like me who were kids during the hippie era of the 60s were mostly done with it by the middle of the next decade as we grew into our teenage years. The crap that Perez et al tried to pull was simply not tolerated. Unfortunately, the fact that there was even a Black and Puerto Rican Studies Department at all was a foreshadowing of what we are seeing today at Columbia and universities across the country.

The Richie Perezes spread from their relatively contained petri dishes of the humanities and soon infected every single department. And from there, the graduates found themselves in every field of endeavor, especially the law and government to the point where we have this charming gal, among many many others, wielding virtually untrammeled power:

[Kristen] Clarke, the head of the Civil Rights Division at the U.S. Department of Justice, will speak at the law school’s graduation ceremony on May 13, at a time when Columbia is accused of violating the civil rights of Jewish students.

Her address comes as Columbia moved classes online for the rest of the semester after a string of anti-Semitic incidents at the university. Anti-Israel protesters on campus have called for killing supporters of the Jewish state, assaulted Jewish students, burned Israeli flags, and chanted at Jews to “go back to Poland.”

. . . Clarke was at the center of another anti-Semitism controversy during her confirmation process in 2021, when news emerged that she had invited the author of The Jewish Onslaught, an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory book, to speak at Harvard University in 1994. The book accused Jews of orchestrating the slave trade and of colluding to suppress black progress.

Clarke, who served as head of Harvard’s Black Students Association in the 1990s, defended the invitation at the time of the event, calling the book’s author, Tony Martin, an “intelligent, well-versed Black intellectual who bases his information on indisputable fact.”

Years later, during her confirmation hearings, she apologized for the invitation and said it was a “mistake to accept [Martin’s] offer to come and to defend him.” 

. . . [So-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden has walked a careful line between condemning the anti-Semitism at Columbia and appeasing anti-Israel progressives in his voting base.

I saw Tony Martin and my mind went to Cyd Charisse. But I digress. In any case Kristen Clarke is among the most horrid bigots imaginable; and that makes her absolutely perfect to head up the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division. The bullet points from her complete Discover the Networks dossier:

*Wrote that melanin makes blacks racially superior to whites

* Worked for the Department of Justice, the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, and the Civil Rights Bureau of New York State

* Demanded that the Boy Scouts permit the hiring of openly gay adults

* Became president of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law in 2016

* Alleged that “trans women of color” are being victimized by increased violence

* Supports affirmative action in order to increase “diversity”

* Pressured social media companies to censor “hate speech” by “white supremacists”

* Embraces Critical Race Theory and the “Defund the Police” movement

* Supports teaching children that whites are oppressors
* Compared Trump supporters to Klansmen

* Became Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights in May 2021

She has direct links to the twin towers of divide and conquer, Barack Obama and Eric Holder. Like the latter two, Clarke is not a one off. Our entire government is infested with hordes of Clarkes in every bureau of every department of every agency. Bad as the situation is, it didn’t just happen when Obama took office. 

This infestation is the result of decades of corruption in and now outside of government. In the old days, it was mere corruption and venality, but over the past several decades that has been coupled with Marxist ideology and the results are in your face.

It’s why this piece from the usually estimable Christopher Roach makes me scratch my head:

The left’s latest cause célèbre is opposing the Israeli counterterrorism operation in Gaza. A lot of Israel’s supporters have been aghast at the size and scale of these protests, openly wondering why the students are spending so much time protesting at all and, after years of championing free speech, are calling for censorship to stop anti-Semitism. . . 

. . . I will state as a preliminary matter that there is a difference between protest and targeted harassment and that the latter should not be protected as free speech. That said, our foreign policy towards Israel should be subject to debate and accepted as a target of protest as much as anything else. Suggestions that such views are beyond the pale and warrant expulsion simply because they are unpopular are impossible to square with the First Amendment and more general American principles of free speech.

There have been many overwrought and dishonest criticisms of recent campus protests, but they do not appear more violent or more sinister than other protests of recent years. They mostly seem to be peaceful sit-ins. While violence and threats of violence have no place on campus, part of academic freedom and the college experience involves encountering ideas one disagrees with. Like most protests, these assemblies consist of a majority that is law-abiding and engaging in free speech and a much smaller minority of angry, anti-social agitators. And this division is evident everywhere you look. . . 

. . . The heavy-handed efforts to crush these protests will almost certainly boomerang. Arrests and police actions will enhance protesters’ sense of being part of a significant and potentially dangerous cause and also increase their credit among the anti-establishment left.

While there have certainly been excesses and obnoxious behavior in the recent wave of protests, this seems to be par for the course, mild even. Unfortunately, most of the Gaza protests critics conflate peaceful protests with anti-social harassment, have been short on facts and long on emotion in their allegations, and deliberately ignore the presence of a substantial Jewish contingent among the anti-Israel protesters. Dropping the hammer on protesters for mere misdemeanors—like the Draconian sanctions imposed on the January 6 protesters—will encourage sympathy and discredit the authorities. . . 

