The Morning Report 6/17/24

Good Morning Kids. So first we had the G-7 Summit where Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants shambling and meandering were on full display for the entire world to see, regardless of whether the press was going to mention it or attempt to project his dementia and withering away onto a seemingly surging Donald Trump. And over the weekend, where he Hollywood set gathered for a massive fundraiser, Obama himself was there to rather fittingly grab Biden by the arm and lead him off stage before he fell off stage. 

Miranda Devine Warns:

God forbid that we allow our eyes to see what they see when it comes to the Meanderer in Chief’s bizarre behavior.

Rather than be accused of peddling disinformation, best to make no comment about the latest video of Joe Biden freezing up like a zombie and having to be shepherded off stage by Barack Obama Saturday night at the president’s celebrity-studded fundraiser in Los Angeles.

Some things are so obvious they need no commentary.But Republicans should not fall into the trap of emphasizing Biden’s increasing befuddlement, as viral as such moments are to a world astonished that America now resembles the end stages of Soviet decrepitude. 

The strategy risks engendering sympathy for a man who deserves none and lets him off the hook for all the damage he has wrought on this country.

It also plays into Biden’s superpower: being underestimated.

He might act like a doddering incompetent, look like a wax effigy and walk like a robot, but the president has the uncanny ability to exceed all expectations when it counts, politically. 

Is the estimable Ms. Devine correct in warning us about Biden or at least the image-making/controlling machine that along with the intelligence community and national law enforcement apparatus pus the propagandists and the evisceration of even the most gossamer thin veneer of election integrity laws courtesy of the COVID fake-demic lockdowns foisted on us that this can or will happen again. Remember, we now have more than three years of abject catastrophe here at home and abroad in the wake of the aforementioned which is repelling even some segments of the usually rock solid Democrat base to, if not pull the lever for Trump, then to at least stay at home (18-wheelers of pre-filled in ballots heading to Wayne County Michigan and elsewhere notwithstanding).

Besides the 18-wheelers perhaps Chi-Com Higgins Boats and C-47s with PLA paratroopers heading for Taiwan.

And yet much of the world seemingly is waking up to the disaster of prolonged Leftism turning their nations and societies upside down. Is western revival possible both here and in Europe a pipe dream? Or are there things even we cannot imagine that could at least put us on track to make it possible, or have we devolved to a point where the past two thousand plus years of societal advancement might now be destined to be a bygone era? Sorry to hit you with the negative waves so early. But we can never know the future. But we do know the past or at least we should pay attention to it in order to prepare for the future and perhaps n our own individual ways try to do what we can to help shape it. 


  • Roger Kimball: “The election is still five months away. Most observers say that it is too late to change candidates, but is it? Five months is an eternity in politics.” Further thoughts about the foreseeable future
  • Victor Davis Hanson: When we hear such things in the months to come, remember that these mythologies are usually a warning: what the left is alleging is, quite often, precisely what the left is already doing. How Left-wing Conspiracies Work


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  • “[The law] does not allow aliens to seek remission of removal orders in perpetuity based on arguments they could have raised in a hearing that they chose to skip” Supreme Court Erases Loophole That Kept Foreigners Inside The U.S. Illegally
  • The self-described sanctuary city of Denver, Colorado is quietly paying for illegal immigrants to travel to Utah, according to Republican Utah Governor Spencer J. Cox. Without the approval or advance knowledge of local officials, Denver has been paying for migrants to relocate to other places, including Utah, where approximately 2,000 have been sent, 2KUTV News reported Thursday. Cox said Friday the practice is “unacceptable” and a result of the Biden junta’s immigration policies. Dem-Run Sanctuary City Quietly Sending Illegal Immigrants To Red State
  • “Haven’t seen one – not a single one – of these CA National Guard soldiers in Jacumba where the mass illegal crossings of adult men from around the world are taking place.” Gavin Newsom Immediately Fact Checked After Claiming CA National Guard Border Presence
  • Authorities in Oklahoma arrested 23-year-old Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez for the rape and murder of 37-year-old Rachel Morin Friday night, Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said during a Saturday afternoon news conference. Gahler said Martinez-Hernandez entered the United States illegally after committing a murder in El Salvador. Illegal Immigrant Arrested For Rape And Murder Of Mother Of Five
  • Every single murder of an American by an illegal alien is a murder that is on the open borders crowd. They should be forced to stand before the families of dead Americans and explain why their daughter/son died for a good cause Hernandez went through no vetting process. No one checked to see if he was in a criminal database. He just waltzed across the border and began to terrorize women. The DNA evidence should send him to the execution chamber. Illegal Alien Suspect Arrested for Murder of Mother of Five in Maryland




