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Good Morning Kids. So, Malig-Nancy Pelosi one of the loudest and most shrill voices pimping the blood libel that Donald Trump and thousands of American citizens who showed up to DC and the Capitol on January 6th 2021 to legally and peacefully exercise their first amendment right of free speech to protest what they felt was a stolen presidential election were engaging in a violent act of insurrection to thwart the certification of said election and perhaps violently overthrow the government had this to say:

Newly released video HBO provided to congressional investigators shows former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claiming responsibility for the lack of police preparedness on Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C., while she was fleeing the Capitol.

The video, shot by Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra, shows an irate Pelosi complaining about a lack of accountability for the incident.

“We have responsibility, Terry! We did not have any accountability for what was going on there, and we should have. This is ridiculous!” Pelosi exclaimed.

She then expressed contempt for what she appeared to feel was a late request for National Guard troops to help quell the situation.

“You’re gonna ask me in the middle of the thing, when they’ve already breached the inaugural stuff, ‘should we call the Capitol Police?’ I mean the National Guard. Why weren’t the National Guard there to begin with?”

“They thought that they had sufficient resources …” her Chief of Staff Terri McCullough answered, before Pelosi interjected. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Demand Comms Between Cassidy Hutchinson, Fani Willis’ Office For J6 Investigation)

“It’s not a question of how they had … they don’t know! They clearly didn’t know, and I take responsibility for not having them just prepare for more,” Pelosi concluded.

. . . Congressional leaders, including Pelosi, chose not to deploy the National Guard early over concerns of “optics” amid 2020’s Black Lives Matter riots, according to a 2022 GOP report.

Additionally, then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley’s fear former President Trump would commandeer the military for political reasons allegedly influenced the delay of deploying the National Guard, D.C. National Guard witnesses testified in April.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security had information beforehand that would suggest impending chaos and violence at the Capitol, but they failed to warn about or recognize it, according to a 2022 Senate report. They also allegedly ignored or downplayed a “massive amount” of intelligence.

Remember, It was Trump and his staff that begged Pelosi to deploy the troops and she refused. Also, as Speaker of the House it was Pelosi that was in charge of the Capitol Police. And it was the latter that opened the doors of the Capitol to the so-called rioters who were not engaged in anything even remotely resembling a riot. And it was Capitol Cop Michael Byrd who shot and murdered unarmed peaceful protester Ashli Babbitt in cold blood, while his colleagues beat and stomped to death unarmed Roseanne Boyland. 

Pelosi and her goon squad Capitol cops plus Federal agent stooges and Antifa agents provocateurs let all of the protesters in and egged them on to misbehave, like lambs to the slaughter, in these two instances quite literally, all so that they could use this fake Reichstag Fire as a pretext to destroy Trump and everyone who voted for him. And here we are four years later, with political prisoners rotting in jail and Donald Trump put up in front of Soviet show trials.

But there are winds of change blowing. Just as in Europe with the latest round of elections

And closer to home, this is happening in Hartford CT:

In political philosophy class, my students and I make quick work of exposing the yarn that “the people” create the government, (i.e. the polis) to protect lives and property from attacks and threats of attack by other people. First, that implies that the imposition of the polis is voluntary, which is counter to the very difference between a polis and society. All political systems are imposed on people, while interpersonal agreements in society are voluntary. But, second, the idea that “people” create the polis in order to protest their lives and property is undercut by the fact that the government mandates that you cough up portions of your wealth in order to fund it. That’s called a protection racket, not real protection, and residents of Hartford, Connecticut are starting to expose just how fallacious and unworkable that philosophical mythology actually is.

Bryan Llenas reports for Fox News that numerous residents of crime-ridden Hartford, Connecticut have taken up arms to defend their neighborhood, after seeing the utter incompetence and waste of the government-based police force that eats their tax cash like carpenter ants eat the timber-frames of one’s home.

“The so-called “Self-Defense Brigade” — made up of about 40 legally armed citizens — are voluntarily patrolling the streets of Hartford’s North End wearing body cameras mostly on nights and weekends, according to the group’s founder, Cornell Lewis.” Hold on, now. How can people protect THEMSELVES? And with firearms, no less!

Hartford isn’t exactly a hotbed of white supremacist MAGA supporters, is it? 

There’s also this:

One of the results of Florida’s success is that many of the state’s public schools are shutting down. Florida’s Broward County, the sixth largest school district in the country, housing some 320 k-12 schools, could see 42 of them shut down, including 32 elementary schools, eight middle schools, and two high schools.
The situation is summed up succinctly by Chris Moya, a Florida lobbyist who represents charter schools. “If your product is better, you’ll be fine. The problem is that they (traditional ZIP-code-mandated schools) are a relic of the past — a monopolized system where you have one option. And when parents have options, they vote with their feet.”
The momentum for school choice is accelerating rapidly. Eleven states, home to around 23% of all public school students, now offer universal choice.
Let freedom ring.


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  • The footage, Politico notes, was “was shown in a video shot by the former speaker’s daughter, documentarian Alexandra Pelosi, and recently provided to congressional investigators by HBO.” It was never aired — nor did Alexandra Pelosi provide it to the January 6 Committee when it was supposedly investigating the Capitol riot. WATCH: Unaired Video Shows Nancy Pelosi Admitting Responsibility for Not Having National Guard at Capitol
  • Up in South Bend, Indiana, the LGBTQ Center was hosting its annual “Drag Show for Kids” (*retch*). Two of these miserable leftist malcontents who were “pulling security” for the venue decided to heroically take down an unidentified man. Was he a Proud Boy protesting? A Nazi? A MAGA guy? Nope, none of those things. Literally just a guy walking by with his 18-year-old son, who was also attacked but did not require treatment. His father, the main victim, was hit on the head with a brass bell, hard enough to stay overnight in the hospital for six stitches and an MRI.  Antifa Scum Attack Innocent Man Outside South Bend Drag Show for Kids for No Reason
  • If you like America and the ideals it represents, would you bring the seeds of destruction into your country? Combatting Our Homegrown Enemy
  • “Biden’s talk of Our Democracy™ is a smokescreen. He and the broader left have no faith in the electorate, voting, or majority rule, as well as absolute hatred for at least a plurality of voters.” Biden and the Left Demonize Trump Supporters
  • Under Cullors’ leadership, Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation doled out massive contracts to her friends and family, purchased a $6 million mansion in Los Angeles in 2020, and financed the purchase of an $8 million mansion in Canada in 2021. By the end of its 2023 fiscal year, the tax forms show, Black Lives Matter saw the $80 million windfall it raked in during the George Floyd riots of 2020 diminish to under $29 million as it hemorrhaged cash fulfilling lingering contractual obligations to Cullors’s associates. Black Lives Matter Bleeds Cash As Disgraced Cofounder’s Family Rakes In Big Bucks


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