The Morning Report 6/20/24

Good Morning Kids. Summertime, and the living is anything but easy. With yet another presidential election on the horizon the time is right for more riots and distractions from the latest wave of societal, economic and other disasters wrought on us by the anti-American left and its home in the Democrat Party. This whole Juneteenth insult in which some sort of black uprising in Galveston Texas back in 1865 is celebrated as the end of slavery in America, when in point of fact it cost the lives of well over half a million mostly white Americans in a bloody cvil war to end slavery, which was the purview of the Democrat Party along with the Jim Crow laws that prevented their true emancipation and elevation to equality that that party resisted for well over 100 years until the Democrats hijacked the Civil Rights movement and turned it into a massive multi-generational and multi-trillion dollar grift that destroyed the black family and real integration all so that the Left could expand the power and scope of a massive centralized bureaucracy, all while using the disaster as a means to tear our REPUBLIC to shreds so they could attain and maintain power. 

It’s why execrable vermin like James Clyburn are defecating into Biden’s Depends that black voters are turning on the Democrat Party and seemingly tuning into Donald Trump. Ditto the Union blue collar vote. And others.

Everywhere you turn, the Left is going to burn down the house if they can’t have it. 



  • Look, we’ve said all along, first of all, that the pier is a temporary measure. I don’t have any dates to announce, in terms of when it will cease operations. Of course, as I just mentioned, we’re looking forward to getting it operational again soon and to delivering aid. And, you know, we’re going to capitalize on the conditions, you know, in terms of weather, to get as much aid across that pier as we can. Biden junta Insists the $230M Gaza Pier Will Reopen This Week, Despite Reports It Is Failing
  • He also said he had spoken with an Israeli foreign minister on Tuesday “in order to see how Greece could promote the peace formula.” (Like a lead souvlaki – jjs) Greek foreign minister says Europe must ‘be open’ to Gazans and children injured in Israel-Hamas war
  • Nazism is alive and well at The New York Times, where Thomas L. “Tom” Friedman published his new opinion column, “American Leaders Should Stop Debasing Themselves on Israel,” in which he insists that Israel must let an evil jihadi group committed to genocide win the current conflict. After hysterically smearing the current Israeli government as “far-right” because it wants to survive, and promoting Biden as the man who could end the war (if he becomes even more anti-Israel), Friedman used the phrase “between the river and the sea,” a terrorist genocidal chant. He wrote, “Yes, yes, I can hear the criticism from the war hawks right now: ‘Friedman, you would let Hamas’s leader, Yahya Sinwar, come out of his tunnel and declare victory?’ Yes, I would.”  Biden Associate: Israel Must Let Hamas Win

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  • Alfred Borden, played in the movie by Christian Bale, says the secret behind the trick is that Chung is always pretending to be a doddering old man, on stage and off. “This is the trick. This is why no one can detect his method,” Borden says as Chung struggles to get into his carriage. “Total devotion to his art. A lot of self-sacrifice.” Is Biden Pulling A ‘Chung Ling Soo’ On America? Or Is It 25th Amendment Time?
  • The death of this bill is just another attempt to keep Biden’s filthy laundry from the public. At the same time, in a 1984-like attempt to brainwash the population, the left is now accusing evil, MAGA-capped cacodemons of creating “cheap fake” videos of Joe Biden’s sad yet hilarious senior moments. You can watch this video below and decide for yourself whether or not Biden has truly gone full zombie.  Why Did the White House Allegedly Kill an Anti-Corruption Bill? You Know Why!


Outright falsehood. Related: With Debate Looming, Time to Fact Check the January 6 Committee ReportData on legal immigrants’ economic performance make clear that blacks can succeed in America.Minority Success Is PossibleDaniel Greenfield: “Are family members off limits? Depends on their party.” All the Justices’ WivesI’m sorry blacks feel resentful of their lot. But it’s not my fault and I wish they would stop blaming me because of my race. If they did, they might be a lot happier and feel like celebrating “Emancipation Day” with all Americans of all colors. Some Blacks on Social Media Don’t Want White People Celebrating Juneteenth