. . . If Israel and its policies are so great, they should be able to win the battle of public opinion with facts, logic, and protests of their own. In many respects, they have. Americans are mostly pro-Israel. But life is not always black and white. Some of Israel’s supporters, as well as many Israelis, also object to the scale of destruction in Gaza and the military operation’s apparent inability to provide long-term security.

A moral panic over ordinary expressions of political disagreement, controversial views, and uncouth language is not the way. Such a policy would be inimical to free speech, based on a distorted record, and will only give the activists of the progressive left the validation they are seeking. University and government policy should be built on the solid, content-neutral ground of distinguishing permissible free speech from prohibited criminal violence and harassment.

The fact that someone so erudite and usually right on the money can be so clueless as to what is happening on campus and on the ground in Israel itself is just fucking ponderous. 

“Win the battle of public opinion with facts, logic and protests of their own?” RUFKM, Chris? You seem to think that we live in an imaginary world where all those things are still operative. To say the least, we live in a world of lies, deception and naked oppression of anyone who dares expose it.

How can you call for the defense and preservation of the First Amendment when it not only doesn’t function, but when much of the other Amendments are on the ropes if not de facto dead? Did the stolen election of 2020, the imprisonment of political prisoners for using that First Amendment they foolishly thought protected them, and the in your face persecution of Donald Trump not tell you anything? Evidently not.

Free speech does not exist anymore because the civil society it was part and parcel of, to greater or lesser extents since 1789 is either dead or about to flatline. Wanting to preserve the 1-A is sort of like trying to set the broken arm of someone in the final throes of total organ failure.

It’s not that we have to destroy the Constitution to save it. It’s already destroyed. We now have to create a society that respects and reveres individual liberty and the rights of those with whom they disagree while at the same time protecting us from those who do not. Meh. We have imported alien, violent, dark age cultures that work hand in hand with our own native born tyrants to drag us back to an even darker age. Forever. They must be vanquished and excised from our midst.

If that means ditching the original Constitution to do so, then God help me, so be it. The left is fond of spouting that the Constitution is not a suicide pact. Well, it’s high time we take that attitude.


  • Michael Walsh: “Dissent, the Left used to say, was the highest form of patriotism. Dissent has now been replaced in that equation by treason and overt revolution. Si monumentum requiris, circumspice: it’s their hell and we’re just living in it.” Mephisto’s Revenge
  • “Xi Van Fleet and Yuri Bezmenov witnessed the evil of communism in China and the Soviet Union. The same evil is at work in the U.S.” Communist Defectors Warn About Four Stages of Subversion — And America is On the Last One
  • “So, if [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Biden’s goal of redistribution is to make the rich poorer, his proposal would be successful. But if the goal is to lift up the middle class, the plan would fail spectacularly. Note, even the Urban-Brooking Tax Policy Center use estimates that imply that the revenue-maximizing long-term capital gains rate is about 28%, so it’s clear that Biden’s proposal is on the wrong side of the Laffer curve.”. . . “This hints at the false view that sadly underlies much of the Biden administration’s economic policy: high-earners only achieve success through luck, and low-earners can only achieve success through government handouts. That is an appalling, un-American view.” ‘Economic Suicide’: Biden Junta Justifies Tax Hike Based On Racial Criteria


  • “It has no choice but to fight the enemy on its home turf with vast numbers of civilians complicating operations.” Israel Has Chosen the Least Bad of Bad Alternatives
  • “Obama’s deference to the Mullahs finds us fighting proxy wars against them.” Coddling Iran Brings War to the Middle East
  • “. . . since Tehran so abjectly failed, since their vaunted missile and drone force was singularly ineffective, since Iran was thoroughly humiliated on the world stage, it is up to narrative-based journalism to hand the aggressors an unearned victory yet again.” Handing Iran a Victory
  • “. . . if Biden is even running his own White House, then he surely agrees with Obama that it would be better (somehow) to leave the Middle East in the stewardship of the bloodthirsty clerics of Tehran than in the hands of Israel.” Both Joe Biden and Barack Obama Prefer Iran to Israel – Why?
  • “This is what the protestors on American campuses are either denying or supporting. If they knew the truth, would it make a difference? I don’t know, but Stalinsky and Sandberg deserve your help getting it out there. Screams Before Silence has a brief runtime of 56 minutes, but it took me nearly three hours to watch it on an unbusy Sunday afternoon. Frequent breaks — not to mention a few tissues — come highly recommended.” Watch This… If You Dare… If You Can… 
  • “The organization is meant to do exactly what I failed to do on October 7: Save lives.”Soldiers Save Lives “Does Something” to Protect Israel
  • “This has been an ill-conceived mission from the start. Every day when these ships have been in transit was another day terrorists in Gaza have been preparing to thwart their arrival. In any case, the risk to Americans will only intensify. [So-called quote-unquote “president”] Biden should never have put our men and women in this position, and he should abandon this project immediately before any U.S. troops are injured,” [Sen Roger] Wicker said in a statement last week. Pentagon Estimates Gaza Aid Pier Will Cost US Taxpayers $320 Million: Report
  • “The [so-called quote-unquote “president”] spent the night at the lavish White House Correspondents’ chuckle fest cracking jokes about the political opponent he’s trying to imprison.” Sleepy Joe Rests After Vowing He Won’t Until Every Hostage Is Home
  • “We continually confront religious zealots that chafe at the West’s restraint of violent tribal tendencies.” Is Peace Possible in the Middle East? (Not until Islam is vanquished, and 1.5 billion adherents are deprogrammed – jjs)
  • “The New York congressman garnered attention after he pulled a House office building fire alarm in September 2023.” (This time, the wetbacks are wet from Jewish blood – jjs)Jamaal “5-Alarm” Bowman “Fully” in Favor of Resettling Gaza Migrants in U.S.

