The Morning Rant: Transgenderism Is A Mental Illness


The war against tradition…the war against Western culture…the war against American Exceptionalism…the war against religion. Call it what you like, but it is being conducted everywhere where religious-based culture does not have an iron grip. There is a reason why the mush-brained fellow-travelers of the hard left became social workers and teachers and mid-level functionaries in government. It was to conduct policy by underhanded means, neatly sidestepping legislatures and school boards…at least until they could take over those as well.

And this is the result. Two families, whose beliefs in a completely unremarkable and objectively true thing: that girls cannot become boys and boys cannot become girls, are banned from the foster care system.

Vermont Blocked Christian Families From Fostering Over Gender Ideology, Lawsuit Alleges

A new lawsuit alleges that Vermont blocked two families from fostering children, despite the state’s foster care system crisis, because the families held traditional, religious views on gender and sexuality.

Brian and Kaitlyn Wuoti and Michael and Rebecca Gantt accused the Vermont Department for Children and Families of mandating an “ideological position at the expense of children” in a lawsuit filed Tuesday. Both Brian Wuoti and Michael Gantt are pastors, and both families hold traditional, Christian religious views.

Well, they also have empirical evidence that the current craze for gender-bending lunacy is just that: insane. Our once grand culture has devolved to the point where the mere acceptance of biological reality is considered outside the mainstream and inappropriate for the care of society’s most vulnerable. Those aren’t just “traditional, Christian views.” Those are views held by most people on earth, and they worked out just fine for all but the last 10 years of human history.

By all means, let’s elect Donald Trump in November. But these apparatchiks are in some ways more powerful than the president, and are doing possibly existential damage to our country and culture.

The fight is everywhere…not just at the top of the ticket, and not just in the overtly political arena. As Andrew Breitbart said, “politics is downstream of culture,” and we must retake our culture by driving these people from the public square, and from positions of influence in our public institutions.

Perhaps the best first step is to reject the entire premise of transgenderism. No longer should we say, “well, as long as you are an adult you can do what you want; but just stay away from our children.”

Perhaps we should call a spade a spade, and say to the adults who want to turn themselves into psychotic freaks: “No. You are mentally ill, and as a culture we do not allow mentally ill people to control their destinies.” We treat their illness!”

What a concept!

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