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Good Morning Kids.  This story just underscores the abject failure of Democrats and Leftism on so many levels:

A Secret Service agent was reportedly robbed at gunpoint in Tustin, California, while off-duty during President Joe Biden’s campaign stop with former President Barack Obama and some celebrities. CBS News reported that the off-duty agent’s bag was stolen “Saturday night at about 9:30 p.m.” The agent was able to draw his own gun and fire at the alleged robber, but it is unknown if the suspect was hit. The alleged robber managed to escape. . . 

California has more gun control than any state in the Union. Those controls include universal background checks, a red flag law, a ten-day waiting period on gun purchases, firearm registration requirements, an “assault weapons” ban, a ban on carrying concealed for self-defense on college campuses, a ban on teachers being armed in K-12 schools for self-defense, a limit on the number of guns law-abiding citizens can buy in a given month, and controls on ammunition as well.
Despite these gun controls, California led the nation in “active shooter incidents” in 2021.

On top of the epic failure that is gun control to supposedly control crimes and violence, we have a wide open border where criminality on every level is flooding in on top of the intentional decriminalization of crime itself via with the defund the police and decarceration movements.
No wonder, the remaining normal relatively sane Californians are fleeing in droves.

Can any of us truly escape the nightmare we find ourselves in.

The petrodollar agreement with Saudi Arabia began in 1974, two years into Joe Biden’s first term as a United States senator. It ended this week, a half-century later, during Biden’s first term as [spurious]U.S. president.

Among all the news stories that matter, few rank higher than this. It’s bigger than President Trump and Hunter Biden’s convictions, bigger than jobs reports and inflation numbers, and perhaps even bigger than the southern border crisis. The end of the petrodollar is the end of the United States as the world’s lone superpower.

Until last week, the petrodollar was America’s dominance of the global economy. It solidified the oil industry as a thoroughly American industry in which other nations merely partook. In the way Henry Ford didn’t invent the car but rather invented the automobile industry, which brought cars to the masses, American titans like Charles Pratt and Henry Flagler and the great John D. Rockefeller didn’t invent oil refining. They invented the oil industry, which brought petrochemical products to the masses. The oil industry is American, and as much as it exists around the world in places like Venezuela and the Middle East, it is because Americans led the way.

Oil, as a global commodity, is American, thoroughly utterly American, and as such is traded globally in U.S. dollars, as it should be. Until now.
Here’s an analogy to understand the currency of oil trades: You are on vacation in a foreign country and want to purchase something. The seller tells you in English, because everyone seems to speak English, it costs NNN pesos, euro, Canadian, etc. But if you have $20 cash, it’s a deal. It saves you a monetary conversion. It is even a better deal. It is a win for you and for the seller. In a small way, it is a “win” for America as the American dollar replaces the local currency. In that tiny, $20 transaction, buying a trinket for mom from a street vendor, America won. . . 

. . . Biden wants to forgo the oil industry and replace it with the Chinese green industry for something climate change existential crisis … as he himself would say “you know, the thing.” It is only a matter of time until America is hooked on Chinese green the way Americans are poisoned by Chinese fentanyl, and then China asks us to convert our currency to theirs for ongoing purchases. As America built the Saudi and Russian oil industries, we are now building the Chinese green industry.

This from the same people who will tell us “America First” is a form of hate speech.

Meanwhile, Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants is all set to completely drain our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to artificially keep gas prices from spiking right before the election. 

“The Biden-Harris Administration is laser-focused on lowering prices at the pump for American families, especially as drivers hit the road for summer driving season,” Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said in May. The government spending money to buy oil and then release it (while blocking domestic drilling) isn’t actually saving American families money. It’s a bait and switch. And here comes the big one. President Joe Biden is prepared to release more oil from the country’s strategic reserves if gas prices increase during the summer. “We will do everything we can to make sure that the market is supplied well enough to ensure as low [a] price as possible for American consumers,” Special Presidential Coordinator for Global Infrastructure and Energy Security Amos Hochstein told the Financial Times. “I think that we have enough in the SPR if it’s necessary.”

