The Morning Rant


Gutting America’s armed forces is a tried-and-true hobby of the dilettantes in congress and the administration who fancy themselves brilliant military strategists and experts on long-term geopolitical trends. Add to that the antipathy of the Democrat party to the concept of a strong military, and we have structural impediments to a powerful and efficient military. And the political purges begun by the Obama regime began the destruction of the officer’s corps, and that has been ably continued by the retarded puppet currently sitting in the oval office. Oh…don’t forget pure, unadulterated greed, in the guise of pork!

But the Biden/Obama junta is accelerating the destruction of our military in their latest pushback against the pro forma “Defense Authorization Act.”


Just do a search for the word “oppose,” and you will see exactly where they are focusing their destruction. For instance, they oppose incremental funding of another Virginia class submarine, instead they want the money to go into the bottomless pit of graft, otherwise known as infrastructure improvements. And their genius-level analysis of geopolitical trends tells them that we don’t need a third missile interceptor site! And a “Drone Corps?” Apparently that’s a silly idea, because obviously no army uses drones…or something like that.

Restricting DEI, paying the enlisted more, Tamping down AGW nonsense, making service academy appointments more objective, stopping transfer of Gitmo terrorists to the mainland…the administration opposes all of that.

This is a catastrophic reorganization of the military into an ersatz fighting force whose real mission is to shift the grand and glorious traditions of our military to a chaotic mess of woke idiocy, all concentrated on domestic functions, rather than the military’s primary, legally defined mission to protect America from its enemies abroad.

Sadly, this has been going on for many years, and the senior officer corps is now 100% invested in this paradigm shift. How they expect to survive a real war is beyond me, although my guess is that the vast majority of these woke “warriors” have comfortable seats in the Pentagon and domestic bases…far from the fighting.

If anyone needs a reason to vote for Donald trump, here it is. Whether he can stop the destruction is a question that will be answered on January 20th, 2025. If he purges the leaders of our military of anyone who disagrees that the only mission is to kill our enemies and destroy their infrastructure, then we may have a chance. If he submits a military budget to Congress that does not fund anything outside of that mission, then we have a chance.

Civilian oversight and command of the military is a rational response to the historical interference of armies in politics. But when that oversight is allowed to co-opt military preparedness for political ends, it is just as destructive as a military that is invested in the political process. That is why Trump must be ruthless in his destruction of the military-political complex.

Can he do it? Can he choose the right people?