  • “Abortion (4%) falls to the least important priority for voters five months out from the election, a bad omen for Democrats hoping the issue will be their golden ticket to the White House,” Cynal said in a summary of the survey. It added, “Voters believe Trump’s policies are better for their lives than Biden’s by a 5-point margin, including a plurality of independents (38%) and Hispanics (44%).” Poll: ‘Inflation and Economy’ Top Priority for Americans, Abortion Last
  • Concerningly, the CBO’s revised data suggests that the U.S. deficit is widening as a share of GDP. Previously, the agency had projected that the deficit would shrink over the 2024 fiscal year as a share of GDP. The debt-to-GDP ratio is projected at 6.7 percent, compared with the February forecast of just 5.3 percent. In 2023, the U.S. recorded a ratio of 6.3 percentU.S. Budget Deficit Balloons to $1.92 Trillion.



  • Although police did not make clear the relationship between the deceased and Bailey, records show that Bailey shared the home where the slaughter occurred with a Joseph and Gail Bailey, ages 70 and 69. Transgender woman guns down ‘parents’ in Utah home, sparking massive manhunt: police
  • The “Recall Sheng Thao” effort received enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, with the city clerk’s office verifying 40,000 signatures, meeting the 25,000-signature threshold, according to the Chronicle. Crime in Oakland skyrocketed in 2023, when Oakland lacked a police chief for nearly a whole year, with a city-wide crime report showing motor vehicle theft was up 44%, robbery up 38%, violent crime up 21% and overall crime up 17%. Ultra-Liberal City’s Mayor Faces Recall After Massive Crime Wave
  • New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, Austin and Washington, D.C., all run by Democrats, collectively had about 1,500 fewer law enforcement officers on staff in 2023 than they did prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a DCNF analysis of the Census Bureau’s 2019 and 2023 Annual Survey of Public Employment and Payroll. Dem-Run Cities See Massive Exodus Of Police Officers As Crime Rages On




  • It is part of a nationwide debate over local school districts and the rights of parents and LGBTQ+ students. States across the country have sought to impose bans on gender-affirming care, bar trans athletes from girls and women’s sports, and require schools to “out” trans and nonbinary students to their parents. Some lawmakers in other states have introduced bills in their legislatures with broad language requiring that parents be notified of any changes to their child’s emotional health or well-being. California Senate approves ban on requiring schools to notify parents of child’s pronoun change
  • But just last month, an effort from concerned residents in one small Alabama community asking for the book to be moved to the adult section of their local library was denied. Under current guidelines, parents can complain about a book, but a committee appointed by the library director decides the fate of the book. The committee in charge of reviewing “All Boys Aren’t Blue” in Huntsville-Madison County unanimously ruled that it should stay in the library’s young adult section.  Inside The Fight To Shield Kids From Graphic Material In A Deep Red State
  • When will people stop buying the Ivy hype? Goodbye, Harvard




