The Morning Rant: A Sea Change Is Needed


Spare me the deeply disingenuous rhetoric from the vast media apologia of the “Pro-Palestine” protesters. The thinly supported argument that anti-Zionism has nothing to do with the rabid Jew-hate that is being plainly, openly, proudly expressed, is factually nonsensical, and simply proof proof that Jew-hate exists and is now mainstream.

Protesters disrupt Auschwitz March of the Living on Yom HaShoah

Pro-Palestinian activists staged a protest at the annual March of the Living in Poland on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The activists went to Auschwitz to protest the march, which is held each year to pay respects to victims of the holocaust and chanted “stop genocide” and waved Palestinian flags at attendees.

The march was attended by survivors of the Holocaust as well as those who survived the October 7 attacks on Israel.

Images show some protesters wearing yellow badges resembling the stars that Nazis forced Jews to wear.

Aside from the ancient historical animus, we have two additional sources for anti-Semitism: the post-modern fixation on victim-hood, and the cultural and religious hatred of Jews by Arabs and Muslims. Of course post-modernism simply feeds into the traditional Jew-hate of the left, and gives it an additional point of purchase.

Sadly for Israel and worldwide Jewry, the left is expert at manipulation of the masses, and social media has given them an incredibly powerful tool. Now they can reach the mushy-brained, apolitical, ignorant college freshmen who used to be obsessed with confounding mommy and daddy with their disheveled dress and weird boyfriends/girlfriends. Now they can be part of a worldwide network of similarly ignorantly disaffected youth who are part of a concerted effort by the hard left to de-legitimize Israel, and deplatform Jews!

The fact that they have no understanding of the issues, and can’t name the river or the sea means nothing to them. They are fighting the power! They are questioning authority! How exciting!

Israel and some Jews are fighting back, using social media to counter the baldly ahistoric claims. But it is a long road, and they are far behind. Absent a significant political change, the next generation of Jews, both in Israel and around the world will have to contend with the rise of what can only be described as 21st Century Nazism.

The traditional resistance to that sort of sentiment must change. It seems to be changing in Israel, where a mostly united populace has resisted the leftist calls for accommodation. In the West it is a slower process, but American Jews (Europe is almost certainly lost to the Muslim hordes) must fight back with different tools, and must reevaluate the traditional connection to the Democrat party. The liberals who once controlled it have been subsumed in a sea of hard-left sensibilities that are savagely opposed to Jews, Judaism, and Israel.

What are the new tools?

Physical Self defense. One-issue voting (unequivocally support Israel and Jews, or lose the Jewish vote). Deny all financial support to the new Nazis in academia.

Sounds simple, but it isn’t.

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