The Morning Rant


What is it? Stupidity? Incompetence? Plain old hatred of America, Western values, and Judeo-Christian morality? Or stark-raving-mad hyper-politicization of everything?

Should we embrace the power of “and?”

Yes…it is “and,” but it seems also to be driven by the post-modern disgust for American Exceptionalism and the glory that is this grand country. Every opportunity to debase our culture, to injure our standing, and yes, to threaten our safety is a golden opportunity to achieve for the progressive, post-modernist what they cannot achieve by rational debate and the force of their intellects.

Why? Because their political philosophy has been disproven. Communism has failed. So they will win by destruction of Western culture rather than by convincing the people of the rightness of their positions.

Biden Sent $2.8 Billion in ‘Humanitarian Aid’ to the Taliban.

Of course he did! Or rather his progressive underlings at the State Department, who never met a moronic program they didn’t love!

Here’s a doozy!

Mast also criticized the State Department for a $500,000 grant to “promote atheism in Nepal,” which is predominantly Hindu, raising a broader problem of reckless federal spending.

Where do they get these idiocies? Sitting around their undergraduate dorm rooms, getting high and saving the world in their fantastically overrated minds?

These are our elites? The best and brightest of Harvard and Yale and Princeton and Stanford? They are poorly educated idiots…drunk on their own self images, and convinced of the rightness and brilliance of their every utterance.

They are wrong, and they are damaging America at the behest of the real evil…those in power who see America’s long slide into financial ruin, geopolitical failure, and cultural upheaval as necessary steps in their horrid plan to lower America to the level of the worst Shitcanistan or rabid theocratic hellhole. Only when Americans don’t have plumbing and air conditioning and clean food and water will these people be satisfied. Their goal is simple, obvious, and not even a secret.

Their re-imagining of America is its destruction.