  • Although Biden captured the union vote by a significant margin in 2020, recent polling indicates the self-proclaimed “most pro-union President” might have taken their support for granted, as his lead has plummeted to single digits. Democratic lawmakers have started to realize that their efforts to win over the union vote are “not translating into electoral support.” ‘Be Concerned’: Dems Freaking Out That Reliable Interest Group Is Turning To GOP
  • It has become increasingly clear that Biden will not be the Democrat nominee for president. The Republican Party needs to adjust its strategy now to prepare for a race against a different candidate. Wake up, Republicans, the Dark Is Rising
  • In case you’re not familiar with them, Pew is one of a handful of reputable, major polling organizations. You’ve almost certainly seen their data cited on cable news or social media at some point. They have a reputation for being a serious nonprofit, focused on communicating accurate information to the public. But in this case, Pew caved. And it’s important to understand why they caved, because it shows how a lot of this country’s most serious problems — the ones that cost a lot of people their lives every year — are going completely unaddressed because they’re considered impolite to talk about. Major Polling Firm Changes Its Own Results After Left-Wing Activists Complain
  • Daniel Greenfield: “If there’s any one man responsible for getting Biden in the White House, it’s Rep. Jim Clyburn. Clyburn hauled Biden across Democratic primaries in the South where the heavily black Democrat voter base allowed him to win primaries in states he would mostly lose in the general election.” Biden’s Closest Black Ally Blames “Misinformation” for Black Voters Turning On Him
  • How does Donald Trump make certain he will receive a significant minority vote and a that there will be massive turnout among those who are not normally inclined to vote? Is the 2024 Election Trump’s to Lose?
  • Polls consistently show Biden either trailing or tied with Trump, with only a slight uptick, at most, following his lawfare conviction. Still, Biden’s core team remains steadfast in its commitment to the January 6 narrative. In March, Donilon predicted that as polling day draws near, the election’s “focus will become overwhelming on democracy,” and “the biggest images in people’s minds are going to be of January 6.” Axios: Biden’s Running a Fear Campaign, and Many Around Him Think It’s Not Working.
  • Trump lost Minnesota in both the 2016 and 2020 elections, with Biden presently leading the former president by 2.3% in a two-way race, according to the RealClearPolling average. Luntz, on “CNN News Central,” described the race being “close” in such a Democratic-leaning state as noteworthy and highlighted the significance of Trump polling well against Biden despite his recent felony conviction. ‘Oh My God’: Frank Luntz Impressed Trump ‘Making It Close’ In ‘Reliable’ Dem State After Conviction
  • Before we get started today, let me go back on the record one more time to say I’m in complete agreement with my friend and colleague Stephen Kruiser that there’s no way Donald Trump will win Pennsylvania by a big enough margin to overcome Philadelphia’s midnight ballot gnomes. Those gnomes got caught with their pants down in 2016 but, as we saw in 2020, aren’t about to make that mistake a second time. Or maybe they just couldn’t bring themselves to make the effort for Hillary Clinton. Bill, you can be sure, knows how they feel. Wargaming the Electoral College: Pennsylvania or Bust for Joe?
  • The former President, despite some long standing preferences, is not a predictable ideologue. What Kind of Conservative Will Trump II Be?


vExpansion was a misstep, but the situation is not unsalvageable—history offers clues to a better way.
A Vision for a New NATO
Currently in his fourth consecutive term, Orban favors supplying neighboring Ukraine with humanitarian aid rather than weapons, strong borders, and supporting native family formation over mass migration, putting him at odds with most EU leaders. The European Commission, the bloc’s unelected executive, is currently imposing heavy fines on the Hungarian government for refusing to take illegal immigrants.
Make Europe Great Again! – Orban’s Hungary Deploys ‘MEGA’ Slogan for EU Presidency.
Satellite and video imagery analysis by the New York Times revealed that thousands of homes in El Fasher
Sudan descends into violence as UN warns of genocide
It shouldn’t be a surprise if the answer is “yes,” because China’s problem is that communism breeds corruption and decay.
Is the Chinese military a Potemkin village?


  • And many Republicans aren’t happy about it. Rep. Chip Roy of Texas responded to the proposal with a simple “You can go straight to hell. Over my dead body.” Utah Sen. Mike Lee echoed in a post on X, “I’m with @ChipRoyTX — this will happen over my dead body,” adding “We Will Not Draft Women.” Unfortunately, this is not a new concept. Though so far unsuccessful, Democrats have been pushing for this kind of legislation since 2016 when all combat jobs were opened to women. In 2020, a congressional commission recommended that women participate in the draft as a “necessary and fair step.” Republicans Blast Dems Pushing To Draft Women: ‘Go Straight To Hell’




  • It is about 3,000 light-years from Earth, but it can be witnessed with the naked eye. NASA Predicts Rare Nova Explosion This Summer
  • Consider this fact: A ten day pause between launches would have once been considered a fast launch pace. Now it seems like something is wrong. SpaceX launches 20 Starlink satellites
  • This is particularly important to us here in the Milky Way, which has a very inactive central supermassive black hole weighing about 4 million solar massives. It would be very useful to understand what would cause it to become active, especially because such an event might even have an impact — possibly negative — throughout our entire galaxy. Astronomers see a quiet galaxy become active for the first time



  • Sony Music is on the brink of securing Queen’s extensive music catalog for an estimated $1.27 billion, as confirmed by two sources to Variety. This deal encompasses not only the music rights but also other significant assets, excluding the revenue from live performances which remain with the band’s founding members, Brian May and Roger Taylor. REPORT: Queen’s Music Catalog Set To Sell For Over $1 Billion In Sony Deal

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