  • These high-minded claims of protecting against “misinformation” amount to little more than election interference. It’s no accident Facebook’s most rigorous attempts at controlling “misinformation” ever were rolled out in October 2019, a year ahead of the 2020 elections.
    Election Interference: Facebook Blocks Post About Biden Campaign Disinformation
  • Nicholas Kristof argued Saturday that the West Coast’s version of liberalism just isn’t working, urging liberals to “face the painful fact that something has gone badly wrong where we’re in charge, from San Diego to Seattle. West Coast liberals accept a “yawning gulf between our values and our outcomes,” Kristof observed in his column, embracing contradictions like declaring “housing is a human right” while failing to actually “get people housed.” Kristof, who launched a bid to run for Oregon governor in 2022 but was found not to meet the three-year residency requirement to appear on the ballot, believes the problem is not liberalism itself, but the West Coast’s brand of liberalism that is “infected with an ideological purity that is focused more on intentions than on oversight and outcomes.”
    Left-Wing NYT Columnist Bemoans What ‘We Liberals’ Have Done To West Coast
  • Tennessee Star Editor-in-Chief Michael Patrick Leahy was ordered to show up in Davidson County court on Monday for a contempt hearing after his outlet published multiple articles quoting from the writings of the woman who killed three children and three adults at The Covenant School on March 27, 2023. The articles quoted from the writings of the shooter, disclosing that it had obtained images of the full journal that was recovered by police at the scene of the shooting. 
    Journalist Says First Amendment In Jeopardy As He Faces Punishment Over Reporting On Covenant Shooter
  • CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan has heard a lot of crazy conspiracies – but nothing like Trump supporters who claim this country is a Republic! To O’Sullivan, these people are insane like… Benjamin Franklin. CNN wonders why people won’t just accept Trump is a ‘threat to democracy?”
    Media Claims That A ‘Republic’ Is a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ & Other Insanities – Wacky MOLE
  • At its ideal, media reporting was a reality check on other high-profile journalists, TV people and newsroom editors.
    ‘Media Reporting’ Is Now Just More Censorship And Suppression Of Information
  • The censorship-industrial complex (CIC), has gained tremendous control over the internet.
    The Censorship-Industrial Complex and How It has the Internet in its Grip

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  • The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has key outstanding requests with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to enact certain environmental regulations that go above and beyond federal rules, and the EPA has granted CARB waiver requests over the course of [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden’s first term. Over time, these waivers and the policy outcomes they facilitate will allow CARB to alter the economies of other states, including those that do not wish to be impacted by CARB’s rules and have no influence over the agency, according to policy experts who spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation. Biden Junta Outsourcing Energy Policies To Unelected Blue State Bureaucrats
  • The public is right to be apprehensive of official proclamations whenever qualified professionals are strongly discouraged and even prevented from challenging dubious “settled science.” Climate Change Information is Sanitized for Your Protection
  • The public is right to be apprehensive of official proclamations whenever qualified professionals are strongly discouraged and even prevented from challenging dubious “settled science.” Climate Change Information is Sanitized for Your Protection
  • Don’t built a bigger battery, build a bigger plant. Wanted: A Return to Common Sense


  • The Gun Violence Archive defines a mass shooting as an incident where four or more people are shot and/or killed, excluding the shooter. This consistent definition allows for accurate tracking and comparison of gun violence incidents across different time periods. ‘Mass Shootings’ Are Up 44% Under Biden.
  • “Hemme was wrongly convicted for the 1980 murder of Patricia Jeschke in St. Joseph, Missouri, after police exploited her mental illness and coerced her into making false statements while she was sedated and being treated with antipsychotic medication,” Hemme’s attorneys said via The Innocence Project, a New York City-based non-profit organization using forensic science and legal support to tackle wrongful conviction cases. Missouri Woman’s Murder Conviction Overturned After 43 Years Behind Bars: REPORT




  • Pouring billions of dollars down the toilet to pay for fancy new teaching methods is not going to address the real problem. Putting one in ten American children on dangerous stimulant drugs is not going to solve the problem because the problem is cultural.  The Real Reason Johnny Can’t Read: Bad Parenting
  • Lack of academic rigor encourages mindless, mirthless, and militant mediocrity. Grade Inflation and Campus Protests



  • Bush, who is affiliated with the group of far-left congressional Democrats known as “The Squad,” recounted healing a brain bleed in a small child and curing a woman of tumors through faith healing methods in her 2022 autobiography titled “The Forerunner,” The New York Post reported Saturday. The congresswoman is surrounded by individuals who claim to have similar faith-based powers, including her bodyguard who believes he is 109 trillion years old and possesses the ability to conjure tornadoes as well as a pastor who claims supernatural healing powers, The Washington Free Beacon reported. ‘Squad’ Democrat Claimed She Cured Woman’s Tumors With Her Hands In Autobiography
  • Taral Patel, the Democrat nominee for Fort Bend County Precinct 3 commissioner, in September 2023 made a post to his Facebook account claiming that his “Republican opponents supporters’ decide[d] to hurl #racist, #anti-immigrant, #Hinduphobic, or otherwise disgusting insults,” attaching screenshots allegedly showing prejudiced statements made by residents of the county. The racist messages were eventually traced back to Patel following an investigation conducted by the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s office and the Texas Rangers, the Houston Chronicle reported. Dem Candidate Charged For Allegedly Faking Racist Attacks Against Himself