It’s all for our own good, lest Orange Man Bad who is being turned into Orange Mandela day by day, return to attempt to halt the insanity, if only for a short while:

From friend of the blog and dear friend Michael Walsh:

So, having unhorsed Trump in 2020 but now at least temporarily stuck with a senile old man who was once Barack Obama’s vice president and who continues to be his flunky, and are constrained by reality from replacing him with Kamala Harris, they have to start battlefield prep on other fronts.
The ever-helpful Times has been waging a years-long attack on the John Roberts Court, and specifically on Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, and just published a story about how — amazingly — the Court is losing respect among the American public, written by the stealth-partisan Linda Greenhouse, who covered the Court for the paper for many years and now teaches at Yale Law School. True, the public observance of “Pride Month” has been noticeably quieter this year as corporations tiptoe past the head of a Bud Light transvestite up on a pike, but there are still Nazis to fight, exotic sexual practices to celebrate, a “racial reckoning” still to come, and Gaza fighters, murderers, and rapists to extol.
At his concession speak after losing the nomination to incumbent Democrat Jimmy Carter at the 1980 convention, Ted Kennedy concluded: “the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.” In their house, they believe their own version of the shahada: From the river to the sea, black lives matter, trans rights are human rights, beware of the bird flu, Trump must be stopped, and Mississippi is still burning.

On a personal note, I cannot express my profound gratitude for all the love and support in the comments you have shown me. Starting next week chemo and radiation. Oh joy.


  • Michael Walsh: As they say, history is written by the winners. Now, however, the Times let the word go forth, from this time and place: even if they can’t stop Trump from winning in a campaign against a corrupt, barely articulate, superannuated, semi-ambulatory rutabaga named Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., the Left is fully prepared to obstruct his second administration by — to use their favorite expression, “any means necessary.” Battle Stations, Everyone
  • The Supreme Court’s anticipated overturning or limiting of the Chevron doctrine will enhance regulatory certainty—without harming public health. Pushing Back on Deference
  • The most prolific source of error today is the confusion of moral judgments with irrefutable truth.This confusion is wholly intentional: It’s the ultimate weapon in the war between frameworks of understanding. At every step, terms like “racist,” “fascist” and “colonizer” explode around us, inflicting their fair share of casualties. The terms are meant as statements of fact and are usually taken as such. How society survives the world after the Truth is set on fire


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WE-ALL-SLAM-FOR-I-SLAM “This war is not about @Israel or Gaza. It is about the survival of Western Civilization, capitalism, and democracy.”
Chicago: Muslim Student Association Speaker Claims “America is the Cancer … Islam Is the Answer”





  • During his Manhattan trial, Trump often read aloud remarks against his prosecution made by lawyers and media pundits outside the courtroom in avoidance of violating his gag order. Leadership from the CBA railed against “unsubstantiated and reckless” defenses of Trump by lawyers, saying in the statement that “such statements can promote acts of violence against those serving the public as employees of the judicial branch.” Connecticut Bar Association Issues Warning To Lawyers Who Speak Out Against Trump’s Prosecution


  • Daniel Greenfield: “The Biden Justice Department just issued a press release congratulating themselves for locking up a guy who sent violent threats to Rep. Maxine Waters (who has her own history of threatening rhetoric). Meanwhile, Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana claims that the DOJ and the FBI refused to go after a man who made even more explicit threats to him and his family. Threatening Rep. Maxine Waters Gets You Prison, Threatening a GOP Congressman is Fine
  • Far-left Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows is inviting the public to submit design ideas for a new state flag. This follows lawmakers’ decision last year to ask voters to decide whether to scrap the traditional flag, which features the state coat of arms on a blue background.Bellows, who previously attempted to ban Donald Trump from running for the Republican presidential nomination in the Pine Tree State, announced the contest on Friday. “I invite every Mainer to consider submitting a design for consideration,” she said. Yet Another State Mulls Changes to Its Flag.
  • DAVID HARSANYI: The words are no longer interchangeable. Why The Left Hates It When You Point Out We’re ‘A Republic, Not A Democracy’
  • As the nation grows more diverse, race-based policies like affirmative action are losing luster. The Democrats’ Emerging Race Problem





  • Rose Montoya, a transgender TikTok personality whom Joe Biden invited to the White House, faces accusations of sexually assaulting multiple people. Montoya, a biological male who exposed his mock breasts at a White House Pride event, allegedly abused at least five individuals over several years.Jesse Diamond, a biologically female transman, and pornographer known online as TransMuscleBear, recounted her experience with Montoya on social media. Diamond, who was recovering from a transgender mutilation surgery at the time, posted screenshots of an email purportedly sent by Montoya. It contains an apology, stating, “I broke your trust and violated you,” and “I’m sorry I forced myself on you.”Biden’s WH Tranny Accused of Rape — Blamed Having a ‘Phallus.’
  • Daniel Greenfield: “And drug legalization is also driving the border invasion.” California Legalized Drugs. Cartels Took It Over.
  • According to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), nine states and various municipalities across the U.S. have undertaken similar actions. The Maryland clemency announcement coincides with Juneteenth, a day commemorating the end of slavery in the United States.While an increasing number of American states have moved to legalize marijuana use among adults—and issue clemency for those with prior possession arrests, data has begun to indicate that the move towards legalization might have been overly hasty. In May, Thailand Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin made a surprising about-face on the nation’s approach to marijuana, declaring that the substance would be reclassified as a narcotic by the close of 2024. The move comes as the legalization of marijuana use only worsened the country’s drug crisis. 175,000+ Weed-Linked Convictions to be Mass Pardoned.
  • Yes, you read that right, now you may not be allowed to wear one. Kathy Hochul is considering a new mask mandate…but this time she’s looking to ban their use


