The Morning Rant


The Ford Foundation is insanely invested in the worst progressive and anti-Western efforts, and it doesn’t hide its goals. Social Change! Doesn’t that sound grand? Hopefully they won’t get in trouble for cribbing the idea from Marx and Engels, and taking some other ideas from The Committee of Public Safety.

Hell. it used to be dedicated to Michigan-based philanthropic efforts, although with the booming Pally population in Michigan, I guess it still is…

Ford Foundation Sends Millions to Organizations That Have Celebrated Oct. 7 Terrorist Attacks

But that’s just the tip of the philanthropic iceberg in America. It seems that many of these organizations started by the grand names of American industry have morphed into financial conduits for the progressive lunacy of their dilettante heirs. And of course the axiom that unless an organization is specifically conservative it will drift to the left is nowhere more obvious among the big philanthropic organizations.

Here is one of the heirs to the Levi-Strauss fortune!

Former US-Israel Policy forum head’s daughter backs anti-Zionist campus protests – report

The Mellon Foundation (of Mellon Bank fame) announced a few years ago that they would focus entirely on “social justice.”

The MacArthur Foundation dances around the fringes of market economics, but their focus is about as leftist as it gets, unless “Climate Justice” is a free-market solution!

The list goes on and on. Gates. Pritzker. Kaiser. Goldman Sachs. Sadly, some of the worst offenders are religious charities. Many Catholic charities are heavily invested in crashing the southern border, and There are many leftist Jewish charities that fund all manner of progressive insanity.

But for the big bucks…look to the old corporate charities! But where do they get their money? From other corporations of course! Sure, some are self-funding with oceans of seed money, but there is also a revolving door of funds. Ford gives to MacArthur which gives to Gates which gives to Bezos Earth Fund (hah!). And then it gets murky. How much of that money ultimately ends up in the pockets of Antifa or BLM thugs or Pally suicide bombers is anyone’s guess, but the question is how much, not if.

The idea of corporations being able to donate money to charitable causes seems benign, but it obviously isn’t. Perhaps a return to the first principles of business is in order. Stop all extraneous spending, and return all profits to the business or to the investors. Let them make the decision of where their charity goes!

And that is a pipe dream…but a fella can hope!