  • “Biden freezes before Obama grabs his arm and leads him off stage,” the Republican National Committee’s account on X posted. “Yikes!” Video footage on social media showed Biden and Obama standing on the stage as the curtains were drawn open, revealing musicians playing behind them. Biden can be seen facing the side of the stage while clapping his hands, before turning to face the audience in front of the stage. WATCH: Joe Biden Appears to Freeze, Obama Escorts Him Off Stage During Star-Studded Fundraiser
  • While polls have shown that Trump is getting more support from black voters this time, there’s still work to be done, and this growth in support in the polls won’t necessarily reflect the vote. Trump certainly needs to do his own outreach with black voters to seal the deal and get them to the polls to vote for him. This Is Why Democrats Are Panicking About Joe Biden
  • Former President Donald Trump will speak at Turning Point Action’s The People’s Convention in Detroit, Michigan, on Saturday, June 15. Watch Live: Donald Trump Speaks at The People’s Convention
  • State of the Union: The famous wrestler and internet personality welcomed the former president to his podcast, “IMPAULSIVE.” Trump Expands Audience with Influencer Logan Paul
  • According to the report published Saturday, both Trump and Biden have agreed to a 90-minute face-off with two commercial breaks — which will be hosted by “State of the Union” anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash — during which neither candidate will be allowed any contact with members of their campaign. XiNN Announces Finalized Rules For First Trump/Biden Debate
  • Here’s a reality check for the former speaker. Biden’s age and obvious mental decline is a real issue that everyone can see with their own eyes. Malig-Nancy Pelosi Tries to Turn Trump Into Biden Saying His Loved Ones Should Intervene
  • After you stop laughing, the one thing you can take away from this is that Joe Biden’s age is a problem that isn’t going away. Worse yet for the Biden campaign, the media can’t really ignore it. Between calls for Biden to step aside to replacing Kamala Harris, there’s a constant narrative that there must be something done if Democrats want a shot at winning in November. Biden’s Pitch to Senior Voters Is Hilariously Awful
  • Trump’s decision will matter more this year than usual. A Glimpse at the History of the Vice Presidency
  • an they really dismiss the overwhelming evidence that Biden is not just a poor president but a poor excuse for a human being who has barely governed at all for the last four years but merely presided as a demented figurehead over the collapse of the United States into chaos?Can half of Americans really hold their noses and vote for Biden?
  • MIRANDA DEVINE: Don’t fall for Joe Biden’s nice old man act — he’s just lowering expectations Biden might act like a doddering incompetent, look like a wax effigy and walk like a robot, but the [so-called quote-unquote “president”] has the uncanny ability to exceed all expectations when it counts, politically.  Meanderer in Chief



  • Daniel Greenfield: “Why not just get on the phone with Xi and tell him he can invade Taiwan now?” Biden Tells Taiwan It’ll Have to Get Behind Ukraine for Air Defense Systems
  • Biden has produced several embarrassing moments while in Europe this month, including meandering away from world leaders during a photoshoot at the G7 Summit, appearing confused upon arriving in Normandy for the 80th anniversary of D-Day, awkwardly trying to sit for several seconds at the event, talking about how many Russians have been killed in their war in Ukraine while delivering his D-Day speech, and leaving the ceremony while other world leaders stayed behind and greeted veterans. . . Other attendees from multiple delegations have described Biden’s performance as “embarrassing.” Foreign Officials Sound Alarm About Biden At G7: ‘The Worst He Has Ever Been’
  • Britain’s Labour Party is poised to win a staggering 262-seat majority in next month’s general election, leaving the Conservatives with a meager 72 seats, their worst performance in nearly two centuries. This is a dramatic decline from their 2019 result and less than half their previous worst result of 156 seats in 1906. UK Tories on Course for 200-Year Election Low.
  • Argentina’s barnstorming new president is shocking the country’s economic system. Milei’s Big Swing
  • If Rutte did such a sound job as leader of the Netherlands, why did his countrymen make such a clean break with his tenure? The Cipher: Mark Rutte, the Next NATO Secretary-General 
  • On Friday, President Cyril Ramaphosa was voted in for a second term by members of South Africa’s Nation Assembly. A total of 283 lawmakers threw their support behind the leader of the African National Congress, while the only other nominee, Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema, won over just 44. The ANC, which has governed with a sizable majority since the first free elections in 1994, fell to just 40 percent support this time around, forcing it to enter into a coalition. South African president Cyril Ramaphosa re-elected as ANC partners with longtime rivals to form ‘government of national unity’
  • Selection process all but guarantees another brutal president elected in a sham election.Who’ll Be The Next Bloodstained President Of Iran?
  • In 2021, Orbán stated his intention to sustain Hungary‘s existing asylum policy despite directives from the ECJ to amend it. The European Commission pursued further legal action in early 2022, maintaining that Hungary had not taken the essential steps to comply with the prior judgment. The ECJ‘s ruling described Hungary’s ongoing failure as “an unprecedented and extremely serious infringement of EU law,” asserting that it represents a deliberate refusal to implement a common EU policy. EU Slaps Hungary with ‘Outrageous’ €200M Fine Because It Refuses Open Borders.
  • Daniel Greenfield: “And the terrorists can thank Rep. Ilhan Omar.” Iran Moves Into Somalia






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