The Morning Rant: Menendez Throws a Wrench Into The Works!


Bob Menendez is a crook, and has been one for the entirety of his sleazy career. And since his NJ political career was in Hudson county, which is as crooked as it gets, calling him sleazy really means something! He double-dipped for years as a mayor and a state representative, no doubt shaking down every business that wanted a taste of the lucrative city and state contracts.

It’s pretty clear that he has sold his influence even as a United States Senator (I know…you are shocked). But he was a reliable Democrat vote, so nobody cared. But then he overstepped, and actually supported something that was a good idea…keeping Iran from building nuclear weapons.

And so he had to go. Nobody goes against Barack Obama’s chums in Tehran!

But good old crooked Bob is fighting back! And really, is there anything better than blue-on-blue fighting?

Bob Menendez to launch bid for New Jersey Senate seat during federal trial

Sadly, the New Jersey Republican apparatus is a pathetic blob of quivering jello, trying to carve off a tiny little bit of graft and a few votes while not rocking the boat too much. So I doubt the votes that Menendez might get if he survives to the general election in November will mean much, but it is an indication of the sudden weakness of the Democrat party that they cannot control one of their own.

I am sure that Crooked Bob is running only to continue to represent the good people of New Jersey, and there are no ulterior motives, except perhaps….

His campaign raised just over $1,200 in the first fundraising quarter of this year, according to federal election records. But running again means Menendez can continue raising funds and using them for legal expenses. He had more than $5.67 million cash on hand at the end of March.

Another shocker! Aren’t our campaign finance laws grand!

It is undoubtedly a pipe dream, but it certainly would be nice if Menendez was able to draw enough votes from the heir apparent of the senate sinecure — Andy Kim — and allow the Republican (whoever that may be) to win in November. Kim is a machine politician without an ounce of original thought, and as far as I can tell he has never worked in the private sector, so we will undoubtedly be getting another cog in the vast Deep StateTM machine.

Oh goody!

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