  • California has more gun control than any state in the Union. Those controls include universal background checks, a red flag law, a ten-day waiting period on gun purchases, firearm registration requirements, an “assault weapons” ban, a ban on carrying concealed for self-defense on college campuses, a ban on teachers being armed in K-12 schools for self-defense, a limit on the number of guns law-abiding citizens can buy in a given month, and controls on ammunition as well.
    Gun Control Fail: Secret Service Agent Robbed at Gunpoint in California


  • One donor, who said she didn’t want her support given to white students, stated, “It’s hard to find ways to help people. This was an exciting way to do that and to honor my father, who faced a lot of discrimination as a Black doctor in Missouri and could tell you how hard it is to go it alone. There’s a part of me that really feels like this is an insult to his legacy, to all the years he gave there.”  Apparently, the only way to help people nowadays is to exclude specific racial or ethnic groups for certain benefits. Mizzou Donors Feel ‘Betrayed’ They Can’t Discriminate Against White Students Anymore
  • This is explicit and disturbing sexual grooming of minors, and yet the school district administrators can do little more than avoid eye contact and talk about “moving on” as if showing kids graphic porn were a trivial incident. This is the insanity of the American school system now, and, in a right-minded society, such actions as Trinkle’s would be automatically considered criminal. NY Superintendents Knew of Graphic Porn Given 7th Grade Kids




  • Based on recent polls, Biden would have to sweep the Great Lakes battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to have a chance at winning the election in November. Currently, Trump has a razor-thin lead in the polls in Wisconsin in both the FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics averages. But if there’s any truth to what McCain predicts, the polling out of Wisconsin is vastly underestimating Trump’s support there, which means that if Trump is actually more comfortably ahead in Wisconsin than polls are reflecting, Joe Biden is in real trouble of losing the election. This Could Be The Biggest News of the 2024 Campaign Yet
  • The crowd at the New York City rally was diverse in the literal sense of the word. Trump Visits the Bronx
  • The event was supposed to assure Democrat donors that Biden was competent enough to stay in the White House for another four years. Instead, several headlines highlighting his feebleness became the major talking points, especially the now-viral incident at the end of the event, where Obama directed Biden off the stage like one would their grandpa, who has lost his grip on reality. Obama Got Exactly Want He Wanted With His Biden Investment
  • And, in a possible bad omen for Biden in 2024’s presidential vote, Red State (52% poor, vs. 30% good) and Swing State (49% poor, 32% good) voters seem to be in tune, while even Blue State voters (42% poor, 36% good) seem at best ambivalent about Biden’s fitness for a second term. Nearly Half Of Voters Say Biden Not Mentally Fit For A Second Term: I&I/TIPP Poll
  • Biden is weak and confused, but holds a burning hatred for the conservatives who might displace him in November. Return From American Zombieland



  • Every nation has had to convert its currency to the U.S. dollar, making it the de facto global currency. Thanks to Joe Biden, it’s all gone. The End Of The Petrodollar Is The End Of America’s Global Dominance
  • “SIPRI estimates that the country has now assembled around 50 warheads and possesses enough fissile material to reach a total of up to 90 warheads,” the report found, “both significant increases over the estimates for January 2023.” Report: North Korea Added 20 Nukes to Its Arsenal in 2023
  • Reflections on the EU election. A New Europe?
  • The East Asian island nation, which has stringent immigration controls, has seen a significant increase in refugee applications from countries such as Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Ethiopia. The total number of asylum-seekers applying for refuge in Japan reached 13,823 in 2023, representing more than a threefold increase from the prior year’s figures. A majority of the accepted refugees, 237 individuals, hailed from Afghanistan. Despite the rise in total asylum-seekers, the approval rate remained low, at just 2.2 percent. Japan Granted Asylum to Just 303 People Last Year, Rejecting 98% of Applicants.


  • I hit U-Haul’s website to price the 26-foot truck a family would need to move a three- or four-bedroom house from one city to another. Tech workers leaving the Bay Area often end up in Austin, Texas, so that’s the route I priced. U-Haul charges $5,040 for the trip east. But if you’re a brave and/or confused soul looking to move from Austin to San Francisco, that same 26-foot truck will set you back just $2,514. People will pay big bucks to leave California because it’s worth it. The California Exodus May Be Just Beginning





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