You’ll Buy Our Products And You Will Like Them!

The modern fascistic American corporation is perfectly content to shove crap products nobody wants down our throats.

Except…eventually consumers say…NO!

Plant-based meat sales down in US as customers dislike taste, price: report

Data showed that while those who bought plant-based substitutes in previous years continued to do so, companies failed to entice new customers. According to GFI, unit sales were down 9 percent in 2023 while dollar sales fell by 2 percent. As a result, the plant-based food market in the US went from being worth $8.2 billion the year before to $8.1 billion.

Well, actually, it’s clear that existing customers are leaving too! Factor in inflation, and it’s even uglier than at first glance.

This pattern holds true with all sorts of businesses, including the sacrament of The Sustainable Organic Church of The Carbon Apocalypse…the electric vehicle. The business plan is embarrassingly simplistic, and consumers aren’t going along with it.

But look at other businesses that push crap we don’t want. Lingerie for morbidly obese women? Shaving cream for transsexuals? mRNA-based vaccines that are a health crisis in waiting? Lesbian Studies degrees from 3rd tier colleges?

These products are going the way of the Dodo, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of lickspittle wanna-be fascists.