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  • “Hindu girl raped throughout Ramadan, another is publicly stabbed to death.” Love Jihad Hits India




  • Robert Spencer: “But come on, man! In this age of near-universal dishonesty and deceit, we need honesty from our leaders more than ever, even a doddering, senescent, and corrupt figurehead such as Old Joe. But that is most certainly too much to ask.” Outlaw Joe Biden Wants Us to Believe That He Has Been Arrested at Least Twice (His development was arrested – jjs)
  • “The White House releases an official transcript anytime the president gives a speech or takes questions. Communications staff frequently correct, add to or alter Biden’s official remarks in order to either bring them into compliance with official White House policy or, in some cases, reality, a Daily Caller analysis showed. In several cases, official statements had to be changed to convey the exact opposite of what Biden actually said.” White House Officially Claims Biden Has Made 148 Mistakes During 2024 Public Remarks



  • “The Dobbs decision supplanted both the Casey and Roe abortion decisions and spun the issue back to the states, and the left needs abortion as an election-year talking point. You’ll want to keep an eye on this one. It’s already getting traction.” (Won’t be nearly the factor that the border, economy and pogroms will be weighing them down – jjs) Backers of Brett Kavanaugh Riots Now Have Christian Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Crosshairs









  • “Biden’s terrible approval numbers of his 13th quarter in office, which began on January 20 and ended April 19, suggests he will have a difficult time winning reelection.” (He wasn’t elected in the first place, courtesy of Dao-Min Yen – jjs) Gallup Poll: Joe Biden Sinks to Historically Lowest Approval Average in 13th Quarter at 38.7%
  • “[So-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden’s support among young voters has been declining since even before the Israel-Hamas war commenced in October. Carville on an episode of James Carville Explains chided young voters for not committing to vote for Democrats, asserting that Republican and conservative control of the country will lead to them not having any rights for the remainder of their lives.” “You Little Fucking 26-Year-Old”: James Carville Mocks Young People Who Don’t Just Roll Over and Vote Dem
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  • “Aaron Dimmock, a former Navy aviator, filed Friday to challenge Gaetz in the Republican primary for Florida’s first Congressional district on Aug. 20. Dimmock’s LinkedIn page shows that he previously supported BLM and advocated for DEI.” (Dim. Mock. – jjs) Matt Gaetz Gets Primary Challenge From McCarthy-Aligned BLM Supporter


  • “The incident reportedly occurred in the province of Raqqa, whose eponymous largest city was once the capital of the Islamic State “caliphate” established over significant portions of both Iraq and Syria. It occurred in the context of growing concern that, after the eradication of ISIS from Raqqa in 2017, the Sunni jihadist terror group has found a way to regroup in the Middle East, in addition to increasing its activity throughout Africa and South Asia.” Islamic State Resurgence: Four Assad Troops Killed in Syria Ambush
  • He held office for merely 1 year and 1 month, the second shortest first minister tenure the country has seen since the office was established in 1999, BBC News reports. Yousaf was infamously known for a 2020 speech just before he was elected during which he said “99 percent of the meetings I go to, I’m the only non-white person in the room.” Scotland’s anti-white First Minister Humza Yousaf resigns ahead of no-confidence vote
  • “Italy’s prime minister may not cut the most radical figure, but she has shown a way to advance her cause against daunting odds.” Giorgia Meloni Is Better Than You Think


  • “Military parents will need to be their own advocates as they appeal to Congress to restore their parental rights in this federal health care system.” DOD Prompts Gender Dysphoria In Military Kids And Hides Health Records From Parents
  • “Congress mandated the Pentagon compile a report detailing how much the entire military spent on diversity training, salaries for DEI administrators and any impacts on recruiting and retention across the force that was due March 1, according to last year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which sets defense policy for the next fiscal year. But the Pentagon is nearly two months behind the due date for the report after the same defense authorization act for fiscal year 2024 slashed the salaries of DEI personnel, effectively gutting the departments, the DCNF learned.” Pentagon Says It Can’t Calculate Diversity Training Costs Because Congress Defunded DEI Offices



  • Robert Zimmerman: “Whether the many required later Starship launches as described above can get FAA approval quick enough to prove out this system soon enough to meet NASA’s 2026 present target date for its manned lunar landing seems very unlikely. Moreover, even if it does it will be a major challenge for SpaceX to meet this schedule.” The plan for SpaceX’s first demo in-orbit refueling mission of Starship
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  • Phyllis Chesler: “If these are the views and attitudes of our coming generations — then I fear all is lost.” Snowflake Work Habits


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