The Morning Report 6/12/24

Good Morning Kids. Great, Hunter Biden was found guilty on gun charges. All that will do is create the narrative that Trump’s insistence on a corrupt justice system is bullshit, despite the fact that Hunter is merely a distraction from the horrendous actual criminality and treasonous graft of his father.

So, we have a wide open border, intentionally so because of the illegitimate junta that stole the 2020 election, the consequences of which have been an acceleration of the destabilization of our culture and society as well as the physical endangerment of the citizenry via thousands of hardened criminals allowed in amongst the over 8 million third world peasants who have flooded in since 2021 and continue to do so, unchecked and unvetted. Mixed in with that crowd are not merely latin American rapists, murderers, thieves and human traffickers but hardened Islamic terrorists who see it as their ticket to paradise , as well as the way to usher in paradise on earth, to slaughter unbelievers singly or en masse. 

A report from the New York Post indicates that the Tajikistani migrant is among a group of male foreign nationals arrested in Los Angeles, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and New York City, New York as part of a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sting operation.

The ISIS-linked Tajikistani migrant, the Post reports, was wiretapped by the FBI and could be heard discussing bombs. The migrant was reportedly released into the U.S. interior after crossing the southern border and was given a 2025 court date to appear before a federal immigration judge. . . 

. . . The ISIS-linked Tajikistani migrant is only the latest to be released into American communities by the Biden administration despite ties to terrorism. 

In April, it was revealed that Mohammad Kharwin, a 48-year-old Afghan national and member of the terrorist group Hezb-e-Islami, was twice released into the U.S. interior after first crossing the border in March 2023.

Similarly, last October, a migrant wanted for terrorism in his native Senegal was released into the U.S. interior and later arrested by ICE agents just one block from New York City’s One World Trade Center.
In April 2022, Biden’s DHS released Isnardo Garcia Amado — who eventually was found on the FBI’s Terrorist Watch List — into the U.S. interior and allowed him to board a domestic commercial flight from Palm Springs, California, to Tampa, Florida.

Now you add on top of this, the raging anti-Semitism and general anti-Americanism coming from our campuses in the wake of 10/7 and in the wake of the 1960s, as well as the completely eviscerated criminal justice system and this nation is in for a world of hurt unless something absolutely radical is done to dismantle the power structure that has taken a torch to us as a people and society, and eradicate this evil disease so that it can never rise again.

And as if we need a reminder, look who the Junta is propping up in the Islamic war of annihilation against Israel and ultimately all non Muslims worldwide. 



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  1. Your first paragraph says it all brother….a blatant, in your face distraction, knowing their obedient media will play along. And this conviction is not a positive for 2nd amendment enthusiasts.
    Hope you’re well.

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