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Good morning, kids. Frankly it’s kind of hard for anything to surprise and disgust me anymore insofar as the witnessing of the complete dissolution of the land and society that I had grown up in. Does this hack in black Juan Merchan’s jury instructions really shock you given the fact that the charges against Donald Trump not just in this case but in every case he faces are at best spurious and in this case are nothing more than writs of attainder meant to destroy a political enemy who thtreatens the power of those who are in point of fact guilty of a multi-generational overthrow of our government and way of life that “>Trump, more than anyone if not derailed then for sure exposed to so many of us who suspected and feared it to be the case all along:

New York State Justice Juan Merchan, who is presiding over New York prosecutor Alvin Bragg’s trial of President Trump over a bookkeeping issue is getting sleazier now that Bragg’s case is starting to fall apart, giving the Red Queen of the Alice In Wonderland story a run for her money.

At issue now are his instructions to the 12-person jury as it goes into deliberations, telling them that they don’t need to agree about what the supposed ‘underlying’ crime of Donald Trump was that would make his hush money payment to porn “star” Stormy Daniels a felony, which is the legal basis for turning the bookkeeping issue into a 34-count felony. They just need to think that Trump was thinking about commiting a crime when he signed off on the check and what that crime was can be anyone’s guess.
But no matter: Sentence first, verdict later.

And he started this out with a doozy of bad behavior, going all Eddie Haskell on the jury to begin, as if in a bid to butter them up to do things in his biased way. Normally, juries are praised after they render their verdicts by judges.
But Merchan is special. . . 

. . . Merchan instructed them to come up with any underlying crime they liked, and to be helpful, offered them a three-course smorgasbord of possibilities, though I am sure he wouldn’t be bothered if one of them got creative and came up with a different one of his own.

. . . “Outrageous. In a normal criminal case every statutory crime has what we call elements of the offense. Like in a bank robbery case you have to rob – it has to be a financial institution, you have to show intent,” said former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy. “Those are the things the jury has to agree on unanimously that they were proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Here what we’re doing is taking the element that actually makes this a felony, because remember falsification of records is normally a misdemeanor in New York. What makes it a felony is that you are concealing or committing another crime.” “And here the judge is telling them they don’t have to agree about what the other crime is under circumstances where that not only is what makes this a felony, makes it a four-year potential prison penalty rather than a year or less, but it is also what gets us into the courtroom.” “If this had been a misdemeanor, the time to bring this case would have lapsed in 2019. The only reason they are still able to bring this case is because it’s a felony allegedly and yet now the judge is saying you know, you don’t have to agree on what the felony is.”

Trump, of course, was never told which of the underlying crimes he supposedly committed in the courtroom, so he was not able to defend himself from them, which according to some legal observers violates the equal protection clause.

His instructions actually were illegal, based on a recent Supreme Court case in an opinion written by left-leaning Justice Stephen Breyer that right-leaning Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas concurred with, regarding the critical need for unanimity regarding an underlying crime:

Yet he seemed to know that he gave illegal instructions because he insisted that no written instructions be given to the jury. That way, his hands would be clean when the jury attempted to explain its logic and the judicial regulators started looking in askance at his jughead grasp of the law. Who, me, give bad instructions? They must have heard me wrong.

Not surprisingly, the jury found this confusing. They sent a note asking him to repeat those instructions:

Even CNN’s analyst found it skeevy. . . 

. . . All of this comes on top of Merchan’s other bad acts, such as gag orders, which are normally issued to protect defendants, not prosecutors; a refusal to allow President Trump to use an ‘advice of council’ defense after he was badly advised by former fixer Michael Cohen; and suppression of President Trump’s most important witnesses, such as former FEC chief Brian Smith from testifying that they never prosecuted for these kinds of claimed “crimes.”

This is all Lavrenty Beria insofar as it’s a classic case of Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime. There’s a niggling (racist?) feeling I’m getting that perhaps the Junta fears there may be at least one or perhaps even more than one juror who might actually not vote the right way, i.e. to convict Trump. Meh, as a former New Yorker who needs jurors when you have the likes of BLM and ANtifa at your beck and call, along with perhaps the IRS and every other damned Stasi-gestapo government goon squad to do to you and yours what’s being done to Trump. Hell, it’s been done already to anyone who resists School indoctrination to being mugged on a subway train. 

When they say by any means necessary, you better believe it. If by some miracle Trump somehow dodges this bullet, you better believe there will be real bullets he’s going to have to dodge before November. 

Anyway, there are a couple of things that at least give me a little bit of hope to cling to. First, is the unlikeliest of individuals that I thought I’d admire, and that is <the Senator from Pennsylvania

Sen. John Fetterman told Yeshiva University graduates Wednesday that he was “profoundly disappointed” in Harvard University’s inability to address antisemitism on campus before removing the ceremonial crimson academic hood representing his alma mater. The Pennsylvania Democrat expressed his disapproval with the Ivy League school during his commencement address for the private Orthodox Jewish university, which bestowed him with its “Hero of Israel” award, the institution’s highest honor.  “I have been profoundly disappointed [in] Harvard’s inability to stand up for the Jewish community after Oct. 7,” Fetterman, 54, told the new grads at Louis Armstrong Stadium in Queens. . . 

. . . Fetterman, a staunch supporter of Israel’s war against Hamas, received a standing ovation after the symbolic gesture. 
“The Jewish community everywhere deserves our support,” he added.
“And I promise you will always have mine.” 
Fetterman’s remarks were well received, and he was spotted dancing with students and school leaders after delivering his speech. 

Here’s one where the tea leaves are a bit murkier in some regards, but hopefully it’s a glass half full and not haf empty:
The Democratic polling firm Blueprint got some disturbing results from an online poll of 943 18 to 30-year-old registered voters.

The poll found “49% agreed to some extent that elections in the country don’t represent people like them; 51% agreed to some extent that the political system in the US ‘doesn’t work for people like me;’ and 64% backed the statement that ‘America is in decline.’” 

… The poll also found that 65% agreed strongly or somewhat with the statement, “Nearly all politicians are corrupt.” Only 7% disagreed.
Usually, I never get too riled about the younger generation’s thoughts on America. I remember when I was 21 and believed the world would end before I was 30 and that America was going downhill fast. 
Many of us older folk today look at the youth of America and worry about the future. But then I remember my grandparents fretting about my generation, which is just like their grandparents worrying about the future. It’s a rite of passage.
Is this generation any different? Maybe.

THe fly in the ointment as it were is do they see America in decline because Socialism/Marxism and DEI have not supplanted colonialist racist capitalist America as founded, or because they understand that they’ve been lied to all their lives in school and the media and everywhere else? 

Of all the things that are of primary importance will be the deprogramming of the past three generations of the American mind and the complete evisceration of the brainwashing/indoctrination complex that is Academia from K-post grad as well as the re-establishment of some sort of moral/ethical foundation that was and will always be the bedrock of a free and forward moving society and human condition.



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“I have been profoundly disappointed [in] Harvard’s inability to stand up for the Jewish community after Oct. 7,” Fetterman, 54, told the new grads at Louis Armstrong Stadium in Queens. 
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